GA Senate Committee of the Interior Holds First Beeraxi Secession Hearing

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OOC Time: Tue Jul 13 16:00:00 2010 Pacific Standard Time

IC Time : Sat Feb 15 10:41:42 2403 Alliance Standard Time (81124.5)

Synopsis: The Alliance Senate Committee for the Interior has its first hearing related to Beeraxi Independence. In it, Senator M'rus, along with his counterpart from Angel One, grill Beeraxi Ambassador Trex Trasera on the demands of the Beeraxi.

Viewpanel activates and displays Alliance Hall - Hall Of Senators - Senate Chambers [Earth].

Alliance Hall - Hall Of Senators - Senate Chambers [Earth]

Deep mahogany paneling lines covers thick steel walls of the Chambers, lending the room a rich textured atmosphere and aiding acoustics. Seating is arranged in measured risers to the left and right of the heavy door, each row of seats containing several comfortable swivel chairs behind a smooth, flat surface of white formica. At the front of the room stands a podium mounted on a dais. Lighting is inset into a suspended ceiling above, casting soft white light throughout the room.

You see Viewscreen and Camera here.

Count Trex, Emerson, and Senator M'rus are here.

Sitting in front of one of the view cameras is Emerson, a Senior Correspondent (or so the scroll beneath his name says) with INW. He begins speaking, "We're here in the Galaxy Alliance Senate Chambers as the Committee of the Interior prepares to begin the debates on whether or not to allow Beeraxi Secession." The reporter pauses. "INW is bringing this newscast live and without interruption or commentary during the proceedings."

The Alliance Senate Chambers have been seemingly reconfigured for this high-profile event, providing ample space for the unusually large crowd of visitors present here. The committee's desk wraps around the dais of the room, providing a location for Senators on the Committee to sit and face both the audience and those testifying. Directly before this is a simple table with microphones, providing a location for the representatives from Beerax to sit. As of yet, all desks are empty, though the crowd quickly gets louder as the massive doors to the chambers open, admitting the Vulcan who serves as Chairman of the Committee as he slowly makes his way down the aisle and towards his seat.

Following the Vulcan chairman is the furry form of M'rus, the senator for Ferasa and former Alliance diplomat. Wearing his robes, billowing behind him as he walks, he heads up to his spot in the committee desk, placing the PADD clutched in his right paw on the table and activating it before he reaches out to adjust the microphone at his station. The senator looks up at the Chair and waits for the session to be gavelled in.

Once the Senators have settled into their seats, the Chairman bangs his gavel twice, his loud, emotionless voice calling out, "The room will come to order. I call this session of the Senate Committee for the Interior to order. I would advise the gallery that we have much to discuss today and in future testimony, and must request that all unmoderated discussion be taken into the foyer." He takes a breath as the room settles into silence. "The Chair calls the Honorable Delegation from Beerax IX to the floor."

As the voice calls out, Trex Trasera leads his small delegation of Beeraxi Diplomats, including the Beeraxi Senator to the Alliance, down from the doorways and to the tables designated to them. He wears clothing reminiscent of an ancient monarchy, decorated in Green and Yellow, though without any emblem on his form, neither Beeraxi or Corporate. Instead, the Ambassador settles into his chair with the others, and nods forward at the Committee in silence.

The Chairman administers the the oath of truth, "Raise your right hands: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?" Upon their answer, the Vulcan continues, "We are gathered here to take up the docket number S. B. 4031: the Bill for the Peaceful Secession of Beerax IX. The Chair will recognize the Governor of Beerax' Envoy, Ambassador Trex Trasera, for his brief testimony, and then open the floor to questions by the Committee. Mister Trasera?"

