Getting to know Brieth's friends (RP Logs)

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Roleplay Log
10 Feb 2013

Roberts walks into Kero's office, wearing her Starfleet uniform; pristine as always. "Hello Commander," she says as she nears his desk. "I trust you are well?"

Kero raises an eyebrow, closing what he was working on and turning to study the person who entered his office. "My day is fine, yes Ensign."

Roberts nods her head. "That's good." She sits down on the chair, looking at him. "I was actually wanting to talk to you about the invitation I sent a few days ago. I suppose it's time to meet some of Brieth's friends."

Kero raises his coffee cup from the desk, taking a long sip from it, then setting it down again. He leans back and eyes the woman for a moment before speaking. "Yes, I received the invitation." He pauses a moment, collecting his thoughts and speaking again. "What do you wish to discuss?"

A soft smile graces Alexa's lips. "Well, I hope you will be able to attend. Brieth speaks quite highly of you, you know?" Fixing her hair, she adds, "She is very special to me."

Kero nods. "Hmm, I didn't know she really spoke of me at all, but I'll take highly." He straightens up again. "I'll do my best to make it, if we don't have any major problems at the time, which around here, you never know what will happen, or when."

Roberts laughs slightly. "I'm stealing your Chief of Security for it, I doubt there'll be anyone more missed than here aboard the station." She quirks an eyebrow as she asks the next question, "Don't suppose you have an dietary requirements, do you?"

Kero looks at the woman for a moment. "Hmm, you can have her, but I want her back to perform her duties, she is one of my most trusted officers." He shakes his head slightly. "No, I don't actually, any type of food is alright."

Smiling at the Bajoran, Alexa considers his words. "I must say, I can't argue with you on that. She is the most caring and dedicated woman I have ever met." She flushes while talking about her wife-to-be so openly. "That's good," she says at a tangent. "I don't want to have a menu the guests won't be able to eat, of course."

Kero nods. "Understandable." He picks up his cup for another sip. "Glad to here things are progressing."

"Oh yes." She says, her hair falling in front of her eye again. Blowing it out of the way, she continues with: "I'm glad I got transfered to the Entropy, I get more time to see Brieth and I was honestly getting quite homesick on the Enterprise."

Kero nods. "It's understandable, some people don't like beeing out on long missions of that nature." He gives just a smal smile. "All I can tell you for this region of space, Ensign, is just be prepared for the unexpected."

Roberts smirks a tiny bit. "Yes, like a lowly Starfleet Ensign getting engaged to the Chief of Security on Deep Space Nine? That sort of unexpeced?" She laughs melodically and shakes her head. "I'll make sure to keep my eyes peeled, in that case."

Kero shrugs slightly. "That's nothing, compared to what we usually see out here."

A grin now across her face, her eyes lit up, Alexa says, "Oh, I'm sure. What a way to make my marriage feel mundane." She teases him, of course, and it is obvious in her tone.

Kero chuckles slightly. "Well, it's more or less among the norm, unexpected, but it is what it is."

Roberts can't help but beam broadly. "Indeed." She takes a quick look at the watch on her wrist. "Goodness, I should be getting back to the Entropy, I am quite starving." She moves to stand up, "It has been a pleasure talking to you Commander."

Kero nods slightly, reaching to tap the controls on his console to open the door. "Very well Ensign, I've quite enjoyed our talk."

Roberts steps out of the door and smiles just as she passes over the threshold. "Until the next time, Commander."

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