Good Friends, Good Coffee, Bad Timing (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
16 Jan 2014

Astor-Cross arrives from Central Core - Administration Level.
The door leading to Out slides closed.

Astor-Cross walks in carrying 2 large cups of coffee. She sets one on the desk and sits down with her own.

Kainon has his face buried in a PADD and smells the coffee. Without looking up, the man says, "Hello to you too, Aly. What's on your mind?"

Astor-Cross sips her coffee before she says, "You. Something is off with you and I want to know what it is." She smiles and says, "And by the way, Hello Essa"

Kainon takes the cup and has a long sip. "A lot. My ship, Valo, the tie between the two. My family, my other ship and whether it was a good idea to let Travis drive it around. I'm just a little overwhelmed right now, but have no way out."

Astor-Cross nods, "I can understand that my friend. Is everything alright with your family? Jiral? Your mom?" She really is very concerned now.

Kainon gives a reassuring smile. "Yes. My family are fine. I just wonder if I'm putting too much pressure on them. Jiral was beside himself when he heard about Bajora Kejal. Thought something happened to me. I don't want to see him that upset again."

Astor-Cross nods with relief, "Jiral loves you Essa. He worships you and it scares him to think that anything may happen to you. He is also a very smart boy and he knows that you have a job to do and that your job has some danger to it. It is normal for him to be worried about you. That will never change but as he gets older it won't be as intense as it probably was this time. As for your wife, she knows the dangers too."

Kainon grins a bit before taking another sip. "He's starting to get it. Doesn't make it any easier to see it though. Sasha gets it, Ma gets it, they always have. Hell, knowing Jiral, he'll be bullheaded himself and enlist on his 18th birthday," the last of which gives him a reason to chuckle. "... in the Militia."

Astor-Cross laughs, "I can see it if he is anything like his dad. I know it doesn't make it any easier my friend and it never will. We have this thing about not wanting to see our children hurting or scared and there is nothing we can do about it. We can't lock ourselves or them up in a crystal box. We just have to let them get scared and worried so they learn how to cope with it. And we need to let them get scared and worried so /we/ know how to cope with it."

Kainon nods a couple times. "Yeah. That's true enough. Sadly, that's all the boy has known. We love him and Papa comes close to buying the farm on a daily basis. Well, less than when I had a ship, but still bad." The Commodore takes a drink and digs out a coffee pot from a box, "Had this stuff shipped up from storage on Bajor. Man needs an office, and an office needs coffee. Anywho, enough of me, what's going on with you, Aly?"

Astor-Cross settles back in the chair, cradeling her 'Doctor Chick' coffee cup, "Not a whole lot. I've been having some really good conversations with a new friend and I'm getting ready to go on a trip."

Kainon raises a brow as he plugs the pot in. "New friend, a trip? When does a Starfleet Chief of Medicine get time for all this?"

Astor-Cross chuckles, "I've not taken a vacation since I got married. I think it is time and I haven't seen my family in over 30 years Essa. I need to go back and see if my parents are still alive, if my brothers want anything to do with me any more. As for my new friend, he is the Vulcan doctor under Kame. He is good to talk to. He understands me." She points to her head, "It is nice to have someone to talk to telepathically. Keeps me on my toes."

Kainon gives a big hearty laugh. "Hell, I'd thought being around Adam and me for this long would keep you on your toes enough. But I can definitely see where you'd need a vacation. I forget how to have one." He finally gets the pot plugged in and after a whap, it goes to brewing. "Damned old pot. Anyway, when are you planning on going?"

Astor-Cross shrugs, "In a few weeks. I'm waiting on some routine work to be done on my ship before I go. I don't want anything to go wrong while I'm out there along.

[Desktop Terminal: USS Excalibur NCC-90003 (sf-bdf): DS9, do you have a workbee on hand to clean up a few dings in our armor?]

[Desktop Terminal: Deep Space 9 (sf-bdf): Workbee, yes. Bodies for said workbee... lemme check.]

Date: Thu Jan 16 19:09:36 2014 PST
IC Date: Thu Dec 14 10:57:36 2423 Alliance Standard Time
Stardate: 100952.84
From: Sirac (#59002)
To: Kainon (#44990)
Subject: +mail from Sirac

An important Note on Shintu:Sir, while updating my files on Shintu's experiences with the Cardassians, an alert flag notified me of important information. Following it, I came across this file: Glinn MarSek: Noted as Gil MarSek who was part of the detainment crew of Kanion Essa. Cardassian logs show him as the official officer in charge of the detainment of Kanion Essa, and after his "release", MarSek was stripped of rank to Glen. Only recently has he been promoted to Glinn. Wanted for questioning by Starfleet and Bajoran Defense Force. Last known location - Cardassia. Additional information: Starfleet Intelligence and Bajoran Intelligence has flagged him as an agent 9th order and believes he is in charge of "unique" interrogation and confession practices. SFI believes he works heavily with scientists, but at this time for unknown reasons. -Sirac

[Commplant] Channel now open. Linked to Lieutenant Commander Sirac.
[Commplant] Sirac says, "Constable - LIeutenant Commander Sirac."

