Haunting the Past, A Lieutenant's Request (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
04 Mar 2014

The door leading to Quarters B203 slides open.

Quarters B203 [Deep Space 9]
Simple appointments dress these quarters, austere yet comfortable enough for a traveler's extended stay. The main room and living quarters is furnished with a sectional sofa of icy silver with a matching recliner, and a glass coffee table nestled within. To the right is a small eating alcove with table and chairs and a food replicator. In the back left corner is a work desk with a small computer terminal. To the left a door leads into the sleeping quarters where a comfortable queen-sized bed and sonic shower reside.
Hundreds of holo-vids and photographs are displayed, posted along the walls of these quarters. The photos are of various scenes, but they all have the same common subject: A woman with black eyes and long dark hair, held in place with gold clips. Her petite nose sitting just above a pair of naturally pink lips that seem almost always in a smile.
Some of the photos are of the woman in the DS9 Promenade, infirmary, coffee shop, and Morn's. Others are of the woman from various sources in the past: a Starfleet dossier, a copy of a medical license with a photo, a childhood photo. A few of the more recent photos are of the woman with a man, but he has been scratched out of all of them.
On the table is a various assortment of thing including a lock of black hair in a sealed plastic container, a hypospray, a jagged hunting knife, and a few roses with decaying petals.

Roian quietly steps in to the quarters, glancing around. He feels uneased about the room, what with all the pictures of the same women staring back at him. He sighs and begins the sad process of boxing up the items.

Cross enters after Roian and looks around, a strangely distant yet sad expression on his face. "This was where the man that stalked my wife for years lived for a long time."

Roian nods slowly as he takes the pictures down. He recongizes the woman now as Cross speaks, having seen her in passing a time or two. He glances to Cross, his head nodding once more "You said you wanted all of this destroyed." He mentions off handedly before adding "Are you sure you would not like to keep one or two?" He picks up a picture frame, one with Cross scratched out and frowns before placing it in the box.

Cross shakes his head. "No, these aren't photos that I would keep. These were taken by some deranged man with some very screwed up beliefs."

A nod is given as Roian removes the last picture frame off the wall. He places the box on the replicator, pressing a button and a second later the box disappears. He walks over to the table and pauses. He does not reach for any of the items, a frown creasing his lips as he glances to Cross "Did he kidnap her?" He asks as he looks back to the lock of black hair.

Cross glances over at Los when he asks the question and shakes his head. "In an ironic twist, he led us to her but he didn't have anything to do with her ... disappearance."

Roian nods quietly as he stares at the items. A glanc back to Cross is given "Could you please remove these items?" He inquires of the Captain "Some things are best left untouched by.. Betazoids." He adds lightly.

Captain Cross doesn't reply immediately, he weights the request for a moment before nodding. "Yes," he answers simply. "You're dismissed then, Lieutenant."

Roian nods as he turns to head for the door. He pauses, glancing to Cross "May I inquire on something more personal, Captain." The tone of his voice has changed to a happier one as he attempts to change the mood just a little.

Cross' mind is in a dark place at that moment, in this room that seems to pull him into darkness more than any other place on the station. He looks over to Roian and nods simply.

Another pause is given as he looks around the room. His Betazoid heritage feels the weight of the room, the darkness of it and of what he can feel from the Captain. A sigh is given "Perhap we could talk outside of these quarters. I can have someone from the operations remove those items." The tone of Roian's voice is compassionate and caring as he attemps to sway the Captain out of the quarters.

Cross walks past Roian and exits without further word.

The door leading to Out slides open.
Cross leaves for Habitat Ring - Section B2.
The door leading to Out slides closed.
The door leading to Out slides open.

Habitat Ring - Section B2 [Deep Space 9]
The accomodating corridor leads around the habitat ring, passing countless quarters and apartments. The red carpet, sharp angles, and dull grey/brown walls are the signatures of the Cardassian design.

Outside, Captain Cross is able to focus a bit better without being reminded of the man who left the room the way it is. "What is it that you need to talk about?" he asks.

