Here Comes Another Trasera (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
17 Dec 2013

Viewpanel: ** Sending request for communication to Prince Trasera.

Ambrosia Incorporated Branch Office [Deep Space 9]

The Bajoran offices of Ambrosia Incorporated are fairly simple and designed as a place to gain more information about services and opportunities. The room appears oddly shaped given the deep purple tapestries that hang from the ceiling and wrap along the walls. Copper-accented pillars made from pearly white marble are placed strategically throughout the room, though their structural importance is suspect. Along either side of a sweeping marble reception desk are various computer displays, providing information about Ambrosia's services and employment vacancies. The only other exit is a small ovular doorway into a tiny private office for visiting employees to use.

You see Viewpanel here.
Obvious exits:
[ Out <o> ]

Viewpanel: Prince Trasera is opening the channel.
Viewpanel: Channel now open. Linked to Prince Trasera.
Viewpanel activates and displays Captain's Cabin [BCS Snail Kite BR-346].

Eilonwy appears to be slightly glowing at the moment, a small sheen of sweat over her brow. "Love, I think it's almost time," she says before any greetings can occur. Between these lighter contractions, she's able to give the man a soft smile.

Viewpanel: Communication was terminated by Prince Trasera.
Viewpanel blinks and Captain's Cabin [BCS Snail Kite BR-346] disappears.

The door leading to Out slides open.
Trasera arrives from Promenade - Section A.
The door leading to Out slides closed.

The woman is sitting in the small private office, mid-contraction as she sits there in wait, rear at the end of the chair and slightly bent over as the pains run their course. She hasn't yet made a move towards the infirmary. Instead, she wanted to ensure her husband got to her first.

The door opens with its typical swoosh and Trasera enters, he doesn't look like he managed to cross the distance that he traveled with the speed that he did. If anything the young gentlemen appears like he just wandered in from a stroll. He closes the distance between the door and his partner and lays a hand upon her cheek accompanied with a rush of warm soothing thoughts. "Now, now, what are you doing in here all by your lonesome."

"Just waiting... for you. I... I don't know when I should head in, to be honest," Eilonwy pants, leaning her head into that comforting hand. "What the doctors said... compared to what is now... yeah..." She doesn't complete her sentence and instead groans, and then soon after it dissipates, leaving the woman free to breathe and sit more comfortably.

"Now, now love. You should know by now the answer to when to head in is any time you feel the need to." Trasera offers her a hand to help her to her feet. "Come on now, lets get you over there so that they can tell us for the umpteeth time that its a false alarm."

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Eilonwy teases him through small pants of breath, taking his offered hand and smiling up at him. "Thank you, love. Lead the way, and let's not make much of a scene traveling through. I'd rather not have press attend us before the doctors do." She lets out a small laugh and walks with him towards the infirmary.

The door leading to Infirmary slides open.
Station Infirmary [Deep Space 9]

Being the sole medical facility on the station, the Infirmary was designed to accomodate a great many patients. Spacious and at least three compartments wides, the infirmary has a laboratory, examination and recovery room, and a surgery room. The lab is what most people see when they enter, and where the medical officer on duty is most likely to be perched, ready for any medical emergency.

Obvious exits:
[ Promenade <o> | Surgical Suite <ss> | General Ward <gw> | Duty Office <du> ]

Trasera arrives from Promenade - Section B.

Eilonwy makes her way in with the Prince Consort, thankfully avoiding the press and too much attention from civilians thus far. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be anyone she can get the attention of in the infirmary. She looks to Tennan with a look of worry not normally on her face.

"Relax dear," Trasera states is a soft soothing voice, gently stroking her hair. "Everything is going to be fine. You know as well as I do that even if there is no one around they have that silly collection of light that would be more than adequate to assist." He takes a moment to look about and see if he can snag some one. "Just take a deep breath, you remember what we were told."

Eilonwy gives another nod as another contraction begins again and she grips what she can as she tries to bear through it. She breathes as they've practiced, trying to relax herself as Tennan tries to get assistance. With great resistance, she keeps her grip from becoming a death grip, which would only intensify the feelings, but she does let out a groan.

