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Roleplay Log
24 July 2014
Vrillak's Finest Clothiers [Deep Space 9]
The spacious interior of the shop is lit by soft, subdued lighting. Display cases containing ready-made wears run the length of the shop, creating a series of long, narrow aisles. Fitting rooms are located in the rear of the shop along with the tailor's workspace where custom items are made and alterations done. A pair of comfortable-looking chairs sit near the front counter which features a register and credit scanner. When the proprietor isn't making clothing items, he is usually to be found here, talking to potential customers and showing them samples of various materials.

Aelia is finishing up an inventory. Bolts of Ktabban silk and Andorian satin are being shelved with efficiency.

Aliyah enters the shop at a fast walk, glancing back over her shoulder. She lets out an audible breath as the door shuts behind her.

Aelia turns, looking wary. "Aliyah, are you alright?" She glances at the doors.

Aliyah nods. "Probably nothing. I thought I saw..." But before she can say any more, a black-clad figure comes hurtling out from behind a tall clothing display and slams into her from behind. She cries out as she goes down, but rolls and grabs, entangling her hands in the heavy black cloth covering whoever is underneath.

Aelia calls out for security even as she weighs in to try and help.

> Public Address < Aelia says, "security to Vrillak's promenade section A! Move!"

Starfall arrives from Promenade - Section A.

At first all that can be made out are thrashing arms and legs and some kind of heavy black cloth flapping around them. Pinned under the attacker, Aliyah curses, clawing at the smothering cloth. As she pulls at it, for an instant a face becomes visible with angry, slitted eyes and a long scar running from the right temple to beneath the chin. The ridges on the man's nose show him to be Bajoran. As his face becomes visible, the assailant tosses Aliyah away from him and turns his attention to one of the bolts of expensive silk Aelia has just shelved. He snatches it and pelts toward the door, his heavy black drapery trailing behind him.

Green blood gushes from the Romulan shop assistant's nose as she pelts after the Bajoran. Her Romulan physiology makes her faster than he is, and she slams into him, sending him over a spindly little table, which collapses, spilling Romulan and Bajoran to the deck where a fierce tussle is going on.

Starfall arrives at the doorway to Vrillak's at a slow jog, the security office happening to be near enough next door. He stops himself from preventing the Bajoran's escape as a Romulan shop assistant tackles the man over a small table and is left with a bemused look on his face as he folds his arms, watching the pair fight on the deck plating.

Vrillak arrives from Promenade - Section A.

Aliyah was stunned when she was thrown. She sits up, spitting blood, and tries to blink, but one eye is already swelling shut. She can see out of the other, though, and rolls to her feet to look dazedly up at Starfall, then over at Aelia. "Aelia, you might want to let go now," she says with unnatural calm.

Aelia doesn't seem to hear Carey as the body to body grapple goes on, though she seems to be getting the upper hand.

Vrillak enters his shop. A lifetime of doing ... whatever he might once have done for a living, keeps him from showing surprise at A., the Starfleet security officer, B. a bloody Aliyah, and C. his bloody shop assistant and some semi-masked Bajoran grappling it out. Offering a half smile to the human security officer, Vrillak steps forward and rests one foot politely, but firmly, on the Bajoran's neck. "It takes 2.1 kilos of pressure for me to snap your neck from this angle. Would you like a demonstration?" He asks as though he's discussing Angoran flease. "Oh good," he says at the seeming enthusiastic negative response. "You look tired. Just have a rest on the deck until the kind man from security can find you some more convivial quarters." Looking down at his shop assistant he murmurs, "My dear, that shade of green is going to do unflattering things to your dress.

Reid arrives from Promenade - Section A.

Starfall glances at the security office as he hears the doors open to allow Reid to exit and smiles a little. "You'll like this one." He says to the Cadet, gesturing towards the shop with Vrillak currently pinning a Bajoran male to the floor, his foot on the man's neck, surrounded by a bolt of cloth. "Remember how I said it's usually quiet? Today's not one of those days."

Reid's eyes widen a bit as he takes it all in.

Aliyah glances at the Bajoran would-be thief out of her good eye and gingerly touches her swollen and bruised one. She mops some of the blood from her face and moves toward Aelia. She holds out her hand to the Romulan woman. "Are you okay?" she asks around a lip that is also swollen.

