Genesis Device Deployed on Stebben II

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Spacedock (INW) - A fleet of Tzenkethi ships escorted a modified cargo freighter to the Stebben system today, which set a collision course for Stebben II, unleashing what appears to have been a Genesis device. Reports are coming in that the surface installations there formerly attached to La Forge Shipyards have vanished, and the world is now classified as uninhabited class-M.

Starfleet and and the Galaxy Alliance government were unavailable for comment at this time, as were their Romulan, Cardassian, and Talarian counterparts, although sources who wish to remain anonymous have indicated that all governments are gravely concerned. More as this story continues to develop.

(Stardate: 77611.94 - Thu Aug 12 08:37:00 2399 Alliance Standard Time)

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