Trex swears in, and then nods. "Mister Chairman, Honorable Members of the Committee, Citizens of Beerax and the Alliance, thank you for this opportunity. On behalf of the duly appointed Governor of Beerax Nine, I offer our continued friendship. The Alliance has had a tumultuous history, with its many wars both internal and external. Still, the Alliance has stood for unity: for the idea that by working together, we can achieve more. I come here today not to point fingers, not to call names, and not to criticize that idea. Instead, I come here to reaffirm the rights of all the member worlds of the Alliance; of your rights to self-governance. To choice. To leading your people in the way that will benefit them the best. For many, it is within their best interest to be full and vibrant members of the Galaxy Alliance. To them, we say: That is wonderful. The Beeraxi have no desire to tell you that you should or must not join and be a citizen of the Alliance. However, the people of Beerax ask for that same courtesy. For we have decided that it is NOT to our advantage to be members of the Alliance. And we only ask that we be permitted to our own sovereign lands and sector, and its formerly-Alliance-owned property, in accordance with the precedent set out by both the Rihannsu and the Khardasi."

Trex hesitates for a moment, then wipes his brow. "We look forward to many years of prosperous trade, diplomacy and friendship . . . from the outside. And we ask the Committee to be expeditious in its deliberation of this bill and our inalienable right to self-governance. And with that I thank you again, and would be honored to accept your questions."

The Vulcan Chairman nods. "Thank you, Ambassador. I will open the floor to questions, but ask that Senators keep their commentary brief and succinct." He glances down at something on his desk, then back upwards. "The Chair recognizes the Honorable Senator from Ferasa."

M'rus inclines his head in thanks to the Vulcan chairman "My thanks to the Chair for calling on me, and of course my thanks to the clerks of the committee for organising this set of hearings. I hope that in the coming days we will have the opportunity to hear some expert testimony so a full opinion can be reached" The Caitian turns his attention now to the Count from Beerax and his paws press together "Ambassador. I have a few questions for you, I hope you will indulge me and the committee. The first I must ask is to query the demands you are asking of the senate. You ask for all Alliance infrastructure in your system, the value of which is considerable. My question is this, your reconstruction was paid for by my world and others in the Alliance, the installations you would usurp were also paid for by other member worlds, what claim do you believe you have to them?"

The Count from Beerax covers his microphone gently, nodding his head while gazing forward as the Senator from Beerax at his side whispers something. He then uncovers the microphone and nods. "Thank you, Senator. And thank you for your leadership today and over so many years in the past. The Beeraxi and the Caitians have had a long and prosperous friendship, just as we have with so many other worlds in the Alliance. And while it is true that funds from many worlds contributed to both the defense and restoration of Beerax, of which we are immensely thankful for, they were benefits provided to members of the Alliance in exchange for both loyalty and resources such as people and tax revenue. Not too many years ago, Senator, the Borg attacked your homeworld; The Beeraxi, and others, responded immediately not only with humanitarian aid but the Alliance Treasury also provided emergency resources to allow you to rebuild your capital . . .that aid was given precisely because it is a benefit to being a member of the Alliance. Should your people decide in many years that they wish to leave, the Beeraxi would not begrudge them their rebuilt capital city."

The furry eyeridges of the senator form a frown for a moment at the comments of the count and the senator waves his paw in the air, dismissivly "With respect ambassador, the actions of an off world company in researching such technology in population centres and attracting the Borg is a slightly different matter. Though it does bring on my second question, I will beg the Chairman's indulgence in asking one more after this and I will yield the floor for a time, the reason Alcatraz is in your system, the reason you have so many assets is your constant threatened status. Breen intrusions into your space have a solid history and I am sure that you would come under increased attention from outside powers following any secession. While this was not an issue for the Rihannsu or the Cardassians, who have a track record of defending their space and a history of sovereignty, I was wondering how exactly you intended to preserve your freedom, even with the assets of Alcatraz? Will you expect us to help you? Will you expect us to allow hostile powers to gain a foothold so close to vital areas?"

Trex folds his hands in front of himself, resting them on the table. "The Beeraxi Senate feels it can garner sufficient support from its friends and neighbors for support, when given the opportunity. Aggressive diplomacy, partnered with our plan for planetary and sector defense and the purchase of military materials to supplement those on Alcatraz, should be enough to keep us safe. And whether said friendship and support includes the Alliance, or not, is more a question for the Senate Committee for Foreign Relations, or the Ministry of State, than it is for me. As to your last question, I feel it would be inappropriate for me to speculate on the tactical decisions of Starfleet."

