Fleet Movements Near Bajoran-Cardassian Border

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IC Date: Sun Sep 11 2405

Days after a major Starfleet defensive fleet left the B'hava'el system, Cardassian military vessels on seemingly permanent standby on the opposite side of the border have also withdrawn.

Neither Starfleet nor the Madrasad would respond to inquires about the fleet movements but traders who regularly cross the border are giving a huge sigh of relief.

"It was stressful!" One Bajoran trader who wished to remain unidentified stated. "I mean, for YEARS you have this stand-off between these two fleets-- literally 200,000 kliks away from each other -- and then one day, Starfleet leaves and the Cardassians stand down. Just like that. Makes you wonder why we didn't kick their fat asses off of Bajor earlier."

"I just have to question if Starfleet ever even tried talking to the Cardassians at all," Bajoran citizen Jargol Li commented upon hearing of the draw down along the border.

One thing is for certain: only time will tell if this new tranquility along the DRB-CU border is here to stay.

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