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Jonar Hannah
Position: Director
Title: Station Director, Head of SDS Operations
Race: Half-Terran / Half-Bajoran
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Galaxy Alliance (Stellar Dynamics Systems)

Jonar Hannah (a.k.a. Hannah Marie Jonar) is presently the Station Director of Tranquility Station and head of SDS Operations. Her duties include station management, operations and personnel. She serves alongside Mykele Seska, Owner and Head Designer, and Annalisa Pierson, Director of Sales and Design.

She was previously involved in a relationship with Rikon Defense Force Captain Jack Jakthor, however is currently single. She has no children.


Autobiographical Entry, Stardate 74304

There's something to be said about growing up as the child of two Starfleet Officers, particularly one being a high-profile member of Starfleet Admiralty. You could say that my life has always been 'on-camera', and there was little I could hide as I ran around the Faculty grounds of Starfleet Academy with my younger brother during those youthful days.

My mother is Moira Davidson, ranked Commander in Starfleet's Border Patrol division as of this writing. My father, Jonar Isac, ranked Rear Admiral and Chief of Starbase Operations. For many years, my parents were stationed together and always in close proximity to Bajor, whether on or in orbit of it. My family seemed to be inseparable, and it wasn't until I was older and grown, moving away from B'hava'el and on to school and working for a living, that the family appeared to separate. My mother was assigned away from Starbase Operations, and the rift began to form. At this time, my parents are now divorced, and my brother won't talk to anyone.

My life, however, has always been a life of priviledge. I wish I could say that I had a hard life, but it would be a lie -- even with my mixed heritage of Bajoran and Terran blood. Perhaps I avoided the taunts of my mixed race by being the daughter of the man who could deny those potential bullies from a future at Starfleet Academy, but I like to think that perhaps it's because after the Occupation, Borg War, and Alliance relations and regrowth, Bajor is just that much kinder than the rest of the known galaxy.

When I decided to attend the Daystrom Institute of Technology rather than a college close to Bajor, Earth or Starfleet Academy, it was difficult. We had always been together, and it was difficult to picture us separate. I could have chosen the easier route, and the one those around me felt I was entitled to - the life of a Starfleet Cadet/Officer, but there's so much to discover outside of that.

With DIT, I did a double-major of Subspace Physics and Biology, and became an intern with Stellar Dynamics Shipyards working in their station operations under Mykele Seska. Despite not being able to spend my full time with SDS due to distance courses with DIT, I quickly rose up the ranks, eventually becoming Station Director (SDS Operations). I wouldn't trade this job, the friends I've made here, or this experience, for the universe.

As for my personality, I admit that my mentality and 'at one-ness' is more tied to the shining star B'hava'el than that of Sol, although I tend to take after my mother in my outgoing personality and love of physical fitness. Perhaps it's a bit of a contradition, but it seems to fit me perfectly.

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