Galaxy Alliance Senate Schedules Debate on Beeraxi Secession Bill

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IC Date: Fri Feb 7 2403

EARTH (INW) - The Galaxy Alliance Senate Committee for the Interior has agreed to schedule debate related to the Bill for Beeraxi Secession, it announced today. Opening arguments by Ambassador Trasera, the Beeraxi Special Envoy to the Alliance to members of the committee are scheduled to begin on Friday, February 14th, 2403 at 6:00 PM.

As part of the hearings, the Alliance Senate has opened a public comment period, allowing citizens of the Alliance to submit their own questions regarding secession to their representatives to be asked during the hearings. Senators have announced that they will be respecting anonymity for those submitting questions, and encourage all Alliance citizens to participate.

The Beeraxi Secession Bill is the latest attempt by the Beeraxi people to quell protests that have devastated trade and tourism to the sector for over a year. The bill follows the example of the Rihannsu and Cardassian secession bills, and demands immediate independence for the Beeraxi Sector and ownership over all government-owned property throughout the sector, including Starfleet Station Alcatraz and its support vessels. Analysts believe it to be a far stretch for Beerax to secede peacefully with all their demands met.

INW's Senior Political Correspondent will be covering the debate live. Tune your viewscreens to INW for the latest in news, politics and entertainment.

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