Guy Time With A Lady At The End (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
28 Mar 2014

Viewscreen: ** Sending request for communication to Captain Kainon.
Viewscreen activates and displays Captain's Ready Room [USS Excalibur NCC-90003].

Viewscreen: Kainon looks around for his favorite coffee mug. The screen clicks on but the Captain is nowhere to be found in the screen's view. "What?!" His voice is muffled and sounds as if he's far away, but in actuality... "Ha! Found it. Captain Kainon speaking," with a sound of being out of breath after popping up from under the desk.

In civillian clothes and clearly still in the office, Senka is organizing a shelf while he waits for the com to go through. An item drops, and you see a coffee mug with a polar bear on it go sailing towards the floor. Senka catches it and turns back to the screen. "Captain Kainon." He offers a Vulcan salute with his mugless hand. "Good evening sir."

Viewscreen: Kainon reaches for the pot and pours his mug, a mug emblazened with the logo of USS Astraeus. He fills it and raises it toward the screen. "Senka. How are you? Wasn't expecting a call from anyone, to be honest. To what do I owe the pleasure?"

Senka fills the polar bear mug with a dark, rich-looking brew from his coffee machine and sits at ease behind his desk. "The exegencies of the service often separate people, though as neither of our posts is at battle stations, there is no regulation against informal contact. Ergo, I called to inquire, firstly, whether you yourself are well or require anything I can supply, Captain."

Viewscreen: Kainon is a little surprised that he'd be asked. After second of thought, and a sip from his mug, the Bajoran says, "As a matter of fact, yes. How about a primer on how to deal with Crewman Recruit Williams. You seem to be an authority on her behavior and someone she looks up to. Care to share?"

Senka raises an eyebrow. "Certainly. What specifically would you like to know sir?"

Viewscreen: "Well." It's pretty clear that Kainon is at a loss. "It seems to me that she has zero respect for authority and doesn't care about military customs and courtesies. Which I find very hard to believe that wasn't taught in boot camp."

Senka considers your words. "I can tell you about her personally, Captain. Though let me start by stating that I do not condone any failures on her part to observe protocol. I will tell you what I can and let you be the judge of what to do with it." A beat. "She and I were once involved. That relationship was unsuccessful, and we suffered strain on our friendship while working out our cultural differences and communications strategies. We recently decided to reexplore a relationship possibility between us, and then we discovered that because of regulations governing fraternization in Starfleet, our relationship is forbidden until she completes officer's training. To complete that training, she must: serve for a minimum of four years, of which only 8 months has been served, obtain the rank of e5, and bee recommended for OCS. I believe she is disappointed and angry at these developments and perhaps not coping well with that unfortunate development." Another beat. "She is also used to dealing with mostly junior officers who do not stand on protocol the way a CO needs to, and she may simply be guilty of a lack of mindfulness on occasion." He thinks. "Your personalities being as they are, Sir, I think that once her behavior falls into the patterns proscribed by service regs, you will find her to be a very likable individual if I may make an emotionally-based speculation." Senka falls silent, ending his mini-lecture.

Viewscreen: Kainon squints one eye closely and regards the Vulcan on the other side of the viewer. "In other words, I wasn't too far off in thinking it will work when I told her that she was going to be my project?" The man takes a sip and hangs on a thought. "I know what she saw me do to Mister Onimusha and she was very lucky she didn't get the same at the time. However, regardless of her relationship with you or anyone else, I can't take it lightly on her. She needs to get that bit of knowledge through her thick, mind reading head."

Senka nods. "I understand Sir. I am certain that in time, a short amount of it preferably, her behavior will conform to the demands of decorum regardless of personal losses."

Viewscreen: Kainon nods a couple times slowly. "Yes. Sooner would be preferable. Otherwise, I'm inclined to see her on her way out of the service. Disrespect of those senior in rate or grade..." There's a pause, "which is every damned person on this ship, is unacceptable. I can't stand by and let it go on. It would be the same for any person serving under my command."

