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Roleplay Log
31 Jan 2014
Hudson & Rose Jewelers Storefront [Deep Space 9]

Entering the store through the large open archway, you see that the left sided with a contrasting Zebrano wood inset with a matte grey stone and sporting "Hudson and Rose" in a serifed galactic standard, while on the right, the archway is framed by a shiny turquoise outer that softly glowed. The floors appear to be a dark painted wood with a bordered white inlay running the length of the store, the company logo marked in the entrance as well and the faint smell of jasmine and vanilla drift out onto the promenade.

The walls vary in colour from turquoise, golden sunshine yellow and a subtle shade that resembles a fine vintage champagne. In the middle of the floor is a set of large display cases laid out in a rectangle and manned by elegantly dressed specialists. Overhead, various opaque glass shaded lights lit in various levels of brightness illuminating the lustrous sparkling jewels below and letting them reflect up onto the white beamed ceiling.

Each side of the display cases sit two vintage oversized buttoned dark leather couches with a glass topped coffee table sporting a starburst mock wooden base. A top them a large spray of colourful flowers native to the system as well as a pitcher of water accompanied by a cluster of clean crystal glasses. Spacious wall mounted viewscreens cycle through attractively taken images of purchasable items and emit soft ambient music.

Williams arrives from Promenade - Section B.

Remi smiles warmly, "Emily! How lovely to see you." The betazoid beams.

Emily waves as she eyes the shop," Wow... you've really out done yourself."

Remi bows her head modestly, "Thank you, I'm pleased with the overall look. I managed to include corporate standard with my own touch." She looks around and nods gently. "How have you been?"

Emily winces, "I've been better but I bounce back thankfully."

"I had heard, I'd had my orders to get you distracted with girly frolics." She laughs softly trying to keep a light mood.

"Girly frolics," Emily's brow raises, "Fascinating." She leans on the display case with her elbows, "And what are you distracting me from?"

Remi lifts her hands slightly drawing in a breath a shaking her head with a gentle shrug of her shoulders, "Everything?" She manages after a moment’s thought.

"Well I happily accept," Emily replies with an accepting nod and small grin. You can sense she's glad for the company and the idea of a distraction.

"I had been wanting to attend with Inara but I'm not sure if that's such a wise idea given our situation." Remi wets her lips and a corner of her mouth pulls up to a lop sided frown revelling one of her dimples.

"Situation?" Emily asks curiously.

Remi hums softly, "It seems to be a very unusual romantic triangle." She sighs, "I cherish her dearly but my feelings don't stem past friendship when she seems to want more than that."

Emily uncharacteristically bursts out laughing, "My dear, Inara is like that with everyone."

Remi raises a brow, perhaps she should have known better given her peoples history, "Perhaps but she seemed most upset when I told her I had other interests."

"She's not one to enjoy being turned down. You should have seen what happened when Senka told her off for calling him her boyfriend," Emily offers a smile, "I'm not interested in anything other than friends and when I told her that she jumped straight onto Vrillak who was more than happy."

Remi perks a brown, "Oh?" She questions trying her best not to let on her feelings on the subject.

"Mhmmm," Emily says with a nod, "But who can blame him."

"What do you mean?" Seeming to be a little lost onto what Emily was implying.

"He seemed to like her attention," Emily clarifies.

Remi nods gently, "Ahh. Did anything develop from her attention?" She ask cocking her head to one side, her hand traces up her arm and finely manicured fingers clasp around the crease near her elbow.

Emily looks at Remi and quietly sends without words, "Not that I know of and it was weeks ago this happened." You can sense she understands your feels on the matter, "I can beat her off with a bat if you like."

"It’s fine, I'm not worried about Inara." The young woman admits shaking her head vigorously causing her braid to swish gently against her chest, "I'm more concerned about Vrillak's intentions. Perhaps I'm reading more into that I should." She pauses and her nose twitches against her will, "My bond mate has found his Imzadi." She sighs.

Emily blinks, "And I take it that's not you..."

Remi shakes her head again, "No, it isn't." She pauses again a little relieved that the pressure had been lifted from her shoulders but disappointed that she had been replaced knowing it was respectively for the better. "But happiness and love are more valued than tradition. I am happy he has found his first." She smiles faintly with a nod in an attempt to convince herself this is how she should be feeling.

"You are being far too nice," Emily shakes her head, "Be honest about how you truly feel."

"I've been replaced by someone else. I'm wasn't deemed good enough." Remi reluctantly admits, "And I may be falling in love with a serial philanderer."

Emily offers a shrug and a grin, "I'm in love with a Vulcan. What a pair we make..,"

Remi laughs softly, "What a pair we make."

"Have you told him how you feel?" Emily asks

Remi feels her nose twitch again as her lips pinch. "I think my actions speak louder than my words," she pauses again, "Mother always said not to trust someone you can't read." Rethinking her actions and how she may have leapt before she looked.

"Oh my..."Emily tilts her head, "And what did your actions do?"

Remi recoils slightly, "Oh no, not /that/ kind of action." She sounds a little defensive and her eyes widen. "Heh, we had dinner and things became more intimate."

"Intimate but not....intimate" She wiggles her eyebrows.

Remi cannot help but laugh aloud shaking her head and moving her hand from her arm to pinch her brow. "Yes." Her laugh begins to fade, "I guess that's something I'll have to bring up with him."

