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Roleplay Log
10 January 2017
Ready Room [USS ShiKahr NCC-73402]
<< External Support Mode >>
The same color scheme present on the public areas of the ship continues in the Captain's private office. Long rectangular panels of reddish brown divided by dark marble gray accent piping on the upper portions of the bulkheads give way to the sandy tan lower portions, which are in turn divided by an accent rail of brushed copper. Thin accent tubing, also in brushed copper, surrounds a two meter wide semi-hemispherical viewport in the external starboard bulkhead, which is opposite the door leading out to the corridor. This window offers a clear view out that side of the ship, the outer edge of the starboard dorsal nacelle's bussard collector just visible in the far right corner. The curved Captain's desk and the floor appear to be not only made of the same sandstone, but the former appears also to be an extension of the latter, almost as if it has grown or was naturally formed in place. There are no sharp corners on the desk anywhere, every edge rounded, and its tapered base melds seamlessly into the floor to give an impression of strength and solid immovability. A narrow office chair has been positioned behind the desk for the Captain to use, capable of swiveling either to directly access the computer terminal and replicator installed into the desk on one side, or to face the two wide visitor's chairs across the desk on the other. A large viewscreen is mounted on the bulkhead opposite the desk beside a glass display case, and a long fish tank on a heavy wooden cabinet is positioned to one side of the exit. The display case holds five model starships, each a different class, and is lit from above by a hidden internal light source. A less formal sitting area with a small sofa and a single armchair framing a low coffee table is arranged in one corner of the room, and a second door behind the desk leads into the Captain's private quarters.

The softest of chimes, but perceptibly more annoying than usual, like the personality of the person chiming somehow rubbed off on the sound of the chime itself.

Having just finished a call on her viewscreen, La'Vash turns to see who has come to visit.

Jev steps in and comes to attention near the door.

"Lieutenant," La'Vash says in greeting. "Please come in. What can I do for you?" She gestures to the chairs on the other side of her desk.

Jev nods and walks over to a chair and sits down in front of the Captain, "How's it going, sir?"

Misunderstanding the question, La'Vash replies, "That it is something I usually ask you. I thought perhaps you were here to deliver a status report of some kind."

"Well, I was just getting to thinking," Jev begins philosophically, "'Who asks the Captain how the Captain's doing?' - that's what I was thinking. So then I was thinking, 'Maybe I'll go ask the Captain'. So - that's what a thought." he stares impassively at the Selay, then adds suddenly, "But yes, I also have a status report."

"I see," La'Vash replies, then states the obvious. "You were asking about my well being." She gives a nod. "If the Doctor's most recent examination report on me it can be believed, I am doing well. Neurological, gastrological, autonomic, hormonal, cardio-vascular, and pulmonary systems all functioning as expected." She folds her long arms over her narrow chest and leans back in her seat. "I would inquire as to your condition, but I have already read the report." With a glance at her replicator she asks, "Can I offer you some refreshment?"

Jev blinks a couple of times, "Well, uhm, I'm glad we're both healthy then?" he scratches his head, "No thank you, sir. The ship systems all check out. We experienced no difficulties or anomalies when activating the soliton wave generator. My crew and I completed the New Ship Operational Equipment Checklist and individually inspects each console and electrical access panel throughout." He follows up on his earlier line of questioning, "How else are you doing?" sounds innocent enough.

La'Vash takes in the status report with interest, then tilts her head to one side slightly at the further inquiry. "How else am I doing?" she asks, clearly not understanding something. "Is there something specific in which you are interested? Perhaps if you ask more directly, I can provide you with a satisfactory response."

"Yeah, you know? How are *you* doing? That's a thing, right? You know - as a person? As opposed to an organism?" Jev asks. Then out of nowhere interjects, "Commander Temple doesn't like my swearing. Should I be concerned about that? He's not really on my command line. I'm conflicted on if it's even something that can be handled."

"Especially when he is commanding the bridge," La'Vash says. "Commander Temple he is indeed in your command line. He is a member of this ship's command staff. If he doesn't like your language, perhaps it would be appropriate for you to filter your language while working directly under him."

"Well yes, on the Bridge." Jev shrugs, "But he was just randomly walking through engineering while Black and I --- oh nevermind, it's not important." Jev waits a beat, "Is there anything else you needed, Captain?"

La'Vash leans to one side in her chair. "In your professional opinion, are we prepared for our next flight?" she asks.

Jev nods effusively, "Oh yes sir! Ab SO LUTE LY! We are ready to fly to Ri---" he coughs, "Anywhere you like, sir!" Sheepish shifty eyes.

"Then by all means, Lieutenant, warm up your engines and we'll get underway," the Captain replies.

Jev leaps none to subtly out of the chair, "Yes sir! Don't forget your flip flops!" he trots out asking himself if selays even wear flip-flops?

Jev leaves for Central Corridor - Deck 1.

La'Vash turns to her computer terminal and begins punching in some commands. "Flip flops..." she says to herself under her breath as she accesses the library data base.

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