> Public Address < Prince Trasera says, "Button, button, likely the right button, probably the right button. Sure why not, ahh... If its not too terribly much trouble could we perhaps get some assistance in the Infirmary. I believe my wife is either possessed or... going into labor. The latter bit is probably a bit more likely but I wouldn't entirely discount the possibility of the former. No, not entirely."

Niian arrives from Promenade - Section B.

Eilonwy leans against a biobed, panting heavily as she stands there mid-contraction. Her brow is furrowed as it shimmers with a thin layer of sweat, and her lips purse as she fights through it. Her fingers grip the biobed, going between firm and loose grips while she attempts to relax.

"Right, well I either just set off the self destruct or I put out a call for some assistance." Trasera states as he makes his way back over to Eilonwy, "To which end I take the notable lack of flashing red lights and alarm klaxtons as a good sign." He takes her hand in his and gives it a slight squeeze, "Relax sweet one, just focus on your breathing."

A Bajoran in green BDF uniform rushing into the room. "Oh, goodness! Is it that time already?" She stops at the bedside and looks over the woman. "How long has she been in labour," she asks the man.

Eilonwy breathes heavy, and looks over at the science officer before her brow furrows again, the contraction continuing its work. She doesn't say anything, herself, just trying to relax under her husband's guidance. With luck, the contraction will taper off soon.

Trasera lifts his head and looks over to the newst addition to the infirmary, "Ahh, now see I told you that probably wasn't going to vent the antimatter stores into space." He offers the Bajoran woman a slight smile, "I'm not entirely certain I'm afraid, its been at least an hour since she called me." He looks to the princess and his eyes lose focus for a moment. "Ahh love, that long." he states with a shake of his head even though she doesn't appear to have said anything. "You really should have told me sooner. Appears she was trying to ignore this for a couple of hours at least."

Niian pulls a tricorder out of her pocket and starts to scan the woman for a few seconds. "I'm sure everything will be alright," she says to try and calm both of them. She looks at the readout quickly and then back to the woman, "The baby looks like it won't cause any complications, at least."

Eilonwy's panting becomes heavier and longer as she takes in slower breaths following the end of her contraction, her hands reaching for her belly and gently rubbing the large, volatile region. "Are you a medical officer?" she asks the Bajoran woman, her breath heavy as she continues to recover from the recent ordeal. To her consort, she adds, "Please, ring my father up. I'd like for him to know."

Niian hesitates at the question, heading over to the cupboard on the otherside of the room. She picks something out of it and puts it in a hypospray. Returning to the bedside, she injects it into Eilonwy's neck. "That'll help with the pain. Now, don't worry, everything will be fine."

Trex arrives from Promenade - Section B.

"See, now, everything will be all right. Nice," Trasera eyes the bajoran woman a moment. "Science officer?" A shrug, "Here will be happy to assist as for your father." His eyes go unfocused and for a moment he looks over in the general direction of the door. "I'm relatively certain that he is going to be here before we know it. So just," He reaches over to rest his hand on Eilonwy's shoulder, "Relax."

Eilonwy winces briefly as the hypospray is used on her neck, then takes another breath as she tries to relax. "I'd like to lay down, please," she announces, first looking towards Tennan and then towards Niian. "And something to drink."

Niian sighs softly. "You /are/ lying down, Princess." She looks at the woman, "And I am not giving you alcohol, alright?"

With the doors sliding open, an older man dressed in ridiculous clothing-- though perhaps in context with some of the other inhabitants of this room-- hobbles in while leaning heavily on his cane. In an attempt to appear in some semblance of calm, Trex instead has a look of concentrated . . . frowning. He looks around the room quickly to find his family.

Wife in pain, check. Science officer that appears to be slightly confused, check. Slightly ostentatious concentrated frowner, che... Trasera looks towards the recently opened doors and without missing a beat slaps on a simply smashing smile. "And there he is," he pauses a moment, "Ahh, hello Papa, great to see you, lovely to see you, always a pleasure. I take it you heard the, little announcement." He gives Eilonwy's shoulder a slight squeeze and then makes his way over to something that may vaguely resemble a replicator. "As you can see things are ahh, happening? Ice please?" He asks the machine pushing a random button and getting a lovely little mechanical squawk for his effort.