Stepping out with the Captain, a heavy weight is lifted from Roian. He sighs comfortably as he glances to Cross and begins to walk "I was hoping for some help in regards to a life decision." He replies gently, hands clasping behind his back.

"I don't know if I would be qualified to give others advice on life decisions," Cross warns lightly, but nods for the man to continue. "Go ahead."

Chuckling, Roian nods "It's not so much advice, Captain." he stops and glances to him "I have decided to ask Remi, my Imzadi, hand in marriage." He says lightly, giving the man a small smile "Of which, if she accepts I need your help."

"Oh," Cross says, eyebrows raising. "Go ahead..."

"My father was killed on Bajor during the Tzenkethi war." Roian says lightly "As Betazoids, we will be performing the traditional marriage." He glances down for a minute, allowing that to sink in before looking back up "Being fatherless, I have no one to attempt to stop me from getting to her. As my Commanding Officer and someone I trust whole heartedly, I want to ask you to step in as that person."

Cross is married to a Betazoid and may or may not have been somewhat traditional in wedding attire he got married, but the ceremony was very small and private. Much diffent than his understanding of the strict traditional Betazoid customs. However, he's unfamiliar with what he's being asked to do. "Come again?" he asks, surprised. "What do you mean stop you from getting to her?"

Roian nods "Basically, the father would step into my path and hold up his hand in a signal for me to stop." He replies lightly, giving him a small smile

Cross thinks about that for a long second and then nods. "Alright... that seems doable."

"Thank-you." Roian replies, a gentle smile crossing his face. "This.. means a lot, sir. Thank-you."

Cross says, "There is something I should disclose to you, however."

A nod is given "And that being, sir?"

Captain Cross glances down the corridor. There's a definite shift in his emotions at this point. "This is between you and me, although I'm sure it's going to get out eventually. I can only ask you for discretion." Cross takes a deep breath. "I am undergoing a Starfleet inquiry right now for violations of General Order. I don't know how long it will take or what the outcome will be. I would be happy to help you with your wedding, but you need to know that my credibility may be called into question and I wouldn't want that to reflect on your new life."

Roian nods slowly "Is this in regards to Lieutenant Commander Talbot's death?" He inquires, before adding "I trust you Captain whole heartedly, regardless of inquires and judgements of outside people."

Yes and no. Cross is a bit thrown off by the question and closes his eyes for a moment, before recovering. "Not exactly. That inquiry is over and I am fairly confident in my decisions surrounding his death, although it's been quite a process for me to come to that conclusion." His lips tighten involuntarily. "I made a poor personal choice in the aftermath of that situation and I had a brief relationship with one of the counselors who was treating me, a clear violation of General Order 32. I am taking complete responsibility for my actions."

Roian nods, but does not press nor does he even attempt to pick up on his thoughts. This was clearly a private matter. "May I say, sir, that we each lapse in judgement at times. You've been off kilter just a little with Commander Talbot's death and that can lead you to doing things you regret. I can only hope that JAG does not criticize you to harshly or the admirality board see you unfit for duty." He replies softly "Of which, if needed I will be more then willing to give them my statement of you in regard to command of this station and judgements during crisises." He adds calmly "And regardless of what the finally decision, I still want you there at Remi and I's wedding." He finishes with a gentle smile.

"Thank you," Captain Cross says stiffly. "That means a lot. I appreciate your vote of confidence. Until there's a decision, however, everything will run as it always has, if not with a little more scrutiny from Starfleet Command."

Roian nods just slightly "Understood." He says quietly.

Cross nods. "If there's nothing else then...?" He glances to the door to the quarters. "You know what, forget this room. I'll take care of it when I have the time myself. It would mean something to me if handle it myself."

Cross presses a button on the exit to Quarters B203, setting the security level.

"Actually, one last thing." Roian pauses before asking "Chief of Operations... Has a decision been made on it?" Yep, Betazoids and there bluntness.

Cross shakes his head, "No, nothing yet."

Roian nods "Thank-you sir." He says wtih as smile

Cross says, "Good. Now you're dismissed."

Cross smiles.

Roian nods, giving him a smile before turning and heads back down the corridor

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