"Ah, it seems you have endless pots of credits stashed away Ambassador, I am glad to hear this." Responds the Caitian, his head shaking slowly before he peers down at his PADD for a second "My final question before I yield to the Chair is a follow on from my last. You mention Alcatraz as the basis for your plans for defending the system. Do you believe you can do this without Alcatraz and its assets? To put it another way, do you believe it would be responsible of this committee, of the High Council, to allow the Beeraxi Government to place the Beeraxi people at such risk if we are not willing to hand over a space station? And with that I will yield to the chair following your response. Thank you again Ambassador, Mr Chairman."

Trex dabs a bit of sweat from his brow with a handkerchief and hmms for a moment quietly. "I believe, Senator, that the Alliance has no right to dictate to the Beeraxi Senate whether it is or is not allowed to, as you put it, 'put our people at risk'. Our people have decided, through general opinion polling and outreach to their elected representatives, that they seek independence from the Alliance and the ability to decide their own fates. It is 'responsible' for this Committee, and the High Council, to recognize their decision in this matter."

The Vulcan interrupts, in case M'rus attempts to continue talking. "Thank you. The Chair recognizes the Honorable Senator from Angel One."

A tall woman with big, wavy hair streaked with grey nods, smiling a big toothy smile to the Vulcan before turning to frown noticeably towards those gathered to testify. "Thank you, Mister Chairman, for your courage in scheduling this hearing today. Trex," the woman says distastefully, "You are well-known for what can only be called eccentric business and social practices. I'm still not even sure that you're legally a 'Count,' as you claim, but nonetheless: Have the Beeraxi decided what form of government they will adopt should we grant their independence? Will your Governor, who was not elected by the people as I recall, assume some sort of role of high prominence?" She leans forward. "Is it Princes and Kings for everyone, or are you just . . ." She smiles. "special."

Trex blinks a bit, visibly unsure of how to proceed. He silently pauses, opening his mouth of speak for a moment before halting again. Finally, after what must be an eternity, he says, "M-Madam Senator." Breath. "As the Alliance respects no claim to royalty, save for diplomatic maneuvers for its members . . . or foreign governments, by all rights I am not Noble. Nor have I asked to be referred to as such in these chambers or any other governmental chamber. That said, my corporation legally owns enough property on Beerax Nine to be self-governing at the provincial level, and we can, as such, determine titles for those as we choose." He pauses again, holding the microphone for just a moment as someone whispers and he nods. "I would note . . ." Or will he? "That pursuant to Alliance law, you could legally change your name to Chancellor if you so wished, and it'd have no bearing on your title here in these chambers, just as I am rightfully referred to as Ambassador while here." He sighs and wipes his brow again. "As to our government, the Beeraxi Senate has created a plan for a provisional government and constitutional convention to begin at the moment of Independence, where actual governmental systems will be debated and selected at the exclusion of the Governor." He seems to be back in his groove. "On a personal note, I would suspect the government to remain similar our planetary assembly."

The Angelite 'Chancellor' continues to smile. "Special then. Good to know. Tell me, what of those who voted against independence? Are they just expected to leave the planet- their homes- without renumeration? Will you require Beeraxi citizenship on all who decide to stay?"

Trex frowns, his first time this evening. He stays silent for a time, seemingly off-put by the Senator's demeanor. "We have no intention of deporting anyone. Those who do not wish Beeraxi citizenship may stay and enjoy their homes and businesses as expatriates, as long as the Alliance does not seek to penalize them. They would, of course, not be permitted to vote in Beeraxi elections or serve in the Beeraxi military, however, unless the Beeraxi Senate decides otherwise. As I stated, a constitutional convention would solve that question."

The Senator's smile fades. "Well, as intellectually stimulating as this has been, I will reserve the remainder of my time."

