Getting Over It (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
11 Feb 2014

[Commplant] Roana says, "Roana here. Go ahead."

Sobbing, the familiar Bajoran's voice can hardly be heard. "It's...Inara...can you c-come to my quarters, p-please?"

[Commplant] Roana gasps at the woman's sobs. "Inara? I'll be right there," she says. "Just, stay there, okay? What happened?"

Inara's voice is completely drowned in her sobs.

Roana arrives from Habitat Ring - Section C2.

Inara is curled up in a ball on her bed, sobbing loudly and uncontrollably.

Roana walks in, confused and afraid for the woman. "Inara?" Though the teenager usually doesn't shut up, she just seems to know the woman doesn't need questions. She just needs someone there. She sits down besides her and gently places a hand on the woman's back, patting it gently. "I'm here," she says. This doesn't seem to be the time or place at all to say everything will be all right.

Inara trembles slightly and looks up at Roana with bloodshot eyes. She leans her head on the younger Bajoran's lap and manages to crack a small smile, still crying softly. "I...I..." She tries to say, but stutters and fails.

Roana settles for a hand across the woman's hair, remembering comforting her mother, her father, her siblings. "Just cry as long as you have to," she says, for once sounding like the Prylar she's supposed to be, not the excitable chatterbox she usually is.

Inara lets it all out, sobbing until her throat becomes sore and her voice hoarse. Stopping crying after a few minutes of leaning in Roana's lap, she looks up at her, almost unable to keep her eyes open.

The door chimes.

Roana looks down at the woman with nothing but pity and concern. "If you want to tell me what's wrong, that's okay. If you want me to just get you some tea and we can talk about something else, that's okay too. But I'll stay as long as you need me to."

You knock with 'ENTER AT YOUR OWN PERIL.'.

Los arrives from Habitat Ring - Section C2.

Inara slides further into Roana's lap and tries her best to smile up at her. "I...I..." She sees the door open and looks at Los, bursting into tears again.

Roana is, for once, the picture of mental calm, simply radiating comfort and care, but also confusion and concern. "She called me, and I came," she sas, simply.

Betazoids have an odd reputation when it comes to their abilities. Los was drawn, oddly enough, to these quarters on the station. It wasn't until he read the plaque, that he knew who they belonged to. After being allowed (somewhat) in to the quarters, Los glances to Inara, then to the Prylar. A gentle tilt of his head in a nod is given as a hello. "Sorry.. for intruding. I was, well easiest way to say.. drawn here."

Inara sniffs, her barely open eyes fixed on Roana's face. "I...I killed someone..." She says, whimpering and quietly.

Roana blinks, as she looks to Los, that calm shattered for a moment, wrestling with disbelief. "You...I haven't known you for long but...." She looks between Los and Inara, almost heartbroken. "Tell me what happened." It had to have been self-defense, or wouldn't security be after her?

"Talbot...I...Captain Cross ordered me to beam him into space...I thought he was wearing an EVA suit..." Inara's sentences are short and interjected with sniffs.

His eyes glance down as he slowly builds the puzzle from the missing pieces. He says nothing, however walks quietly over to where the pair are settled, and sits opposite of Inara. His hand gently is placed on her shoulder "Talk to us." He says, voice filled with empathy and openness, compassion and warmth.

Roana takes in a deep breath. "Why did the Captain order you to do that?" She looks to Los with a wan but thankful smile, glad for his presence. "He was armed and...well...he'd either gone insane or something..." Inara sighs and curls up tighter into a ball.

There is a pang of guilt that sudden overtakes Los. He didn't detect anything like that when he spoke with Talbot at Morns earlier. No sense of maliace, or contempt.. nothing suicidal .. hell, just nothing. His head nods slowly as he squeezes her shoulder "Inara.." He says quietly however goes silent again.

Roana closes her eyes tight. She'd never met the man, but a Starfleet officer would have to have done something unforgivable for that order to be given. "The Captain gave that order because there was nothing else he could do," she says, half for comfort, half as a question.

"I was the last resort...and I suppose I don't have to fill out the request for reprimand now..." Inara says, trying her best to lighten the situation.

Los nods to Roana as he stands "Inara. If you.. wish to talk at all, I am around. I'm always around for my friends." The Betazoid says as he walks to the door

Los leaves for Habitat Ring - Section C2.

Roana takes in a deep breath. "Sometimes, we're called to lay down our lives, to save people, and everyone thinks that's the hardest thing to do, but I think what you had to do was so, so much harder. But who knows how many people you saved. I know that's not a comfort to you, but it's a big deal to those people."

Inara nods her head, able to show a soft smile now. "Thank makes me happy to know I have someone I can talk to."

Roana smiles as she lets the woman sits if she wants. "I'm your Prylar and your friend. Of course you can talk to me," she says.

Roana pats Inara's hand kindly. "How about I make us some tea, and I stay for a while. How does that sound?"

Niian nods and smiles. "I would like that, I've got a tea set and a variety of Bajoran teas."

Faded to black.
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