"I may just have lost the person I care about because I was afraid of stepping on toes.." Emily says quietly," If you want him, then tell Inara to back off of you and him. Then make sure he knows your intentions."

Remi nods gingerly, "I will, I will not be second choice again." She promises. "What happened with the two of you?" She asks trying not to intrude too much.

"Let's just say I got a little drunk and..." She groans and flops her head onto the counter, "...slept with someone else."

Remi carefully wraps her arms around Emilly's shoulder, "We all make mistakes, even those we think are beyond fault." Her voice is knowledgeable.

"Yeah except for it makes me look even more illogical, emotional and unworthy ..." Emily says with a groan, "It's thrown me into a mess."

Remi squeezes the woman's shoulder gently, "You have a large part of you that is illogical and wild with emotion, honesty and all the things that scares a Vulcan. I'm surprised Senka and I get along given my love of gossip and silent observation." She sighs softly giving her best shot at comforting.

"I'm not. His best friend is a betazoid," Emily mumbles and looks at her, "I swear if that woman wasn't married they would be a couple."

"The doctor?" Remi asks curiously as if it was the final piece of the puzzle.

Emily nods, "She's married to the Station Commander."

Remi perks a brow, "She is?" her voice takes a hint of surprise as everything seemed to fall into place. "Is that why your bond was broken?" She asks again.

"What do you mean?" Emily asks.

"Oh Tabora mentioned your bond with Senka had been broken?" The young betazoid answers not sure on the details of what she had been told.

Emily nods, "Senka was attacked by a being that invaded his mind, it severed the bond." You can sense this is something she misses deeply.

Remi furrows her brow, "That sounds awful, when did this happen? Where they caught? Who'd do something like that?" She reels horrified by what she had just been told.

"It was months ago," Emily says quietly, "It really made a mess of his mind yet he's recovered as far as I know and I don't think the being is still around."

"What does he make of the situation?" Remi asks broadly trying not to cause her friend any further anguish.

"You're going to have to clarify which situation, "Emily says

Remi takes a deep breath wanting to say the whole thing, "The breaking of your bond." She pulls gently on Emily's shoulder and gestures to one of the couches beside them, "Come and sit, would you like a drink?"

"Hot tea," She nods, "And as for the bond..he's fine. I mean we're not rushing back into it."

Remi nods gently before moving to fill her drinks request, "Was this before or after he found out what happened? Or was this more to do with the Captain's wife?"

"Found out what happened?" Emily looks genuinely confused, "And what has anything to do with the Captain's wife?"

"Uh, I mean. Has he always felt that way about reconnecting the bond or has it only just became apparent because of a drunken entanglement." Remi tries her best to rephrase her statement without causing Emily any further distress, it was the last thing she wanted. "Or do you think it may have more to do with his feelings toward her?" She hesitated a moment as she returned to Emily's side, placing the hot tea on the coffee table and sitting beside her.

Emily laughs, "The drunken entanglement only happened in the last day, which is long after the bond and our decision to hold off on rekindling it." She shakes her head, "And where in the world did you ever think he has feelings for her other than friendship?"

Remi bows her head solemnly not realising what she had said, her eyes widen and her lip drops slightly, "I think I misunderstood what you said about if she wasn't married." She shakes her head dismissively and clasps her hands in her lap.

"Oh Remi,"Emily smiles, "I'm so sorry. That's my own fault. That's my own paranoia talking. She and him have a friendship I could only dream of."

Remi furrows her brow again, "Paranoia is sometimes a way of warning you that there might be more to something than what it seems," she cautions her friend.

Emily shakes her head, "I've seen almost every inch of his mind. My paranoia is unfounded and based off my own insecurity."

Remi nods relaxing slight at her reassurance, "I'm sorry Emily that was uncalled for." She apologises, "I just don't want to see you hurt any further."

"And I feel the same way about you." Emily turns towards Remi, "I've got your back with Vrillak and if Inara doesn't like it..."A shrug follows, "Too bad."

Remi smiles warmly and pats her friend’s knee gently. "Thank you, I'm sure Inara will be fine. I hope she can see past it." She replies quietly.

"She'll move onto whatever warm body is nearby, I swear she's cold blooded..." Emily laughs.

A quiet laugh erupts from Remi’s calm exterior and she shakes her head as her laughter fades. "Perhaps, but she's good fun."

"Agreed,"Emily replies, "This station is full of people worth spending time with."

Remi nods and smiles, "You're right, I've experienced nothing but warmth since taking residence here. I couldn't think of a better place to be after today," She exhales softly thinking back to the news she had received, "There is a galaxy of opportunity there now and I'm at the epicentre." Her smile widens knowing she would pull through.

"Exactly," Emily smiles, "And my quarters and shop are always open for you to come visit."

"Thank you, so are mine." Remi acknowledged squeezing Emily's knee gently before returning her hand to her lap.

Remi says, "Was there anything I can get you while your here?"

Emily shakes her head, "I should probably get over to my spa."

Remi nods gently, "You know where to find me, there'll always be hot tea and a pair of eager ears."

Emily smiles, "You're the best."

Emily stands to leave, waving to Remi as she exits, "Thanks for the tea."

Remi also stands, "See you later no doubt." She waves.

"Of course!" She nods

Williams leaves for Promenade - Section B.

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