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Brem "Kamikaze" Gartner
Affiliation: Starfleet
Marine Corps Air Service
Rank: First Lieutenant
Callsign: Kamikaze
Race: Bolian
Gender: Male



Born in 2373 on Bolarus IX to a retired Starfleet officer and his wife, Brem grew up being the youngest of five children, along with his twin sister, Brona. His family lived in one of the larger cities on the planet and his father always talked about his time in Starfleet. Brem saw the glorified life of an officer as something that he could set his eyes on for a goal.

During school, Brem worked long and hard to become in top physical shape, in order to prepare himself for a future with Starfleet. Never did he realize that his father was constantly watching his progress. When Brem turned 17, he was approached by a Starfleet recruiter, asking him to join early. Brem became very excited, but quickly realized that being a fleet member wasn't what he really wanted to do. He stayed on at Bolarus IX for another year, and then, after a fight with another student at school, decided it was time.

When asked by the local recruiting officer where he would like to apply with Starfleet, Brem shocked himself when he stated he wished to become a Marine. He attended Starfleet Academy for Marine training and showed great promise, leading his class of midshipmen to win many training games in the sector. He continued his education after basic training by learning the ins and outs of space combat at flight school. Upon graduating with the rank of 2nd Lt, Brem went on to focus on Hand to Hand combat, and learned how to deal with survival in extreme conditions as well as how to survive and escape in case of capture, in case a mission went wrong.

Personal History

Starfleet Service Record


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