Eilonwy looks over oddly at Niian and tries to settle herself on the biobed. "I'm dehydrated," she explains to the Bajoran, then settles herself into place. The sound of the door catches her attention and she looks over. "Daddy," she calls, already looking exhausted, but still early on. Her smile is weak, although her thoughts briefly focus on the cane he now wanders in with.

"Would you mind getting a glass of water, please?" Niann says to Trasera, going back to scanning the woman diligently.

Trex moves forward, his eyes narrowing slightly. "Your Grace," he offers to his son-in-law, as if to say 'See what you have done to my precious daughter' as he turns to reach out his hand to Eilonwy's. "Hello my dear, about how far along are you?"

"Ah yes, of course, your Highness." Trasera's smile gets a little bit wider, nervous? Who knows. "Yes, Water, Ice, Water, Ice" He makes another attempt to order from the machine without taking his eyes off of Tex only to receive another squawk. In his frustration for some reason he pulls out his Cherry-wood Pen and point it at the thing for a moment before replacing it in his pocket and clearing his throat. "Computer, some ice chips if you please." At that moment a small bowl with some chips of ice shimmers into existence to be snatched up and taken over to Eilonwy.

Eilonwy smiles softly, clasping her father's hand gently. "We haven't checked yet," she says softly to him. "I tried to work through the start of it. Tennan wasn't too happy with that." She tries to adjust her position, scooting upwards a bit. "I wish these things had more reclining positions." Weakly, she laughs, and looks over the direction of Tennan, who returns with the refreshing ice chips. "Thank you, love," she says and then takes some in. Another contraction hits and once again she's feeling the pain, her father's hand getting a tight squeeze.

Niian helps Eilonwy onto the biobed and into a lying down position. "Um," she looks at her father, "She is going to be alright, right?"

The Angelite never told his children about the excruciating pain of childbirth. Primarily because, up until this point, he had forgotten the crushing feeling of his wife's hand destroying all feeling in his fingers. Trex winces only slightly. "You should have stayed at Beerax . . ." he let slip, wincing more at what he said than the pain shooting up his hand. "Just keep breathing."

"Of course I'm not happy, not surprised, but not happy, if I hadn't talked you out of it you would likely enjoying this moment sitting on the bridge of the Snail Kite while on patrol." Trasera makes his way to the other side of Eilonwy still holding the bowl of ice withing reach. His hand comes to rest on her shoulder even as he shoots a curious look Niian's way, "What do you mean is she going to be okay? I thought you knew what you were doing."

"I've never delivered a baby before, sir." Niian says, not looking like this could be an issue. "I'm sure everything will be alright, though, don't worry."

"I had... work to do..." Eilonwy spits out between her patterned breathing before letting out a louder than previous groan. The amount of squeezing of Trex' hand seems to coincide with the volume of the young woman. "Oh, love, as if that would have been the most perfect place for our first child," she spits out quickly and with a side of sarcasm.

Trex thinks twice about saying anything else negative and instead places his other hand on her forehead for a moment, allowing his cane to slip onto the side of the bed. "At least we have a biobed, here."

"I see," The smile on Trasera's face fades just a little, "Well I suppose this will be a first for." He glances about the people in the immediate vicinity, "Most of us then" He turns his attention back to Eilonwy and gives her shoulder a bit of a squeeze, "You always have work to do, that dosn't change that you should learn when to and not to do it."

"Sorry," Eilonwy says between gritted teeth, a pained but apologetic look going Trex' way. "That was for Tennan." But turning her head towards him, she does give him a small weak smile before gritting her teeth again. Her brow furrows as she lets out another yell. "I feel... I feel the need to... to push." But is there a doctor around? That's the question. Where's the EMH when you need him.

The sudden look of worry might not be reassuring, but Niian managed to compose herself. "C-computer...activate emergency m-medical hologram." She states, the hologram appearing within an instant, "Please state the nature of the medical emergency." It says. "This are programmed to deliver children, yes?"

"Just breathe dear, breathe. In, out..." Trasera waves nice his free hand in time with the rythem of his in and out, but seems reluctant to remove his other hand from her shoulder. "Im sure the nice faux man made entierly of photons will be happy to check and make sure your ready to push."

The Emergency Medical Hologram appears in a shimmer of light.
EMH says, "Please state the nature of the medical emergency."
>> You sense that LMH takes a glance at you.