The Chairman nods. "I believe we have extended this line of questioning far enough at this time. Thank you Ambassador, and our distinguished guests from the Beeraxi Delegation. We will recess for a period of one month, to allow further participation from the member worlds throughout the Alliance in submitting questioning, and for collaboration with members of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee." He bangs the gavel.

Trex begins to straighten the papers in front of him, talking quietly to those seated at his side as he, shakily, begins to gather his things to leave. The Senator from Beerax slaps him a few times on the back, conceivably in support.

M'rus places a paw over his microphone and speaks to the neighbouring senator for a couple of moments before he nods to the Chairman and stands from the committee area, lifting his PADD.

Emerson turns to the camera as it zooms back from the display. "That was the first hearing of the Alliance Senate Committee for the Interior related to the bill for Beeraxi secession. Stay with INW for the latest in news and commentary: we'll be right back after these sponsors with some members of the committee."

The screen fades to commercial.

Viewpanel blinks and Alliance Hall - Hall Of Senators - Senate Chambers [Earth] disappears.


They say that fair skin is the curse of the Irish, and this man is doubly so. Bright, pale white skin with what was once dark black hair make the most striking impressions upon gazing at the man, his hair now mostly a dark grey. Eyes of bright blue, over a fairly average nose and mouth, make up his fairly lean face. His body is lean and athletic, though not overly so, and his hair is styled fairly plainly a bit longer in the front and cropped very short in the back.

Upon his form is a casual business suit: a crisp white shirt whose collar is left open tucked into a pair of black pinstripe pants. A dark, matching black pinstripe jacket rests over his shoulders. He wears black socks and his shoes are quite shiny and black as well.

Emerson is 47 years, 2 months, 21 days old.

Senator M'rus

M'rus is a Caitian and is accordingly rather furry. His fur is a russet red-brown with lighter highlights on the back of his paws and around his ears and throat which blend from the russet through ochre into a cream colour while his bib is entirely cream, when visible. Throughout his fur a few flecks of grey have started to appear on his paws and behind his ear. His eyes are a green with brown flecks around his slitted iris. The Caitian has a distinctly average appearance all told and, despite being slightly small for a Caitian, lacks any distinguishing marks or features except for his fur.

He wears bold, solid-crimson robes of pure Tholian silk, trimmed in cream. The robes are tailored in a mid-length semi-contemporary style, giving a trendier sleeker feel, but nevertheless also convey a sense of professionalism, formality, and authority. They are specially cut to a Caitian frame with space for the tail, with a matching dark red leather collar with brass fasteners to complete the ensemble.

M'rus is 45 years, 7 months, 12 days old.

Count Trex

Taking a look at Trex, one would never expect him to hold the title and regality that he does. Standing at a mere five feet tall, the middle-aged man quite literally looks up to all those he meets. Brownish-black hair covers the top of his head, mixed with strands of grey and styled rather averagly: buzzed short in the back with slightly longer bangs that end long before his forhead, while his graying sideburns come down to just past his ears. Dark blue eyes peer forth from his face, the right with a large faded scar scratched down it, just above a normal-sized nose and mouth, who themselves rest above his hair-covered chin. The rest of his body frame seems rather normal for an Angelite male: slim yet muscular shoulders and short arms are attached to a small chest and stomach that is by no means big, but still retains a bit of weight to it. Understandably, his legs are rather short as well. All in all, not much is visibly special about the 'lil Angelite man.

The man is wearing a uniform reminiscent of an ancient monarchy. A forest green uniform jacket in a sort of wrap-around style is fastened together in the front by four buttons, the top two remaining open to allow the top to flap backwards, exposing the white side underneath. The sleeves are decorated in burgundy with a gold trim that matches the epaulettes upon his shoulders. A raised collar in red and gold is fastened around his neck. White pants extend from his belt to his feet, upon which a shiny pair of black shoes are worn. Finally, a golden half-cape is fastened to one shoulder with a white string that wraps around to allow the cape to stay in place off his left shoulder.

Trex is 54 years, 6 months, old.

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