"Yes," she says, sniffling blood. "I was just experimenting with new shades of green. You're so negative when it comes to my fashion," she adds to Vrillak, standing.

Vrillak looks over the midshipman. He steps away, letting security do their job. Walking over to Aliyah, he pulls a civilian medkit from a nearby drawer and goes to work on her face. "Don't argue. You don't have enough vision to see this job in my mirror, and you don't want to look at this handiwork." He begins handling the protoplaser with efficiency, ignoring the guy on the deck.

Starfall glances at Carey for a moment before his face becomes serious, he clicks his fingers and immediately points at the Bajoran man still lying on the deckplating. "Secure him." Lucas says over his shoulder to Reid as he takes several steps towards the others. "So, who wants to go first? I do have all night but I don't particularly want to use it all up."

Reid picks the Bajoran man up by grabbing the front of his clothing and spins him to face towards the wall. He immediately binds the Bajoran's hands behind him. "Secured sir.", the Bajoran struggles a bit, but Reid has him quite securely.

"Thanks," Aliyah says with a smile at Vrillak as soon as her face is finished being put back in the shape it was meant to be in. She steps forward, looks at Starfall, and simply states the facts without batting an eye. "I was on my way here. I thought I saw something behind me, a shadow, maybe, but when I looked back, there was nothing. This happened twice. I thought maybe I was just jumpy. So I came in here, but I guess our friend there slipped in behind me. I started talking to Aelia and he jumped on me." She pauses and a slight shiver runs over her, but she doesn't explain it away. "Aelia called for you and then tried to help me." Across the room, the Bajoran struggles against his bonds, cursing and twisting his head around to regard Vrillak with eyes full of hatred.

Vrillak steps over to Aelia, mending her nose. "I can fix your nose, but you'll need a new dress." He regards the Bajoran glaring at him with an easy half smile. "2.1 kilos. Just remember that,' he tells him affably.

"He just jumped on you?" Starfall asks, glancing back to the Bajoran.

Reid concentrates on holding his prisoner, the Bajoran man continues to struggle aggressively, but Reid holds fast, he speaks calmly into the man's ear, "Calm down, you're not helping your situation."

Turning away from the Cardassian, Aelia mutters something about tailoring and skin. "You'll just say you learned to use a dermal regenerator while making alterations. Anyway," she turns to face Starfall and Reid. She gives her brief summation to Starfall. "Aliyah came in and seemed a bit wary as though she expected something to happen outside the shop or for someone to come in after her. I became rather watchful myself. Then this varool," she nods to the Bajoran as she drops the Romulan epithet, "jumps her. I think he had a bolt of something or other in his hand. He beats her up and takes off. He didn't get as far as he wanted to." She nods to the patch of decking where the Bajoran's flight ended.

Aliyah's lips twitch with some emotion that's otherwise unreadable, as she clamps down on it fairly quickly. Anyone who knows her well might recognize it as the precursor to hysterical laughter, in this case completely inappropriate. "He was out to steal, I'm sure," she says. "He was searching me while I was trying to disable him, and he grabbed that." She points to the bolt of purple silk now dotted with both red and green blood.

Starfall lets out a long, exasperated sigh and looks between the two women before looking briefly down at the ground. "Alright." Lucas says, looking back up again and over to Reid. "Colin, find a suitable hole for your new friend to stay in."

Vrillak's lips twitch amusedly at that one. He has some ideas, though he's not sharing.

Reid says, "yes sir.", after a brief pause, "If I may sir, I'd like to hear the Cardassian's version of the events"

The Bajoran spits. "He's a Cardassian! His version will be a lie!"

Vrillak chuckles. "Too many holofilms."

"If you must." Lucas replies and moves to lean on the counter, his arms folded facing towards the others. "Hell we could do with a little entertainment, knock yourself out."

Vrillak turns to Reid. "The Cardassian has a name, Midshipman. I'm not refering to you as the human, after all." That rather deserved rebuke in place, the Cardassian continues. "My name is Vrillak. And my perspective is rather more limited. I was doing some work on my ship, SS Tuvan, and I decided to stop by my shop. I came upon the scene and intervened, pinning the Bajoran man to the deck until you could take custody of him, and I do thank you for doing so." he bows.

