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What is FEW?

FEW stands for "Foreground Events Workshop", which brings players and administration together for building player-driven TinyPlots, from small- to large-scale. Through this workshop, all players have the power to submit TP ideas.

What is the process of submitting a TP through FEW?

Submissions: *fews (*admin.foreground-events-workshop.submissions)
The first step it to submit a rough draft TP idea to *fews. This would put it on the plate for discussion with the player who submitted it.
Discussion: *fewd (*public.foreground-events-workshop-discussion)
Discussions on *fewd would be only between the player who submitted it and the administration. This maintains a level of anonymity for the TP submitter. Players will not have read access to *fewd.
Details will be worked out with the player to ensure that all considerations will be made for the direction of the plot, as well as any administrative assistance that would be required. Once the TP is in a finalized draft, it will be submitted to *tp.

What details are needed for a TP, exactly?

  1. Story - This is the meat and potatoes of the TP: The plot itself. What is bringing in the characters/ships? What will be the initial actions/reactions to the players? Make sure to expand on this as much as possible. If possible, do so without dictating what the characters would do in each circumstance.
  2. Goal setting - What's the hoped-for outcome from the TP? Or If open ended, are the characters involved prepared to deal with ICA=ICC?
  3. TP setup - Consider these the props. Does the TP require any help from the administration in the form of NPCs, planets, ships, or other objects? Make it clear what is needed by the admin.

So I can make TPs for my own ship?

Yes, but no. It's recommended to create TPs for other entities other than the one you work on/with, to avoid any potential issues/accusations of favortism or knowing the outcome ahead of time. After all, while these are background TPs, players are permitted to play their characters and react however they find appropriate to the circumstances they are faced with. That does not mean that you can't submit TPs for your own ship, but setting them up may be far more strict than a TP for another ship, as well as the higher potential of denial.

TPs through FEW can be denied?

Not every TP is a good idea. Not every Star Trek episode was a good idea. (I'm sure you can name a few.) Plots may not fit into this timeline well, fit with the races/planets involved, or may focus too heavily on OOC elements. But, this is one reason for the discussion process, to help build every TP into a workable idea.

What if I have a question before I write my initial *fews submission?

Inquiries that would apply to a plot can be directed to *fewd. Make sure to explain your question/concern in detail when inquiring on *fewd.

Who is on the FEW staff?

The whole of the administration may chime in on TPs/ideas as they apply to their org, or code specifics or limitations. For this reason, we require @request be used for any inquiries, so that the proper administrators are kept in the loop. The org wizards will have the final approval for adding the TP to their org plot pool.
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