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Giellun i-Ramnau tr'Sahehn
Vital Statistics
Rank Lieutenant
2410 SF O-3.png
Title Chief Engineer USS Enterprise
Race Rihannsu
Gender Male
Affiliation Starfleet, (Exploration Command)

Giellun i-Ramnau tr'Sahehn (born September 2359) is the Rihannsu-born Chief Engineering Officer of the USS Enterprise 1701-G. Originally serving as an engineering and later command officer in the Galae, Giellun defected from the Rihannsu Stelam Shiar to the Galaxy Alliance and officially joined Starfleet in 2416. Previously born into s'Kheriov, Giellun was adopted into the s'Sahehn hfihar in 2417 by it's founding member and hru'hfirh, Ael'Ihhuein t'Sahehn.


Giellun i-Ramnau tr'Kheriov was born on the planet of ch'Rihan in the city of Ramnau, ch'Rihan. He was born to the hfihar of s'Kheriov. He was born to a proud family who all served in the Galae in one form or another. His mother and father were two such people, His ri'nanov being a scientist, while his di'ranov was a doctor aboard one of the more powerful warships. Giellun at a young age started learning the things all romulan children had to learn, from Mnhei'sahe and what it means to his people, to all the cultural things that was expected of him. Giellun proved to be an intelligent, and honorable child, always studying, always wanting to know more. He even kept up in the combat classes that were taught. Giellun had even taken up interest in swords, finding them to be an excellent weapon, elegant and efficient. He would practice, and spar everyday, trying to be the best. Giellun also proved to have a good mind in terms of the use of technology, when something was broken, he would find a way to fix it, or if something was needed and wasn't there, he'd think of creative ways to surpass the problem. It wasn't long before Giellun also took an interest in starships and the like, studying them when he could, what was available anyway. He hoped to one day become an engineer himself. Giellun liked different types of sports, and he liked games that challenged the mind. He would often be seen in various groups, playing such games, trying to see who was the better, in good fare competition.

Giellun after finishing his normal schooling enrolled into the phi'lasasam, and begin his formal training to become an engineer. Over the years he went through the military training, learning various things like structure, starship life, and other classes of that nature. He tried to take piloting corses for awhile, but he wasn't the best, but at his engineering studies, he proved to be an excellent student. His sparring and combat training helped him through that portion of his time at the phi'lasasam, and he was able to hold his own, matching well with the other students in his class. After the years of training have finished, he is ready to be moved to his first assignment, though he's exciting about this, he keeps it under control.

Giellun is considered to be someone who will help his fellow team mate, or friend through anyway. He's not easy to gain trust with, but values it when he feels that someone has earned it. He tries to respect all his people, and never holds too much of a grudge, but some can be there. He doesn't necessarily like working with outsiders, other races, but will tollerate, for as long as he has to. He sees the alliance with the other races of the galaxy as a means to achieve what his people want, nothing more, his heart is with his people only.


  • Commplant/Computer Certification
  • Engineering Repair Certification
  • Engineering System Certification

  • Gamma Quadrant Exploration Ribbon
  • Scanner Certification
  • Unrestricted Line Officer
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