Health Advisory, Betazed

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IC Date: Wed Aug 3 2405

RIXX, BETAZED (INW) -- Health Department officials have released a health warning to all Betazoid citizens as local hospitals from around the planet have had an increase of patients reporting to facilities with flu-like symptoms, rash and fever. Thus far, researchers have been unable to identify the source of this outbreak. No deaths have been reported.

All Betazoid citizens are asked to immediately seek medical evaluation if they experience the following symptoms:

  • Fever of over 102.5 Degrees F
  • Itchy Tender Rash
  • Prolonged Nausea
  • Reduced Empathatic/Telepathic Capabilities

Citizens are reminded to be attentive to their physical conditions should they choose to travel or come in contact with Betazoids from other sectors. While this is not an medical emergency, it is important to reduce the exposure to this outbreak to a minimum.

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