Gwydion Trasera

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Gwydion Trasera
Affiliation: Bajoran Defense Force
Rank: BDFN-O-1.png Ensign
Title: Operations Officer, USS Laibok (NCC-90213)
Race: Half-Betazoid Half-Angelite
Gender: Male
Parents: Trex Trasera, Duke d'Ambrose
Nherryh Trasera, Duchess d'Ambrose (Dec.)
Siblings: Princess Ambrosia Trasera
Princess Eilonwy Trasera

The Kingdom of Eden
Rank: Prince Prince
Style: His Royal Highness
Title: First Prince of the Kingdom
Count of Scientia
Function: Scientist
Child of the Kingdom

Gwydion Trasera is a Beeraxi scientist serving as an Operations Officer and Xenobiologist in the Bajoran Defense Force. He is the son of Ambrosia Incorporated owner and Beeraxi Ambassador Trex Trasera and is considered a Prince in the Kingdom of Eden. However, unlike both his twin and eldest sister (Eden's Chancellor Princess Eilonwy Trasera and intergalactic socialite Princess Ambrosia Trasera) he does not utilize the rank and has managed thus-far to remain out of the popular press.



Prince Gwydion, the child of Count Trex and Countess Nherryh of the Kingdom of Eden, was raised in what can only be described as paradise. The children of parents with the resources to provide any and everything, Gwydion received just that: except for the attention of his parents. He and his sister were instead raised by their strict, but loving, nanny Inghred. And, of course, their older sister Ambrosia, who treated them more as dolls than as siblings. While Gwydion loved his twin with all his heart, from a very early age he wished only for his older sister to see him as a person-- and to treat him like one. Or, for that matter, to at least not pick on him. He never really gained that satisfaction before Ambrosia ran off on her own after coming of age.

Where Eilonwy inherited the passion and fire of her mother, Gwydion (much to his chagrin, at least as a teenager) inherited the countenance of his father. Studious and shy, Gwy was happiest delving into a good book. Or, perhaps books were his way of coping with the disappearance and supposed death of his mother. While his sister embraced athletics and leadership, Gwydion embraced his solitude, his curiosity and his appetite for knowledge. Staying far, far away from the Beeraxi Guard Barracks, this child of scientists instead spent much of his free time in Ambrosia Incorporated’s expansive laboratories.

Thanks to their exceptional tutors, both Trasera twins excelled academically. Gwydion started his tenure at the Beeraxi Institute at age 17 and earned his Bachelor of Science in Xenobiology and Master of Science in Organic Chemistry jointly in five years. The boy’s teenage years were rough; he harbored an extreme aversion to his father (whom he blamed for losing his mother) even as he followed in the man’s footsteps. Though he intended to remain at the Institute to begin his Medical degree (partly in homage to his Doctor mother), a spat with his father pushed him much further away. Whereas Eilonwy was granted positions of prominence in the Kingdom, Gwydion outright rejected his father’s intention to have the child take over the Science Division. Instead, he joined one of the Institute’s research exchange programs on Bajor.

Gwydion greatly enjoyed his time on Bajor. As a child of means, he also greatly enjoyed the ability to travel freely between his two nation homes when he knew his father was away. While on Bajor, the man quickly came into his own. Working closely with Bajoran Defense Force scientists, he became more and more interested in military life. So, he asked his father (the ‘illustrious’ Beeraxi Ambassador) for the first and only favor of his adult life: to get him into the Bajoran Defense Academy. Trex relented, with the condition that Gwydion focus on being a staff officer in the sciences.

With Trex’ help, he was admitted with the endorsement of Kai Lishan. Gwydion started his training as a Science Officer for his first year before transferring, partly in defiance of his father, and partly out of interest, to the Operations Department. He completed certifications in both Sciences and Operations and graduated in the middle-upper portion of his class.

Titles and Styles

2414 - Present: His Royal Highness the First Prince of the Kingdom of Eden and the Count of Scientia
2397 - 2414: His Royal Highness the First Prince of the Kingdom of Eden

Bajoran Defense Force Service Record

Personal History

Gwydion circa 2317
  • 2397 - Born to Count and Countess Trasera aboard the CCV Lunar.
  • 2414 - Enters the Beeraxi Institute in a dual BS/MS Program.
  • 2414 - Installed as Count of Scientia by his father, the Lord Regent.
  • 2419 - Graduates with a BS in Xenobiology and an MS in Organic Chemistry.
  • 2420 - Employed under Beeraxi Institute's joint research contract on Bajor.
  • 2420 - Enters Bajoran Defense Academy with a recommendation by Kai Lishan Noryl.
  • 2423 - Becomes Uncle to Prince Oberon, child of Princess Eilonwy and Prince Consort Tennan.
  • 2424 - Commissioned in the Bajoran Defense Force as Operations Officer with Science Certifications.
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