Aliyah moves around to place herself beside Vrillak in a silent show of soliderity.

"Not a problem." Lucas adds, his eyes remaining on the Bajoran.

Reid getting tired of holding the struggling Bajoran, puts his weight against him pinning him to the wall, the man struggles a bit to breathe, but is other struggling subsides considerably. He says to Vrillak, "Apologies Vrillak, I meant no disrespect I simply didn't know your name.", he turns slightly, "Do you know why this man might have an interest in this particular bolt of cloth?"

Vrillak lifts the cloth and examines it. "It's Tholian silk. That makes it quite valuable. If he had a middle man to fence it through, he might have realized a handsome profit."

Aliyah takes a deep breath, then another, steeling herself. "I think that was a side benefit," she says. She steps forward toward the Bajoran prisoner. "Why don't you tell them what you were snarling at me while we were rolling around down there, hmm?"

The Bajoran shakes his head. "'Nuff trouble with the damned spoons without Fleeters sleeping with them," he ejaculates.

Reid gives a puzzled look, not familiar with the slang terms 'spoons' and 'fleeters', although possibly obviously fleeters being Starfleet personnel. "Could someone explain those terms to me, spoons and Fleeters?", he looks to his superior officer.

"Cardassians and Starfleet personnel, Colin," Starfall explains.

"I didn't know that there was so much interest in my lovelife," Vrillak says. "Or perhaps you're a secret admirer of Aliyahs?" He gives Carey a half smile.

Aliyah just rolls her eyes. "Oh, please," she mutters.

Starfall allows himself to glance at Carey for a moment. "Right, that's enough." He says and stands away from the counter. "Take our friend down to the guest quarters in security Colin."

Reid looks to Ensign Starfall, "Definitely something more going on here sir.", he begins to walk the prisoner towards security.

Aliyah smiles at Reid, apparently unbothered. "Just racial tension and rudeness, Midshipman." Vrillak and his assistant begin putting the shop back together, bolts of cloth being placed back onto shelves.

Reid escorts the prisoner to security.

Reid leaves for Promenade - Section A.

Starfall glances between the three. "I'll have someone drop by to write down your official statements later." He looks back to Carey. "Best get yourself checked out, I'll drop past and speak to you later."

Aliyah looks down at her bloody uniform. "Right. I can't say I was too keen to change my uniform to red...but anyway, thank you for all your help."

Vrillak smiles. "Well, you would look good in red. Just not the uniform."

Aliyah dusts off her hands in a businesslike way. "I prefer my red clothes not to be sticky." She takes out her tricorder and runs it over herself, nods at the readout. "Okay, your turn," she says, walking over to Aelia. "I have to."

Aelia nods. "That's what I always say.'

Aliyah laughs and scans her. "I'm not entirely sure what that means. But wow, if I'm ever in a war, I want you on my side. Wow."

"Why? I ruin clothing," she quips.

Aliyah nods at the tricorder and grins at her. "I think ruined clothing might just come as a small disadvantage to turning into a high-powered wrestling machine. And as for you," she adds, turning to Vrillak, "Remember that question you asked me yesterday?"

Vrillak says, "I asked more than one, my dear. Which one do you mean?"

Aliyah steps close enough to put her hands on his shoulders, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. "The one we agreed to put aside at the time."

Vrillak says, "Yes, I recall it."

Starfall leaves for Promenade - Section A.

Aliyah's smile stretches to a grin. She leans in and kisses Vrillak soundly, then tilts her head back to say, "I'm saying yes."

Vrillak blinks. "Are you sure, my dear? You seemed quite unsure yesterday."

Aliyah nods. "I'm sure. I still think we need to take some time and work on the communication thing and figure some other things out. But I'm sure."

Vrillak nods. Aelia grins at Aliyah before disappearing into the back. Vrillak embraces her. "My dear. That pleases me more than I can say."

Aliyah wraps her arms tightly around him. "That man was rude," she says. "But he made me realize something."

"And what was that?" Vrillak asks, leading her over to a sofa.

Aliyah sits down beside Vrillak. "Probably what I should have remembered yesterday. That when the way is steep and narrow, I would do anything for you," she says simply.

"That," he says after a beat, "sounds like a poetic quote of sorts."

