Galaxy Alliance Chancellor Resigns Citing 'Dysfunctional' Government

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IC Date: Mon Jul 7 2403

PARIS, EARTH (INW) - The Galaxy Alliance Chancellor Dr. Trent L'vralus shocked the galaxy today by resigning from his post in a surprise press conference on Earth. Citing an inability to reform or even navigate a "dysfunctional legislature and uncooperative agencies," Dr. L'vralus promptly resigned with no indication as to his future plans.

In his final speech, L'vralus chastised the Government for being both ineffective and imperialist, with sources telling INW he was referring directly to the failed vote on Beeraxi Secession.

Sources close to the Chancellor reacted with surprise today, as he apparently kept this decision a secret even from his most trusted advisors. The surprise was echoed in the Senate today, where an emergency session was called by the Senate President in response to the news.

Pundits along the political spectrum have widely condemned the former Chancellor's final speech. Beeraxi Secession supporters widely rejected his statements as "too little, too late," while the opposition has responded with outrage at the condescending tone of his remarks.

As per the Alliance Charter, the Vice Chancellor of the Alliance will now assume the Chancellorship. According to her office, Andorian Vice-Chancellor Talia was sworn in at 18:04 hours in the Palace on Betazed, interrupting a meeting she was having with the Betazoid Ruling Council. The new Chancellor indicated she would cut her tour of Alliance worlds short and immediately return to Earth to address the High Council.

This is a developing story.

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