Senka nods. "I do not believe, and here I speculate, that she wishes to remain in the service. She cannot leave it because of a mandatory term of enlistment requirement, however."

Viewscreen: Kainon raises a brow. "There is always a way to get around things if one tries hard enough, Senka. I'm the master of that domain." Senka meets your gaze. "Indeed. I have some firsthand knowledge of your propensity to manage that, Sir. yet I see no honorable solution. I will not resign my commission for the sake of a relationship that is not yet begun. And while her feelings about being in service may be ambiguous, she does not wish to earn a dishonorable discharge I am certain. It will be a minimum of 4 years until any relationship between us can be legal under the rules, and because of that, we do not bind one another to a formal commitment. In short, who can say what will happen between now and her commission, assuming she meets all requirements for OCS. Officers have asked me why she joined the service if this were a result, and my answer is that we did not know it would be. We did not decide to explore reforming a closer relationship until after she was in service." This is delivered impassively.

Viewscreen: "Four and a half." With a grin, Kainon corrects his Vulcan friend. "Six months for OTS. And that's only after she receives a degree. And, if she already has one, then I'd have to wonder what was swirling through her head when she decided to enlist." "4.373," Senka offers. You'd know him well enough to maybe pick up the amusement in the arching eyebrow. "I do not believe she has a postsecondary degree," he adds.

Senka says, "And that assumes that she: A. attains the requisite rank, and B. attains the proper recommendation following the minimum of 4 years in service."

Viewscreen: Kainon sits back in his chair a bit. "Well. Looks like she's got a whole lot of work cut out for her. And it's not going to be easy. Because I'm not going to make it easy. No one ever took it easy on me, and I'm going to pass the savings along to everyone on this ship." "Logically, I would expect nothing else of Captain Kainon Essa," Senka replies.

Viewscreen: Kainon gives a crooked grin. "Have I become that readable in my old age, Senka?"

"Only to those who pay attention, Captain," Senka offers, "and in my experience, few truly do."

Viewscreen: Kainon chuckles slightly. "And ya know? I almost kinda like it that way."

"I know you do, Sir," Senka affirms. A beat. "T'Lila's father is aware of her transfer. He informs me that he will reschedule his visit to this station and tells me that, as a colonial council member on his world, he requires only 3 days notice to be able to make priority travel arrangements to come here. That seems to be a workable amount of leadtime during peacetime operations. I wished to pass the information to you."

Viewscreen: Kainon nods a couple times between sips. "I see. It should be noted that I extended the offer of available liberty should we make it to his planet. However, the recruit decidedly turned that down. She stated that she didn't want to do it without you present due to your closeness to the situation."

Senka nods. Aly's polar bear mug is half empty. "The circumstances of her adoption and rediscovery of her heritage are emotionally taxing subjects for her. I have been helping her prepare culturally and emotionally to meet her Vulcan father. For his part, Sutok sent her a gift recently of a ring bearing his family crest. It was a sign of acceptance and she understood its meaning correctly, though I did suspect she still desires me to be present at that meeting."

Viewscreen: Kainon stiffens his lips together. "Makes me appreciate the fact that my parents were together and welcomed my brother and I from the start. I couldn't imagine life without knowing who I am for the entire time."

Senka nods in seeming agreement. "Her childhood was an unpleasant one by most measures. She thinks it likely that her human parents took her in for the publicity value given that she was born during the height of the rebuilding on Earth after the Borg war. Even I do not know all of the circumstances surrounding how she came to be adopted. She does not talk about it. As you can imagine, Sir, family is a complex and highly emotionally unsettled topic for her. By comparison, my own situation was simplistic. I lost my father at Setlik III in 2362 during the Cardassian conflict of that time, and my mother died when her transport ship was destroyed enroute to visit me in 2375 when I was 20. But while my parents lived, they each saw to my rearing in a logical and appropriate fashion."

