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Ensign Ito is a serving Starfleet officer in Starfleet Border Patrol. she is a Security Officer aboard USS ShiKahr.

Hoshi Ito
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Character Overview
Rank: 2410 SF O-1.png
Title: Security Officer
USS ShiKahr
Status: Alive
Race: Betazoid
Biographical Information
Date of Birth: Jan 1st 2412
Place of Birth: Betazed
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Starfleet
(Starfleet Border Patrol)
Parents: Hiroshi Ito, Mirantha Yama-Ito
Siblings: Hogon, Logon, Reanna
OOC Information
Played By: Devon Aoki


Hoshi Ito was born January 1st 2412 to ex-marine officers Hiroshi and Mirantha Ito. Her mother was a fighter pilot right up until she fell pregnant with her and retired to raise her daughter on her mother's home-world of Betazoid., surrounded by fussy grandparents uncles aunts and cousins. Her father joined them a few years later when the Marines were dissolved, he declined to join Starfleet and retired instead to be with his small family . At this pointed her parents where married and lived pretty peacefully on the beautiful world. Not one for being idle her father worked for RDF as a fighter Tech and her mother went to teach defense and unarmed combat at one of the local collages.

The years were good to the small family, keeping themselves mainly away from what was going on in the rest of the universe. All Hoshi ever had to worry about was sharing her parents affections with her siblings. She had 3 siblings all were younger then her. A pair of twins Hogon and Logon two years younger then herself and a sister Reanna whom was born just as she left for Academy. She got on well with her brothers, though now and then she'd have to show them whom is boss and a few of her mother's lessons got a pair of targets now and then. Reanna really didn't show up until much later and regretfully Hoshi never truly got to know her as well as she'd like. As Hoshi grow older her natural curiosity for anything technical emerged and her parents certainly encouraged this, as they had with all her siblings. She would spend hours tinkering with her father at their home when he was back from his assignments and often was over heard to say she wished to be just like him. Her mother would only smile and encourage her daughter knowing full well she still had years to go before she really needed to decide where her future lay. Hoshi didn't just spent time with her father however Mir also took charge of educating the girl, taking her to her combat lesson and teaching her how to defend herself and handle a weapon. Being the child of two marines had it's advantages.

Years later it was perhaps fate that saw Hoshi enter Starfleet as a security cadet with an eye towards engineering if the security life wasn't for her. This both pleased and alarmed her parents whom were not out of the loop of the political situations. Space was getting dangerously heated up, even knowing this Yama and Ito were good enough parents to let Hoshi decide her own fate. It turned out security was to be her thing and the years at academy were pleasant and challenging. She made good grades and enjoyed an above average score on most of her tests only struggling with the subjects her parents didn't expose her to earlier in life. Her Siblings also followed in her foot steps the twins joined the Academy two years after she did. This time however her parents were not happy about this choice not wishing tio lose all their children to the wars that will for certain breakout. Two years before she graduated the Dominion war broke out and her peaceful years were over. The Starfleet was at war and she was preparing to join them as soon as her classmate and her were done. These last few years felt much harder then the other two the ease of lessons and training seemed to intensified as if her life depended on it. Graduating somewhere in the middle of her class Star entered the officer pool and is now ready to be assigned where she'll do the post good.

Service Record


  • 2410 SF O-1.png Stardate: 118852.96: Assigned to USS ShiKahr security

Certifications and Citations

  • Security Certification
  • Weapons Certification
  • Unrestricted Line Officer

Awards and Decorations


Log File Date Participants
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Jev's Trouble with Betazoids 22 Jan 2017 Adrinon HoshiIto Jev
Building the Thing - Part 1 28 Jan 2017 HoshiIto Jev QulchuH Temple
Building the Thing - Part II 29 Jan 2017 Black HoshiIto Jev La'Vash QulchuH Temple
The Plan Progresses 31 Jan 2017 HoshiIto Jev La'Vash QulchuH
Installing the Relay - Part I 2 Feb 2017 Black HoshiIto Jev Sharis R'sta Temple
Installing the Relay - Part II 3 Feb 2017 Black HoshiIto Jev La'Vash Temple
Advice Needed 5 Feb 2017 HoshiIto Jev Olivia
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Luck Be a Lady 12 Feb 2017 Black HoshiIto Jev
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