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The Galae is the Romulan Imperial Navy, the primary Defense, Exploration and Military unit of the Rihannsu Stelam Shiar.



Graphic Rank English Starfleet Equivalent Starfleet Graphic
RSE-o7.png khre'Enriov Senior Commander-General Fleet Admiral R-a4.png
RSE-o6.png Enriov Senior Commander Admiral R-a3.png
RSE-o5.png Riov Commander Captain R-o6.png
RSE-o4.png erei'Riov Subcommander Commander R-o5.png
RSE-o3.png Arrain Centurion Lieutenant R-o3.png
RSE-o2.png erei'Arrain Subcenturion Lieutenant (Junior Grade) R-o2.png
RSE-o1.png Erein Antecenturion Ensign R-o1.png

Active Ships


Ships on Standby

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