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Roleplay Log
12 September 2016
Sickbay [USS Equinox NCC-73020]
<< Yellow Alert >>
The ship's primary medical facility is small compared to others in the fleet, but it is a decent size for a ship of this class. Essentially a slightly curved parallelogram, the port wall contains three alcoves, each with their own biobed and patient monitoring system. Along the far wall is a much larger, half-moon alcove that encompasses a surgical biobed before which a freestanding console is located.
The lights are dimmed, indicating that the ship is running cloaked.
You see Surgical Biobed, Biobed1, Biobed2, and Biobed3 here.
Lieutenant Adrinon is here.
Obvious exits:
[ Out <o> | CMO's Office <cmo> | Recovery <rec> | Medical Storage <ms> ]

Jev shoots a rubber band at Saisha and leaves

<twenty minutes later>

Jev enters the sickbay.

Saisha eyes Jev as he walks in and hisses. "Go away!"

Ambling in cheerfully, whistling, Jev shakes his head as he approaches biobed1 and sets down his duffel bag, "No can do, doctor. I heard this biobed here is broke."

Saisha takes a breath and nods briefly. "Fine, but if anything comes flying at me that isn't made of sugar. I will sedate you and you'll wake up a woman." She replies, turning back to her paperwork.

Jev opens his duffel bag and rummages through it. He pulls out a decoupler and a hypospanner. He also pulls out a little bouncy ball and looks at it curiously - how did that get in there? - Slowly turns his head to glance at Saisha, looks back at the ball, to Saisha again...Thinks....

"Breasts, Jev. Hormones. Feelings. Boys." Saisha says, her eyes narrowing. "You'll have to deal with those things."

Staring at Saisha, Darian slowly and gingerly returns the bouncy ball to the duffel bag. He adjusts his focus to a removable panel at the base of the biobed and opens it. Scans the internal circuits with his tricorder.

Saisha gazes down at her PADD, muttering quietly under her breath. "There is also something going on with the electron resonance scanner in storage, if you can look at that as well, I'd appreciate it."

Jev's head disappears into the openning beneath the biobed, as he sets to work with the decoupler, adjusting some circuits. He re-scans. Adjusts some more. "Sure..." he says. Begins whistling again.

Taking a cautious step towards the Engineer, Saisha leans over to peek into the bag that is sitting on the floor. She steps to the side, keeping a wary eye on Darian as she sets her PADD on a table. "Thank you, I appreciate it."

"That should do it," his voice says from beneath the biobed. He pulls his head and arms out slowly and sits on his legs. He returns the panel to its proper position. Returns the tools to the duffel bag and places its strap around his shoulder. Then he stands and waits to be led to medical storage.

Saisha smirks and walks toward Medical Storage, leaving her PADD behind.

Saisha gestures at a bulky piece of equipment on a shelf, stepping back out of the way. "Be careful with that, it's ..expensive."

Jev sets his duffel bag on the desk near the scanner and grins, "Everything I handle is expensive. I'm not a klutz." He delicately removes a top covering on the arm of the scanner and inspects the inside circuits carefully. Takes his tricorder and scans at them. "What's it doing wrong?"

"Well it's either not scanning DNA correctly, or sometimes it will superimpose scans atop of one another. I was using it the other night on R'sta and it showed her to be a Trill. Which obviously isn't correct - I don't think it's clearing the previous subject." Saisha returns, a frown on her face.

Jev looks over to Saisha and blinks a couple times as he thinks. After a moment he says, "Oh!" He puts his tricorder away and returns the top cover onto the scanner's arm. "Computer," he says, "access administrative sickbay administrative computer clearance - authorization SuperTrill charlie, echo, nine."

A soft alto feminine voice says, "Administrative clearance accessed."

Saisha eyes Jev, her arms folded over her chest as she watches what he is doing.

Jev nods, "Restore factory defaults settings to electron resonance scanner - location medical storage."

A soft alto feminine voice says, "Factory default settings restored."

Jev closes his duffel bag and slings it back over his shoulder, "That should do it, doctor."

Saisha raises an eyebrow and then mutters. "So basically I should have just turned it off and then back on again?" She clears her throat and aims a brilliant smile at Jev. "Thank you so much, I appreciate the work you've done."

Jev smiles in return, "My pleasure, doctor." he motions toward the exit, "After you..."

Saisha keeps a wary eye on Jev as she gestures to the exit. "I won't keep you from your work, Ensign." She is still smiling. "You have a good afternoon."

Jev nods and walks backwards toward the exit, keeping his eyes on Saisha, "You too, Lieutenant..."

Saisha makes a shooting gesture toward the Trill man, her eyes narrowed. "Go on...get."

Jev nods, "I a---" he begins to say, but then his grin fades and he looks curiously, mouth agape, at something in the sickbay behind the Lieutenant, "What the..." he barely mouths audibly.

Saisha turns to look behind her, a frown on her face. "What are you.." She trails off as she tries to spot whatever Jev is looking at.

A small red bouncy ball gently hits against Saisha's back. Jev runs away.

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