Fire Afoot (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
30 July 2014

Aliyah is sitting at her usual duty station, reading a padd with a troubled frown.

Vrillak smiles and comes in. "Ah, my dear. I must say, things are getting more secure hereabouts. The junior officer in charge of security has locked the office. Heavens help us if we ever needed to report anything."

Aliyah looks up. "What?"

Reid walks in to talk to the Lieutenant again but overhears Vrillak, "What? Oh, was that you at the security office door Vrillak? The computer console was malfunctioning, apologies for any inconvenience."

Vrillak turns to the midshipman. "Ah, and here I thought the good Ensign Starfall was just starting to value his privacy. DO give this to him would you Sir." And he hands over a small object. "With my compliments."

Vrillak hands Baby Dragon Statuette to Midshipman First Class Reid.

A flash in Aliyah's eyes suggests that she has her own ideas about that. But she says nothing. Her eyes follow the statue.

Reid looks down at the small object, thinking this looks familiar, "Sure, I'll pass it on to him right away. Is he aware of its significance?"

Vrillak shrugs. "I have no idea. I don't know that it has any significance. I just thought it was an item he wanted, but I realized it only after I bought it. I certainly don't want to deprive the gentleman of anything he wished to have."

Aliyah makes a point of looking back down at her padd while really watching the two men without appearing to do so.

Reid nods, partially understanding, but asks no further. He turns to Lieutenant Carey, "I apologize for the intrusion again Lieutenant, I informed Ensign Starfall what you said, but he was hoping for a medical report, not just a general report?"

Aliyah looks up, eyes narrowed. "I'll be coming to have a word with Ensign Starfall. Thank you, Midshipman."

Reid stands upright, "aye sir". He turns to Vrillak, "What was that Vrillak?"

Vrillak raises his eyebrows. "I said nothing else, Mr. Reid."

Aliyah deactivates the padd and stands. Anyone who knows her would see the purpose in her face, and know that whoever its object is will not find the experience pleasant. "Please excuse me, gentlemen," she says, and strides out of the infirmary, shoulders erect.

Station Security [Deep Space 9]
The entrance to the security area is simple but effective. Around a small bend is the passage to the brig section. Through a small corridor then a secured door is the local armor for security personnel.

Reid arrives from Promenade - Section A.

Reid goes to say something, but doesn't want to interrupt his superior officers, he walks over to the console and idly spins the statue in his hand, while trying to look busy.

Starfall is sat at his desk reading a PADD, he glances up at Carey as she enters. "Something I can help you with Nurse?"

"That's Lieutenant, Ensign," Aliyah says, sternness in her voice and in her face. "At attention, please."

Reid comes to attention but says nothing.

Starfall ignores the sternness with good reason and slowly stands up from behind the desk, tossing the PADD down. "Alright -Lieutenant-, what is it?" He asks.

Aliyah glances over to Reid. "At ease, Midshipman," she says more kindly, making it clear that it's Starfall alone who's in trouble with her. "Did you care to ask something about the medical report, Ensign?" she says to him, returning her cool gaze to him.

Reid relaxes marginally but senses some obvious tension in the room. He takes a step back and returns to his tasks and to monitoring the console.

Starfall smiles a little and places his hands on the desk. "I was informed that Medical was supposed to be performing tests on the remains of the individual to pass onto the science department, as part of the investigation. That, is the report that Mister Reid was sent to chase up as he is part of the investigating team." Beat. "Furthermore, Leftenant." He continues, a hint of ice in his voice. "Regardless of that extra pip on your neck or not, when the team enquires as to where matterial is regarding it's current legal investigation, it is not an excuse to start puffing up egos or pulling rank." He pauses again, the small smile returning. "Now was there anything else we can help you with this morning?"

Aliyah returns the small smile. "That will be all, Ensign. Thank you for your...assistance. You've been most informative." She turns to Reid with a more kindly expression. "Good day, Midshipman." And she turns and goes.

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