Viewscreen: Kainon leans to his side and places his mug on the table. "I'm beginning to have the feeling that I should be lucky to have at least one parent who remains alive. Even in my fifties, I'm unbelieveably grateful to still have someone to bounce parental issues off in case of emergency."

Senka nods. "That is a rare circumstance for your species, Sir," he agrees. Then he clarifies, "For a Vulcan of your same chronological age, it would be quite unremarkable given our mean lifespan of 208.212 standard years, but I comprehend your point."

Viewscreen: "And I find it hard to believe that your kind can live that long," Kainon starts with a smartassed smirk. "Especially seeing as how you have enough copper in your green blood to set off a small fleet's worth of metal detectors."

"It requires a certain degree of caution concerning when and where we choose to travel Sir," Senka offers deadpan.

Viewscreen: Kainon grins slyly. "Smartass and bullshitting. You've come a long way, Senka."

Senka says, "I have not moved since this conversation began, Captain."

Viewscreen: Kainon says, "A long way in humor... smartass."

Senka bows his head briefly. "I paid attention to the most available models," he offers dryly.

Viewscreen: Kainon purses his lips slightly. "Yeah. And I'm fairly sure that I don't have to take too many guesses as to whom the primary model would be, now would I?"

Senka says, "You may offer as many guesses as you prefer, Sir.""

Viewscreen: Kainon says, "I do hope you understand the concept of rhetorical statements, Doctor."

Senka considers that. "Was that one such, Captain?"

Viewscreen: Kainon nods sagely. "Indeed it was."

Senka nods back. "I have found T'Lila, yourself and Lynn, or Doctor Astor-Cross if you prefer, to be most helpful in aiding my understanding of both the joke proper and of rhetorical speech. Both are quite foreign to my culture and modes of expression."

Viewscreen: "I prefer Aly, actually." Kainon gives a smirk and a raise of his brow. "When you get to know someone for this long, you get to take those liberties. She's still only a handful of people that I allow to call me by my given name. It's something that Bajora hold very close."

Senka nods. "When she and I became sufficiently familiar friends, I wished to find a shortened version of her name not in common use. I chose Lynn, and she accepted it. I believe no one else calls her so." A beat. "As for the personal regard for Bajoran given names, I do recall you explaining that before ... to Lieutenant Niian on the bridge of Serapis." The Vulcan's tone is as wry, and as dry, as you've ever heard it on that last statement.

Viewscreen: Kainon curls his mouth before taking a sip. "That had nothing to do with her usage of my given name. It had everything to do with the issues I'm having with Recruit Williams. It was a blatant lack of respect for a senior officer. And as I had Flag status at the time, it was totally uncalled for. That reaction I gave was nothing more than stating a plain and undeniable fact of the matter."

Senka nods. "Point taken, Sir," he murmurs. "In any event, I realize you have known Lynn far longer than I have. It is my hope that my calling her so in your hearing is not offensive to you."

Viewscreen: Kainon shakes his head. "Not one bit. If that is what she allows you to call her, then I'm in no position to say otherwise."

Senka nods. "It is." He considers the mug in his hand. "I gave her this polar bear coffee mug after our last mission together. I shall have to sanitize it before she next uses it." A beat. Drawing a breath, Senka asks, "If I may ask a personal question off the record Sir, ... how well would you say that you know Captain Cross?"

Viewscreen: Kainon grimaces a bit while in thought. "Not very. I only know him through Aly. And our interactions have been less savory, to say the least."

Senka nods. "His and mine as well Sir. He bears me a high degree of antipathy. I do not understand Terrans very well, and I thought perhaps you knew him quite well."

Viewscreen: Kainon crosses his arms and thinks hard. After a moment rubbing his chin, "Terrans have always been a mystery to me. I'm all for knowing what I can, but even being around them for a very good chunk of my life, I still can't put my finger on them. Don't ever think I will, to be honest."

