Further Explosions Rock Beerax Sector

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BEERAX IX(INW) - Yet another act of disorder has occurred in the Beerax Sector yesterday, as explosions rocked Starfleet Battlestation Alcatraz. This marks the fourth explosion in the system in as little as three months, sparking even further protests in the colony's capital city.

Reports from Beerax indicate that the Starfleet installation began dangerously venting plasma into space as explosions blasted through the bulkheads in what appeared to be a systematic power overload. A number of Starfleet vessels undocked from the station and moved to a safe distance before the explosions stopped, and it appears Alcatraz is currently floating unmanned and unpowered at this time.

Riots and explosions have rocked the sector repeatedly this quarter, with multiple explosions occurring on the neighboring Kingdom of Eden Station. In response, Eden beamed protesters back to the surface of the colony last week and closed their doors to visitors until "a return to civility."

These most recent explosions have emboldened protesters on Beerax, who continue to amass in the Beeraxi Government Center to protest what they say is unacceptable interference by the Alliance in their local affairs. When the news broke, rioters broke into the Beeraxi Senate chambers to demand Starfleet depart the system, interrupting a rare appearance of the Beerax Governor in the chambers. Ten were arrested for allegedly trying to assault the Governor, who they charge has "sold out" the colony.

The Starfleet Public Affairs Office had no comment for this story, citing an on-going investigation. Officials from Eden-owner Ambrosia Incorporated, The Office of the Beerax Governor and the Office of the Galaxy Alliance Chancellor did not respond to repeated requests by press time.

Fri Sep 28 07:23:30 2401 Alliance Standard Time

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