Aliyah laughs. "It's just a Betazoid figure of speech. I think the Terran equivalent is 'when push comes to shove.'"

Vrillak smiles. "I want to take you away from here for a time, my dear." He slips his arm around her.

Aliyah leans into him, tilting her head back to hold his gaze and smiling. "I'd like that, too. I wish leave time wasn't such a formal thing and that things weren't so uncertain right now. I still don't know who's taking over in the infirmary yet. But when I do know, I'll see if I can take a week or so. So...plan that trip."

Vrillak chuckles. "I planned it six months ago."

Aliyah blinks. "You did?"

Vrillak nods. "I did, my dear. It just awaits your ability to go on leave."

"I should have been more diligent about that," Aliyah says with a small sigh. "I think I may be a workaholic. Not in the classic way. I know how to have fun and enjoy free time, but...maybe I've been trying to prove something to myself and everyone else. And maybe I've gotten too used to living and working in others' shadows."

Vrillak chuckles. "Well there's always time to change that."

Aliyah smiles and lightly kisses him again. "You know, love, there's such a thing as being too patient for your own good. It's wonderful for me, but not for you."

Vrillak gathers her against him. "Patience. Ah yes. Very useful in clothing sales. Do you know how hard it is to get a Telarite to make a decision?"

Aliyah laughs. "Yes, actually I do. Which reminds me...where did you learn to use all that medical equipment? I didn't know you had that kind of training."

"Oh, I'm sure it's something I heard someone talking about once at a wool convention," he says with a smile. He knows she won't believe him, but her reactions are endearing.

Aliyah rolls her eyes, but laughs again. "You're getting rusty. That isn't even a little bit believable."

Vrillak chuckles. "I watched you use the things enough times to pick it up. How did I do?"

Aliyah grins. "Perfectly. I'm glad you were able to do that, because you're right, I couldn't see well enough to do it myself."

Vrillak smiles. "Well, you deserved to know you'd rubbed off on me in some ways."

Aliyah chuckles. "You're a fast learner and a good observer. So...what are Cardassian weddings like?"

Vrillak says, "I've never been to one. Though they're elaborate and can take days."

"You've never been to one?" Aliyah blinks. "Wait...days?" Dismay so total that it's comical spreads itself over her face. "Oh, no..."

"Yes, I think the longest one on record ran for three months." He is getting a kick out of her reaction. He smiles.

Aliyah's face surpasses dismay and turns to horror. She starts to say something, probably something exclamatory judging by her gasp. But then she changes her mind and lets the breath out. "Okay. Right. Well...I don't know that we need to try to surpass the record or live up to it, but okay."

Vrillak chuckles. "What makes you think I'd want a Cardassian wedding anyway?"

Aliyah is caught by surprise and just looks at him open-mouthed for about half a second. "Well...because...I guess...I assumed you were used to them? And what would we do instead anyway?"

Vrillak smiles. "I've never been to one. So I'm not used to them. And besides which, I don't live on Cardassia, and we couldn't get half the things we'd need anyway. So I've always assumed we would either have a Betazoid or a human-style wedding or invent our own. In fact, I suspect the latter is what we'll do, my dear. Don't you think?"

Aliyah thinks about it for a second, then grins. "Probably. We're definitely not having a Betazoid wedding."

"Oh yes, they wed naked. I had forgotten that." He looks at her. "You have nothing to be ashamed of. Ask T'Priel's opinion." His lips twitch at the thought of that conversation.

Aliyah shrugs. "Maybe I don't, but I couldn't stand all those eyes...even the eyes of my friends." She shakes her head, then grins again. "T'Priel is going to be surprised. Not that I'll know...I guess I'll just have to take satisfaction from imagining it." Her eyes sparkle with mischief.

Vrillak chuckles. "You'll have to let me know. Meanwhile, I suspect, burocracies being the same the quadrant over, that you have a report to write. I love civilian life."

Aliyah stands and plants her hands on her hips and tries to muster up a mock frown. "You just grin away. You see how much sympathy I have the next time you come back from a long trade expedition." But she can't hold the frown and grins, herself.

Vrillak chuckles. "Off with you, my love. I have silks to tend."

Aliyah waves with one hand and makes the Vulcan salute with the other, breaking it to wiggle her fingers flirtatiously at him before she turns and goes.

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