Senka nods. "Nor I. I find their patterns of thought highly unpredictable as regards the actions they take based on what they think or perceive." A beat. Then Senka gives. "To put this in general terms without violating anyone's confidences, Captain, it would be fair to say that his treatment of me following our return with Lynn from Platform Zulu bears little resemblance to his treatment of me before that mission. Leaving aside an ill-timed and ill-considered statement I made to him several weeks ago concerning his present difficulties, for which I duly apologized, that mission seems to mark a watershed moment with respect to how he treats me. I do not complain of this of course. I am not emotionally disturbed, as you would expect a Vulcan officer not to be so, but I do observe patterns of behavior, and when they change, particularly negatively, it is noteworthy." Another beat. "I have discussed this with Lynn, of course. You are only the second person I have discussed this with and the last with whom I intend to." A final beat. "However, as you call me 'friend,' I decided I could solicit your thoughts."

Viewscreen: Kainon scoffs a bit. "I find Captain Cross to be highly emotional in all the wrong ways. His service prior to his misgivings with the former counselor was stellar. He allowed her to get in his head, is what happened. Something that a commanding officer cannot allow. And along with that, he has a hell of a way of showing gratitude in regards to the rescue mission. As a husband, I'd have been hard pressed to not be there. But as he is a Starfleet officer, he should realize what following orders for the good of the mission really means." There's a pause, "And, to that end, he has no sense of realization that he would have been a detriment to that mission. As far as I'm concerned, he's ingrateful for what was done. And that shows me that he has zero respect."

Senka seems relieved to have heard you say something in particular. His body posture relaxes fractionally and he leans slightly forward. "As a Vulcan, I am not motivated by the desire for praise or gratitude. However, I sent him 4 classified reports over the course of that mission. The first was a memorandum to him detailing my decision to leave under your command on the mission and recognizing that I may have faced disciplinary action upon my return since I did not seek his permission when I left. I know that he knew of my involvement and to the extent that I could put it in writing, what I did to aid the mission. I found his total silence about it to be most uncharacteristic. I expected either a 'thank you, Lieutenant,' or court-martial proceedings based on what I know of Command procedures and Terran behavior. I never received either. Again, I do not desire either, but I notice the absence of both." A beat. "You mentioned a lack of respect. Sir, I always wondered why he did not make more of an effort to accompany us on that mission. if I, a Vulcan sworn to logic, could decide that risking court-martial was worth bringing her home, why did he not make the same choice even faster? Do you understand this, Sir?"

Viewscreen: Kainon gives a very slow nod. "I do understand. However, if he had made too much of an effort to avail himself for the mission, I'd have had to knock his ass out somehow. There's no way that he would have been any sort of helpful or rational. And that, in itself, would have created a danger unlike any other."

Senka nods. "I accept your judgment about that Sir. Though it does not explain his seeming ingratitude. I recall he struck you, even." A beat. "His current difficulties have done very little to improve matters for him, admittedly."

Viewscreen: Kainon gives a dishonest chuckle. "I'm surprised Aly isn't minus one foot."

Senka nods. "Regarding her husband, she has proven most forgiving."

Viewscreen: Kainon lets out a long, slow breath. "I can honestly say, I don't think I'd be as forgiving. She has a remarkable penchant for staying very calm when the time calls for the opposite."

Senka says, "I can assure you, Sir, her emotions were anything other than calm at the time. She has experienced little peace or calm since the start of the investigation."

Viewscreen: Kainon says, "Then she has a stone facade."

Senka nods. "She has the ability to conceal her emotions from the perceptions of most beings in a crisis. The hallmark of a good physician and a good commander, I believe. Her husband has no such ability that I can detect. His emotions are quite apparent especially when I am involved.' This last is said dryly, maybe with a touch of Vulcan sparse humor.

