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Roleplay Log
04 Apr 2014
Temple Sanctuary - Bajoran Temple [Deep Space 9]
<< Yellow Alert >>
Candles and low lighting shine keep the shrine lit here. A pathway, lined with wall sculptures and red carpetting lead up to the shrine at the end, for worshipers to pray and seek guidance from the Prophets.

The door leading to Out slides closed.

Roana is cleaning a statue. She seems to have been cleaning the same statue for a long time because its polish is practically wearing off, as Kyle's gaze is focused on the candles at the altar, even as she looks a thousand light-years away. Finally, something in her brain goes 'visitor' and she turns to the door, clearly putting on a brave and happy front. When she sees it's Miri, she lets a bit of the false-cheerfulness fall away. "Hey Miri," she says, putting the poor statue down.

Muireann steps in through the entryway to stand at the doorway of the main sanctuary. Her hands remain clasped at her back, teeth tugging at her lower lip slightly. "Hey Kyle," she replies, giving a soft smile. "I... am going to be visiting Moriah at Spacedock. Myself and Illianu. I wanted to know if you wanted to go with." She pauses, looking back out through the door into the entryway to add, "I know with tensions getting higher along the Cardassian border that it might be difficult to spend the time away from your ministry." Her eyes return to Kyle's, "But I wanted to extend the invitation to you all the same." She smiles again, leaning back against the wall.

Grey eyes, that look so much like her grandmother's, widen, and her lips curve into a soft, sad smile. She reaches out and wraps Miri in a tight hug, the rag still clutched in her hand. "I think the Assembly would understand," Kyle says. "Of course I want to go. Give me a day or two to put in for a supply Prylar - honestly, I have Acolytes but they're never here, and it's a lot to ask for them to run this place - but yes, so much yes, I want to come with you." She offers a shy, almost girlish smile. "And I'll get to meet this fiance of yours too," she says, lightening up the situation.

Muireann's smile widens and she hugs Kyle back. "We can wait for you, most definitely," she replies with a resolute nod. "The Lovecraft is unlocked at the moment, so when you're ready, just come aboard and settle in. And... you'll get to meet Illianu around his twentieth birthday, too. We may go sight-seeing on Earth to celebrate while still staying close to the family."

Roana looks a little wistful. "It's been so long since I've been to Earth! We went to Paris, and Amah showed us around and the food was soooo good, and we went to San Francisco, of course, and the food was really good and - I'm sure we did more than eat but I think that was my favorite thing." She glances to the door. "And it'll be nice to be away. Not because of the Valo thing, but Dr. Senka came in here the other night, after Afah left, and - yelled at me! Okay, not at me, but at Afah, but at me, because I was here, and I didn't like it." She snorts. "Grandpa Kyle would have punched him. He's lucky Afah hasn't done worse."

"A Lieutenant yelling at a Prylar about what the arguably third most powerful admiral in Starfleet did to his research?" Muireann sighs softly. "If he's attacking /you/ about it, I hope he settles down and actually utilizes his chain of command with his concerns lest he get himself professionally punched out. That's one brave Lieutenant going after a Vice Admiral, and next of kin for Moriah." She shakes her head. "I'm sorry you went through that. First to have your grandmother pass out, and then for her doctor to yell at you about it."

Roana nods. "Amah is not going to be happy when she wakes up," she says. "I mean, he wasn't attacking, but he was being super grouchy. I don't think he's going to make a...formal complaint? But Afah just wants Amah to be safe, and it is so not safe here now, and I'm sure there's really good Doctors on Spacedock and Earth." She sighs. "Lemme talk to the Assembly about getting someone, call Dad, and I'll be ready to go. How long do you think we'll be there for?"

"Nevermind top tier medical facilities at Starfleet Headquarters," Muireann replies in agreement. "I'm gathering we'll be there at least a few weeks. Irvine's hiring someone to watch the shop for me in my absence. But I know Illianu also has to check on his ship which is being looked at for modifications at Stellar Dynamics."

Roana nods. "That sounds great. And I'm sure Afah would be really glad to have the company." She frowns a little bit. "I know he seemed...okay...but how is he doing? Do you know?"

Muireann shakes her head softly. "On the outside, he seems to be handling it okay. But you know how he is... He's probably internalized so much of it, and is likely spending time with his swords again. If he loses Moriah..." She doesn't want to finish that statement, just letting it trail off. "Sorry... Sorry."

Roana grabs Miri's hands. "He's not going to lose her. None of us are. Okay? She has the most ridiculously brilliant people working for her and no matter how long it takes, they're going to fix her. And we are going to be there for each other, and pray - or think really really good thoughts - and we're going to get through this. Okay?"

Muireann gives a soft nod. “Irvine’s the closest thing I've had to a father in my life. She'd better stick around,” she replies with a nod. "We'll get through this. We will. Irvine has the money and the power to make it happen."

Roana gives Miri one last tight hug. "And I've got a semi-direct line to the Prophets," she says. She takes one last look at her - aunt? cousin? friend, regardless. "Speaking of, lemme go grab the council. And I will so remind them Amah is very, very generous in her donation to religious causes. It shouldn't be a problem. And then - well, it won't take me long to pack. Not like I have a huge wardrobe." She offers a hint of a smile. "Can this sight-seeing include shopping?"

"It certainly can!" Muireann replies, giving a big nod. Shopping! "I'll go let Illianu know there'll be one more joining us. I will warn you, though... He's a bit of an introvert, particularly around women, having been born on Angel One. But he's a sweetheart and mostly harmless. Once you two get to know each other, you'll get along great." And since Roana loves everybody, Muireann knows it'll be fine.

Roana grins. "I'll try not to hug or talk him into a quivering little bundle," she says with a wink. "Or I'll mostly try." She gives Miri one last hug. "I'll see you soon!" She heads out of the temple, seeming in much better spirits.

The door leading to Out slides open. Roana leaves for Temple Entryway - Bajoran Temple. The door leading to Out slides closed.

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