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Hiroko Ken'ichi
Company: Shokai Industries
Rank: MasterSmith
Title: Shacho
Race: Terran
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Galaxy Alliance

Hiroko Ken'ichi is a Mastersmith of the blade and owner of Shokai Industries.


Childhood (2368 - 2388)

Born to a Japanese Family during the Borg war in 2368, on the CCV Shokai located in GA Space, Hiroko Ken'ichi was brought up in the ancient traditions of Japanese culture, everything from Martial Arts to weapon use. His father, Hiroko Haruki, was one of the few remaining weaponsmiths on Earth, descendant of a long line of Japanese bladesmiths dating back to the early 14th century.

His childhood was spent on board his father's ship, the Shokai, traveling around GA space while his father practiced the craft of weaponsmithing. Ken'ichi learned everything from reading and writing, to minor crafting and forging. He became his father's official assistant and apprentice at the age of 15, and the Hiroko family continued the time honored tradition that made his family proud.

The next four years were tough for Ken'ichi. He spent every waking moment either learning how to smelt the metal properly to remove impurities, learning how to identify a potential piece of ore, or how to mine the ore from various planets and moons his family used as suppliers. He also learned some other skills on his own, in the few hours of down time he had on a daily basis, including how to pilot small vessels such as cargo shuttles, as well as bookkeeping skills, giving him the knowledge he would eventually need to run his own business, or take over his father's business.

Becoming a MasterSmith (2388-2404)

Apprenticeship (2388)

By age 20, Hiroko has shown great promise to his father and had successfully completed his first Katana from scratch, spending two months working on it to get it absolutely perfect. His father was honored with his son's ability and craftsmanship and agreed to support him with whatever his path held for him, releasing him from his apprenticeship and giving him a small shuttle, outfitted with a minor forge to craft weapons on board while traveling.

After traveling around the Galaxy in the small ship for a few years, Hiroko was invited by one of the last remaining Klingon weaponsmiths on Qo'noS to join him for a period of ten years to learn the intricate craft of working those exotic weapons. On July 24th, 2093, Hiroko accepted the offer and relocated permanently to the Klingon Homeworld after getting rid of the shuttle his father had given him to allow him living expenses. There he learned how to be a Klingon, from the honor of a battle, to the creation of a proper Klingon weapon.

MasterSmith (2404)

On July 24th, 2404, his master, Mar'Vok, presented him with the certification from the Alliance High Council, regarding Hiroko as one of the dozen certified weaponsmith's who practiced in the old ways of blade creation. His Name was added to the Book of Honor in the Great Hall as such, and he was also noted to be one of the only non-Klingon in the history of Qo'noS to be recognized as a Master Smith.

He left Qo'noS shortly afterwards, seeking to set up shop in a more centralized location, and be able to craft and sell unique and hand made bladed weapons. Unable to properly fund a career during this time, he hopped from place to place, making stops at Tranquility Station, Deep Space Nine, Earth, and Qo'noS, crafting weapons using a holosuite to give him the tools he would need. Freelancing like this did not allow him a chance to make much, mainly due to the lack of consistent business.

Family Loss

In 2409, word reached Ken'ichi about his father's death from natural causes. He quickly returned to Earth, to prepare things for his father's arrival and funeral, in the time honored traditions of the Japanese culture.

After the funeral, Ken'ichi stayed on Earth, in a small town outside of Tokyo, practicing his craft there.

Rise of Shokai Industries (2304-2423)

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