Station Infirmary [Deep Space 9]> Astor-Cross arrives from Promenade - Section B.
Astor-Cross arrives from Station Infirmary.

In civvies behind his desk, Aly's polar bear mug, 3 quarters empty, is held loosely in the Vulcan's left hand. On screen Kainon Essa sits in his ready room. The two appear to be a long way into an informal conversation. Spotting you on camera, Senka notes your approach and waits for you to arrive.

Astor-Cross steps through the doors and looks at the mug before looking at the screen. "Should I be worried?"

Viewscreen: Kainon grins a bit. "I dunno. Should you be?"

Senka rises to his feet. Finishing the coffee, Senka sanitizes the mug. When it again gleams pristinely, he fills it with the tea you've been drinking of late. Placing it in your hand, he guides you to his vacated desk chair and stands nearby, letting you have the prominent spot before the viewscreen. "No, Lynn. Worry is neither logical nor productive. Ergo, you should never be worried," he says calmly.

Astor-Cross quirks a brow at Senka and says, "And why were you drinking out of my cup?" Senka of course would know that she is teasing him. Turning to Kainon on the screen. "Hi Essa. You have nothing better to do than sit here and talk to my CMO?"

Viewscreen: Kainon points at his console. "Cardassians haven't moved. I have a full pot of coffee. Seemed like a decent idea at the time when he called." The Bajoran has a sip from his Astraeus mug. "We were just going over how Terrans are weird. Care to join?"

Senka raises an eyebrow at Aly. "I was utilizing your mug so that the captain could admire the artistry of the polar bear design," he says utterly deadpan. In her head, Aly would feel the equivalent of affectionate mental laughter.

Astor-Cross quirks a brow, "Terrans are weird? I'm married to one. What does that make me. I like your mug by the way Essa. I wish I had one of my own." She takes a sip of the tea, looks at it with a frown and then puts it back down again."

Viewscreen: Kainon looks at his mug and grins, "It's still my favorite. Coffee just tastes better coming from it." After a sip, the man offers a smile, "Did you see, Aly? There's supposedly another USS Astraeus on the pipeline. I wonder if they keep me around long enough, if they'd give me that center chair. As far as Terrans," the mug gets set on his desk and he kicks back slightly, "they're just weird. We've been around them for how long? I still don't understand them."

Senka has filled a plain-looking mug with more coffee. He sips, watching the conversation and will probably step in when he has something relevant to say.

Astor-Cross smiles brightly at the mention of another Astraeus, "Oh it would be good to set foot on another Astreaus again. Hopefully this one fares better than the last one. I would say I would be right there beside you but..." she flicks her rank pin, "I don't see that happening." She holds the cup for a minute and then says, "They can be weird yes, but no weirder than Bajorans or Vulcans or Betazoids."

Senka's eyebrow climbs towards his hairline.

Viewscreen: "In my fairly minor studies of Terran languages," Kainon is being totally fasecious, but it's worth it, "I'm certain that Bajoran means weird in at least half dozen of them. We've managed to own it. Especially seeing as how we as a species have been about for a couple hundred thousand years."

Viewscreen: Kainon adds quickly, "Duh... our names are backwards for shit's sake."

Astor-Cross laughs, "That is true. Ok. Bajorans win the award for being the weirdest." She grins and sits back.

And precisely which award," Senka asks, setting his mug down and steepling his fingers, "shall be assigned to my people, and by whom?" His eyebrow, if anything, climbs higher.

Viewscreen: Kainon chuckles a little. "I can't think of one. Maybe the most confusing? Presented by the Klingons."

Astor-Cross oooos, "I like that." She grins at Senka and then at Essa.

"With few exceptions," Senka offers, "Confusing most Klingons is not difficult. One simply has to allow them to become angrily ensnared in their own illogic." Aly would sense the comment is made humorously.

Viewscreen: Kainon leans forward on the desk. "There is something to that. Not sure how much, but I'm sure it's in there."

