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Rank: Second Lieutenant G-o1.png
Title: Security Officer, Deep Space Nine
Race: Gorn
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet Marine Corps


Before you looms a rather broad massive, dark green mottled saurian-hominid form of an adult Gorn. Beneath his scarred, scaly hide rolls huge knotted sheets of saurian muscle. On his bared arms and head the heavy extent of his scarration is evident. He appears to stand around two meters tall and could weigh around 300 pounds. His cold emotionless, faceted silver white eyes regard you with an unnerving dispassion. Every once in a while his flat lizardine lips part, exposing his huge almost translucent fangs. Before his lips close again a mishappen length of tongue slides across the slight gap, wetting it, as if he were preparing to taste something. He moves with the slow rolling grace and massive presence that is embodied in falling trees or plowing cattle. He holds himself, in what one might assume is, a proud but relaxed posture, and has an almost commanding air about him. Upon his form are the Combat Fatigues of the Starfleet Marine Corps. The thick material is a dull, non-reflective space black, with a ripstop weave and tough enough to turn all but the sharpest knives. Embedded into the uniform are integral armored pads, flexible enough to be comfortable, but designed to withstand impacts from hand to hand combat and projectile weapons alike. A thin ring of dull, flexible, black metal makes a wide oval around the base of the turtleneck collar and wrists; the emitters for the emergency EVA field. The Starfleet Marine insignia , is woven into the left breast of one-piece uniform over his heart with a dark grey thread, keeping the visibility of the uniform low. The rank insignia, a single thin bar (|) sits on the right side of the collar to denote the rank of Second Lieutenant and is embroidered in the same muted tones. Utility pockets reside on thighs and calves of uniform for necessary items. Heavy black boots are zipped closed high at the ankle, attaching to the main uniform and allowing the pants to `blouse out' over the footwear.


Born into a rich noble warrior colony nest on the Galaxy Alliance planet of Cestus, and the second child of Thrr'tor Rasht's first hatching, the first male, his father was a merchant of refined metals and finished weapon products, G'rr'ssht's was the son of bounty but he led no life of ease. The Colony was part of a Nest group that left Gorn and sought a home in the Alliance. Cestus was close to Gorn and the wild lands were perfect for the Gorn. His father thought himself friend of the Gorn Nest Lord, found himself very wealthy from trade and was appointed to be a Governor or Ontar in the outer districts. Family life in the palisade was less than supportive and his mother, S'rr'llis, was cruel and abusive to her offspring as well as her servants. It was in his older nest mate's arms that the child G'rr'ssht mourned when the pair found their recently assassinated mother. This caused G'rr'ssht to become hard and disciplined. His father, far more committed to his Lord than his family, ensured that his offspring were well taken care of by supplying a vast horde of servants and guards to care for them and to see to their every desire. It was from exposure to such a staff that G'rr'ssht learned personnel management and the fundamentals of leadership.

When G'rr'ssht was of age his father garnered him a slot in the Cestus Planetary Security Academy. G'rr'ssht's fast reflexes and sharp perception (and Father's rank) carried him through most of his entry level promotions. With a masterful skill with the stunner and an inherent insight into the needs of leadership he has dabbled in project management and troop handling. At first the being a faceless member of the masses was relaxing but G'rr'ssht enjoyed the challenges that came with his rise in rank. But all was not well.

During his 20th season his father died and at a state funeral he gave the Eulogy and thusly caught the eye of Starfleet Command. On the advice of his Sister he did the unthinkable. He applied for Starfleet Academy, specifically the Starfleet Marine Corps Academy. He is of the belief that the Goen need to start contributing to the Galaxy Alliance and start being far less insular. The insular sepratist 'mindset' in his belief led to the 'predatory piracy' of the past.

He was accepted in Starfleet Marine Corps Academy and because of his previous training he was able to graduate in three years then advance on to specialized training. He specialized in Ground Combat Operations with a background in Security, Anti-Terrorist training, and Low Intensity Conflicts. His knows his size makes him a big target but in close combat he knows that his innate Gorn instincts and abilities allow him grotesque advantages.


He lives by the Warrior's Path. A collection of ancient Gorn Axioms

  • Know without any doubt that your (clans) nest lands are safe. Give of

all your being to prevent their risk.

  • Never sacrifice the whole nest for the sake of one egg.
  • After a Victory sharpen your knife
  • After a defeat you can walk away from, sharpen your knife

and ensure nothing else can be taken from you. To this end give your life to guard your nestlands.

  • We are a thinking people-Always establish your priorities:

If you are up to your tail in mammal dung the first thing to do is start chopping down the forest.

  • The best armor is to keep out of range-but know-

cowardice keeps the stomach empty

  • BE close to the earth in your thinking. It is the Kessar's will

that takes us to other lands, but it is your duty to keep us able to go when called.

  • Do not try to change your enemies, try to control them.

Know where they are, what they think, and whom they trust.

  • Integrity and honor are the keys to our strength.

Remember, we make a living through what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

  • WE are a people of tangible things.

A victor whose children are enslaved or die of starvation is dishonored as he has no one to carry on his traditions.

  • If you are defeated and forced to bow, bow very low

and hold that bitter memory until you can take your revenge.

  • If you are forced to hurt a creature-damage it in such a way

that you need not fear it's revenge.

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