You say, "Constable, this is Commodore Kainon. Do you still have Mister Shintu with you?"

[Commplant] Sirac says, "Mister Shintu did not deliver the information sir, it was done by a Bajoran Aide"

You say, "That wasn't noted in your report. But do you have Mister Shintu with you?"

[Commplant] Sirac says, "My apologies. I did not know I had to include who was delivering the information. No, he is not with me."

[Commplant] Sirac says, "I can however, find him for you"

You say, "Very well. Don't bring him in, but I want eyes on him. There's no telling what the Cardassians have done to him."

[Commplant] Sirac says, "Confirmed, sir."
[Commplant] Sirac says, "as a note, the Crewman who delivered the information is named 'Tol'"

You say, "Good stuff, Kain... Tol? How the crap is a Crewman getting his hands on this kind of information?"

[Commplant] Sirac says, "He... delivered it via datapadd."
[Commplant] Sirac turns to bring up the information and continue "His words were it was his review of the incident involving Shintu."

You say, "Datapadd or not, I'll be in touch with people about appropriate ranks and secure information. I wouldn't trust that with my son, let alone some random Crewman."

[Commplant] Sirac says, "Understood sir."

You say, "Good stuff. Do let me know what happens with Mister Shintu. Kainon out."

[Commplant] Communication terminated.

Kainon sits at the desk with his coffee atop and his fingers rolling on the rim.
...with a troubled look on his face.
...almost fuming, but mostly likely in a bit of shock.

Astor-Cross asks over the rim of her coffee cup, "Essa?"

Kainon snaps out of it. "Sorry. Just thinking. A name has popped up from a less than fun time in my life."

Astor-Cross frowns, "Who is that?"

Kainon raises a brow. "MarSek. Son of a bitch was my torturer on Cardassia. Apparently, he was Mister Shintu's, as well."

Astor-Cross ohs softly, "I don't need to ask how you are about this." She remains silent now.

Kainon keeps a rotten look on his face as he takes a drink... then throws the coffee cup against the nearest window. "Nope. I'm sure that a Pakled could figure me out right now. Makes me want to storm the Cardassian embassy and smack the piss out of Risot to find out what they think we don't know. I don't envy Shintu one bit. I know exactly what he went through."

Astor-Cross nods, "I read Kame's report on him when he came back. It wasn't pretty. And I'm sure there is more going on mentally now that the physical has been taken care of." She doesn't say a word about the wasted coffee.

Kainon snarls and reads on his PADD. "I want that son of a bitch to hang! Right in front of the memorial in Kendra Valley! On my front lawn! I don't care how, but I want him to suffer!" Next... the other empty cup on his desk takes a trip. "I've never been this upset over anything before in my entire life. And I don't know how to get over this! I just want to find him and make him scream like he made me suffer. Knowing that there's no way out and I'm the only one that will hear his plea. the

Astor-Cross holds her cup close to her, just in case. She lets the man rant and rave to his heart's content knowing there is nothing she can do.

"I forgot who I was. I forgot Sasha, R'ull, Ma, my past, my future." Kainon is clearly breaking down now having spent all his energy in a full out rage. "All I wanted was my mind, Aly. I wanted home and friends and my life. There was no end in sight for me. Just more torture, more drugs, more beatings, over and over. It wouldn't stop. A week seemed like a lifetime." Finally, the Bajoran falls into his chair and covers his face, sobbing. "Why can't I forget?"

Astor-Cross shakes her head, "I don't know, Essa. The Prophets don't want you to forget, at least not right now. There will come a time when you will, or at least the remembering won't be as painful as it is now. If I could take all of this from you I would, in a heartbeat. You know I would."

Kainon piles his arms and face on the desk and wipes his eyes. "I know. And I wish you could. But in a way, I'm glad to have it. I remember it all and all I want is for that bastard to see where I am and to know he has no control. His drugs and beatings and torture have nothing on me now. Jiral and Sasha and R'ull are my strength. My friends and my Navy and my country. Fuck him. He means nothing to me. But he needs to be stomped."

Astor-Cross nods, "Yes he does, but you have taken the first step and not let him control you or how you live."

Kainon tries to fight a smile out through all the pain. "I know. Thanks for listening to all this rambling, Aly. You really are someone that I would lay it down for. I hope you know that."

Astor-Cross smiles and says, "I know that, Essa. You have proven that to me time and time again, and you know that I would do the same for you and Jiral and Sasha and R'ull."

Kainon smiles a bit, shaking out of the fog. "I know it. We all have to be strong for one another. But no one should have to be strong this much. Causes too much hate."

Astor-Cross nods, "I know. I am dealing with a lot of anger right now. Senka has been helping me with it."

Kainon sits back, eyes still red. "I'm happy. Happy that you're taking steps. We'll talk about that when you're ready. Just don't go choking anyone. That's my job."

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