Laying upon the biobed, Eilonwy bites her lip to hold back another groan. She's quite pregnant, the ten month full term by Betazoid physiology. On one side is Tennan Trasera, her husband, holding a bowl of ice chips, and on the other is her father, Trex Trasera, hand in a death grip. But as the EMH appears, the contraction begins to ease and her breathing slows, heavy as it tries to grasp at the air. "I think I need to push soon," she explains, voice weak and breathy.

LMH moves toward the woman on the biobed. "I'm the LMH assigned to Starbase Deep Space Nine," he says as he draws a tricorder from the nearby supply shelf. He runs the scanner over her. "I see we're awfully close to welcoming a new member of the family into the universe."

"Close, yes yes, close, soon, immediately may even possibly." Trasera comments to the LMH before turning is attention to Eilonwy and lightly rubbing her shoulder, "I'm sure he will let you know when you can push dear. Just give the program a moment to make certain everything is okay." He sets the bowl in his hand down and collects a few chips from it for her.

LMH folds the tricorder and thins his lips in a not-quite grimace. "I'm afraid that we're beyond the point of no return, madam. It is time to push."

Niian sits herself down as she watches the LMH do his job, breathing heavily as she watches.

Through all the concern earlier and the previous yelling spats, Eilonwy's water had broken and now flanked by her family, she begins pushing at the latest urge by the EMH. She hikes her dress up to her knees with her one free hand. The next contraction rolls through her, and she bears down, pushing with all her might.

LMH crouches for the delivery. No need to change; he is designed for sterile environments. "Easy does it, madam. I know your impulse is to push hard, but try to control it as much as you can."

Its not often that Tennan has nothing to say, but for once the gentleman falls silent. He lets his hand ship from her shoulder and takes up her free hand, giving it a slight squeeze before the inevitable squeezing its likely to receive in return.

Niian can't help but feel helpless as she watches, her face gone completely white.

Eilonwy gives a pained nod to the hologram, her lips pursed as she tries to better control the action. Between pushes, she gently squeezes Tennan's hand in return, at least before she creates another death grip. Her breath heavy, she continues the push through the contraction, and the baby begins to crown, thick dark hair covering its top.

LMH places his hand on the protruding belly. "Easy, now. Push a little harder, now, but keep it under control. I estimate fifteen seconds until arrival."

Eilonwy continues the push, following the medical hologram's directions and breathing at regular intervals. With patience, the shoulders make their way through. With the hard part done, another push or two and the rest of the baby makes his -- a male! -- way through and into the hands of the hologram.

Niian rises to her feet, looking at the baby in the LMH's hands. "Oh, um..." She looks at Eilonwy, "He's very beautiful!" She says, blushing considerably.

LMH takes the infant into his arms and places him into a waiting blanket to wrap him and keep him warm. He hands the small device to Trasera and says, "Would you like to cut the cord?"

Trasera takes the small device and eyes it a moment, "I, ah, I ah." He looks from the item to the LMH and back, once, twice, three. "I guess, I ahh." Eye's close, a motion a motion and perhaps a small hiss and the deed is done leaving the still slightly shell shocked young man holding a now pointless object with no idea what to do with it from here.

"H-he?" Eilonwy asks, clearly not having had discovered the gender of the babe before this day. Looking over to Tennan as he prepares to cut the cord, she announces, "His name is Oberon." However, this isn't the end of it, as the afterbirth soon follows. (We'll not go through that.) Exhausted, the Princess has a bit of a glowing smile on her face, finally through the ordeal and ready to take the boy once he's free of medical care.

LMH takes the device back and replaces it for cleaning later. "Congratulations. I believe that the Bajoran authorities will require you to fill out the birth certificate with the appropriate information; name, parents, et cetera."

"Thank you," Eilonwy replies and leans back with the babe in hand, getting comfortable and gazing into the young boy's eyes. "Thank you," she replies to the hologram. She looks over to Tennan and smiles widely up at him, just in a state of euphoria after the birth. "I... admit I don't know what's needed from here medically," the woman admits, looking over to the LMH. "But if all is done in your programming, you're welcome to deactivate until needed again."

LMH nods. "Thank you, and congratulations, again."
The Emergency Medical Hologram shimmers away.

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