Governor Appoints Starfleet Officer to Vacant Senate Seat

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Date: Tue Sep 27 12:32:56 2011 PDT
IC Date: Thu Feb 11 19:17:36 2410
Stardate: 87115.44

EARTH(INW) - In a shocking development, the Governor of Earth appointed a relatively unknown Starfleet Officer to fill the seat of the late Senator Lu Fei. In an announcement today, the Governor named newly retired Commander Jason Reed-Maguire, a lead investigator in Starfleet's Inspector General Corps, to the seat.

Reed-Maguire is a career Starfleet officer with service during the Breen, Freedom and Tzenkethi Wars. He started his military career as a Marine Fighter Pilot attached to the Akagi Battle Group during the Breen War. Afterwards, he served in a squadron attached to the USS Nadesico during the Freedom War. In 2393, he requested a division transfer to Starfleet Naval Operations, where he served as a helmsman before accepting a variety of commands on Border Patrol vessels. He also has service as Executive Officer on a variety of capital vessels, including the USS Shutsugun and the USS Defiant. He was reassigned to the Office of the Inspector General in 2401, and took part in a variety of investigations on conduct within the Sol Sector. Commander Reed-Maguire retired from active duty two weeks ago.

There was immediately an outcry from Earth's liberal bloc, who have been increasingly uncomfortable with the high level of Starfleet influence on Earth. "It is unthinkable that Earth would be represented by one who has only the slightest of ties to this planet. This is a blatant act of genuflection to the military industrial complex by this Governor. This Reed isn't even human!" the Canadian planetary assemblyman said in a response interview.

Still, pundits in the Alliance Capitol Complex at Paris were more gracious. "This really shows the political prowess of the Earth Governor. Since repatriation, Earth has always struggled between its civilian constituency and the large presence of Starfleet assets in the system. The Governor and Senator Lu constantly clashed over the issue of Starfleet and war expenditures. Yet, there's also a strong anti-establishment sentiment on the planet. This firmly sends a message that Earth leadership is now firmly pro-Starfleet, yet willing to go outside the political system to find its representatives," an official in the Alliance Chancellor's office stated under the condition of anonymity.

It has long been rumored that Lu and the Governor were on less than friendly terms. After just barely winning his election, the Governor of Earth has had to fight doggedly to justify his requests for further Starfleet investment in the Sol Sector, even as Lu would oppose such efforts on the floor of the Senate. With this appointment, the Governor can now claim both that Earth is primed for further Starfleet presence in the coming years, and that he's unswayed by local politics.

"In any case," a political insider noted, "it will be interesting to see a political neophyte with barely any pre-existing loyalties enter this tightly grid-locked Senate. This just might be the shakeup everyone needed."

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