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IC Date: Mon Jul 7 2403

Live feed from the Office of the Chancellor of the Galaxy Alliance

The Chancellor, Trent L'vralus, stands at a familiar-looking lectern and directly addresses the camera, "Our Galaxy Alliance was formed when one of our two main predecessor states, the Klingon Empire, came to the aid of its friends in the Federation who had been left without leadership following the Borg invasion of Earth and Vulcan. With the joining of many friends and neighbors including the Cardassian Union and the Rihannsu Stelam Empire, we banded together in a Galaxy Alliance for the mutual benefit of all the citizens and constituent entities of the new Galaxy Alliance. If the membership of a world or multiple worlds ceases to be of mutual benefit to that world's citizenry and the Alliance as a whole, then the citizens of that world have the right to seek full self-determination, as our friends the Rihannsu and Cardassians have done. The Galaxy Alliance is not the Delian League of ancient Earth, an alliance where the dominant participant forced itself upon the smaller states who had joined originally for mutual defense. If a world not only wishes to leave the Alliance but itself is a financial burden upon us all, why then must we cling to Imperialism?"

"The Galaxy Alliance I sought to serve as Chancellor is a loftier one than many movements would see it become today. We were and can be again an Alliance that planets feel privileged to join. This may not be, however, if its government persists in the present manner with a dysfunctional legislature and uncooperative agencies. I give my highest regards, however, to our leadership within Starfleet and the Ministry of State."

"As you may know, elections have been delayed for budgetary reasons, but it is not my intention to be Chancellor-for-life, and as such, I hereby resign the office of Chancellor of the Galaxy Alliance. It has been my honor serving you in both peacetime and war."

The signal ends.

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