Galaxy Alliance

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Galaxy Alliance
Official Language: Galactic Standard
Race(s): Hundreds
Type: Interstellar Republic
Capital: Earth, Sol Sector
Head of State: Chancellor cho'Sheq
Legislative Body: The High Council
Military Organization: Starfleet
Org Wizard: Daystrom
Org Royals: Clarke, Rowling

The Galaxy Alliance is an interstellar republic that succeeded the former United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire as the largest governing body in the Alpha and Beta quadrants.



When it was clear that the United Federation of Planets was no longer a cohesive body of government following the Borg's invasion of Terra and Vulcan, the Klingon Empire stepped forward to announce that it would enable the mutual defense clause of the Khitomer Accords. However, since the Federation no longer had an operating ruling body, the Klingons believed that the strongest faction should rule.

This declaration was not made without complaint from the survivors. Chancellor K'mpec, in his wisdom, defined and outlined the creation of an Alliance that would be able to withstand the Borg offensive and beyond. With the entry of the Cardassian Union and the Rihannsu Stelam Empire into the Alliance, it seemed fitting that the name of this Alliance be the "Galaxy Alliance".

The Galaxy Alliance is a democratic republic, with a two branch system. The Alliance High Council, which draws and executes governmental policy and laws, is made up of the Hall of Senators, the Office of the Chancellor, and the Chamber of Ministers. The interpretation of Alliance law takes place within the Alliance Court System, of which the highest court is the High Court of the Galaxy Alliance, presided over by eleven appointed judiciary officials.

Presently, the Chancellor of the Alliance is cho'Sheq.

Government Branches and Agencies

There are ten Ministries within the Galaxy Alliance, and under each ministry are the various government agencies which operate by their authority:

Ministry of Commerce & Transportation

Minister of Commerce & Transportation: Tor Landi

  • Civilian Spaceflight Administration (CSA)
  • Alliance Commerce Department (ACD)
  • Starfleet Merchant & Supply Service (MSS)
  • Alliance Recorder's Office (ARO)

Ministry of Defense

Minister of Defense: Jacob Hathaway

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Health & Medicine

Minister of Health & Medicine: Margot Beauchene, MD, PhD (NPC)

  • Alliance Emergency Relief Management Agency (AERMA)
  • Alliance Food & Drug Administration (AFDA)
  • Starfleet Institute of Infectious Diseases (SIID)
  • Alliance Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Ministry of the Interior

  • Registrar of Member Worlds (RMW)

Ministry of Internal Security

  • Department of Civil Peace (DCP)

Ministry of Justice

  • Attorney General of the Galaxy Alliance (AG)
  • Soliticor General of the Galaxy Alliance (SG)
  • Alliance Investigative Division (AID)

Ministry of State

Minister of State

  • Alliance Intelligence Agency (AIA)
  • Diplomatic Security Service (DSS)
  • Office of Management (OMG)
  • Office of Political Affairs (OPOLA)
  • Office of Public Affairs (OPUBA)

Ministry of the Treasury

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