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Zolanna Gage
Rank: Lt. Commander R-o4.png
Title: Engineering Officer, USS Indomitable
Race: Angelite
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Starfleet (Exploration Command)

Born in the capital city of Angel One as the only child of Lanna and Zokar, Zolanna's early childhood was spent learning the 'family business' of civic leadership. Her mother presided as a councillor within the city government, with aspirations for planetary office. Her father worked along with many of the other males, as a mechanical engineer for the local spaceport, using his years of experience in repairng small craft.

Although she was being groomed to take her place as woman in society, Zolanna often snuck off with her father and learned about the less glamorous aspects of life on Angel One. She developed a keen sense of engineering and used that exposure and subsequent knowledge in her schoolwork when it was required. While in secondary school, Zolanna selected government as her primary focus, but chose several engineering courses for her electives... so many that she could easily attain a diploma in that area, but she did not want to disappoint her mother, in spite of the fact that she found very little appealing about spending your life within the government. In defiance of the household leadership structure, her father convinced her to choose her own path and be happy. Zolanna took this advice to heart, and near the end of her final year, she opted to change her studies formally to engineering, and graduated before an appalled crowd as an applicant to the engineering guild on Angel One.

Her mother's powerful intervention prevented Zolanna from successfully contributing to Angel One's pool of engineering talent. A simple note to the guild's leadership and there was little choice for her but to seek a position within the city office as a clerk -- a job her mother pulled strings to open for her. Zolanna accepted the position and worked in the office for less than two months.

A Starfleet recruiter, a petty officer first class, informed her during a visit to the city offices about the engineering programs at Starfleet Academy. She learned that her school degree amounted to a college degree and all Zolanna would need to do is spend three to four months to adhere to the rigorous physical fitness standards Starfleet places upon all of their people.

Zolanna wanted nothing more than to spend her days working on machines, but she also did not wish to squander a clear opportunity to expand her knowledge and experience. Rather than opting for the quick 12-16 week officer training course, she applied to Starfleet Academy with the intent to earn a master's in engineering and a bachelor's in tactical operations. After receiving her diplomas, she opted to apply her newfound commission toward the Merchant and Supply Service arm of Starfleet.

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