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Guides are volunteer players who assist Guests and new players to Where No One Has Gone Before MOO. They are rotated regularly to ensure that all players who are qualified to do so may get a chance to do so, as well as to avoid burnout in assisting new players. The command to check for available Guides is '@guides'.

The Guide Team is managed by Q L'Engle.

Note: Guides are not part of the OOC Game Administration.

Guide Responsibilities

A Guide's responsibility is to ensure that all Guests and new players are comfortably eased into the IC and OOC game. This means answering any and all questions, and assisting them in contacting the appropriate personnel in their chosen org.

A Guide is often a Guest's first contact within the game so having a polite and positive attitude reflects well on the game and it makes the player base grow. This is what we all want.

Additionally, a Guide's job will also be to help organize with the admin and run orientation sessions to help new and old players get accustomed to various sytems on the game, such as MOO commands, Space, theme and the orgs, how to live as a civilian on a Star Trek game, and a whole multitude of other topics as felt appropriate for inquiring minds. *There are no orientation sessions scheduled at this time.

Guide Guidelines

These guidelines are by no means inclusive and they are subject to change.

  • There is to be NO influencing a new character's decision to join/not join an org/faction/company.
  • There is to be NO recruiting of new players to join any specific group with promises of money, ships, rank, weapons or opportunities.
  • Information is to be passed on freely and to be free from bias. New players are to make their decisions without influence.
  • Guides must stay UNHIDDEN at all times. Guests can't ask for help from a Guide if the Guide cannot be seen.

Guide Team

Below is a listing of the player Guides for the Summer 2016 term:

Name Areas of Specialty
L'Engle Guides Administrator
Danek Basic space stuff, Starfleet, general queries
Los BDF, Betazoid, Wiki, General Queries
Senka Starfleet, BDF, char-gen, bios, rp etiquette
Vallar Roleplay, Starfleet, Space Code
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