Astor-Cross laughs as she picks up her tea to take a drink. She does so and then puts it back down, slightly out of reach. "So, when you headed back this way Essa? You owe me a bottle of green alcohol."

"Aldeberan whisky can be obtained from at least one merchant on Valo III," Senka supplies. "It meets the chromatic requirement."

Viewscreen: Kainon waves his hand. "No. I get Valosian wine from that guy. I get Aldebaran whiskey from a guy near Beerax. Good stuff too." Astor-Cross listens, "Is that where Jon gets his stuff too?"

Senka sips his coffee.

Viewscreen: Kainon shrugs. "I don't know where he goes. Never asked."

Astor-Cross nods, "That is some good stuff. I should get a bottle and repay him for the one I took off his ship a few months ago."

Viewscreen: Kainon giggles a tiny bit. "Hell. He's got more of that stuff than any bar owner I've ever known. He's not going to miss a bottle." "While I can obtain non-replicated Vulcan brandy with no difficulty, non-replicated Vulcan port is harder to obtain. I have not drunk genuine Vulcan port in 2.227 years," Senka murmurs.

Astor-Cross smiles, "I hope when Adam and I go to Betazed I will finally be able to drink some utteberry wine. It always looks really good when we would have to serve it to the family."

Viewscreen: Kainon shakes his head a bit. "Never had that. Not a big wine drinker, period. Although, I have to say the Irish know how to make good whiskey." He looks around his ready room and then back to the screen. "You two doing something to my head? I'm damned thirsty all of the sudden."

Astor-Cross grins, "I'm doing nothing to your head my friend. However..." She looks at Senka, "The hypo is empty and it wouldn't be right if I self medicated."

Senka raises an eyebrow at Kainon. "Assuming we could or would influence your mental state from this distance, Sir, I see no logic in inducing thurst." Taking Aly's meaning, Senka pulls an analgesic from his medkit during the comment and injects her right there.

Viewscreen: Kainon looks between the two on the screen. "What's the hypo for?" He's fairly serious.

Senka looks at Aly. It's her business and her question.

Astor-Cross sighs slightly at the hypo, "I told you the other night, I'm sick. I've got a pretty bad headache right now and the medication helps the pain somewhat."

Viewscreen: Kainon squints a little. "You didn't tell me much the other night, Aly. Just that coffee doesn't taste right. You're making me think, and that's a dangerous thing."

Astor-Cross shakes her head, "I really didn't want to discuss it in front of others Essa. Senka has found a bacteria that acts like a virus. It so far has affected my head, my eyes, my telepathy, my joints, my throat and my taste. Adam wants to take me to Earth to a hospital there, but I trust Senka here." She smiles, "Don't worry about me Essa. I'm in good hands and will hopefully be good as new soon."

Senka sips his coffee. Aly would know both as a doctor and knowing Senka's mind that he's letting her handle this until she gives him permission to divulge, if she ever does.

Astor-Cross looks at Senka, "You can talk to him. I trust you both."

Viewscreen: Kainon scrunches his face. "Hmph. While I trust Senka and the staff there, doesn't mean I like hearing it." The cup gets set off to the side, bags are growing under the Bajoran's eyes. "Hell, for a minute there, I thought you were going to tell me you were pregnant. About the only thing I could think of making coffee taste bad." He looks over at Senka, "Just take care of our girl. If anything happens, it would be a world of very much bad from a lot of people."

Senka nods to you on screen and speaks in a moment of naked honesty. "If I failed her, Sir. Nothing could be said to me or thought of me or done to me that would equal what I could inflict upon myself."

Senka adds, "In any event Captain, I will wish you a good night as you appear most fatigued. I will update you on her condition as needed, and my regards to Commander Kame and Crewman Recruit Williams." He reaches out and closes the channel.

Viewscreen blinks and Captain's Ready Room [USS Excalibur NCC-90003] disappears.

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