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Gavin Leander Hughes
Rank: Lieutenant C-o2.png
Title: Chief Medical Officer, Spacedock
Race: Betazoid
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet (Starfleet Medical)


Born to John and Sandra Hughes of Betazed, Gavin was one of three children his parents had (in order: Morgan, Gavin and Walker). His father was a Starfleet officer and was the main inspiration for his later decision to join Starfleet, despite his lack of presence on Gavin's life. John Hughes died in 2380 aboard the USS Odyssey during the Battle at Beerax. His mother Sandra was an artisan who spent most of Gavin's youth making and selling various crafts.

Despite his father's influence on his family's life, only Gavin was Starfleet bound. His sister Morgan stayed on Betazed and did work with the Government as a xenolinguist and his younger brother Walker developed into an incredibly attractive man, becoming a male model and doing runway shows for Janet Laurels fashion.

Gavin himself has a number of hobbies that he cultivated growing up. As a teenager he discovered the fastest way to a woman's heart was through her ears. In this epiphany, Gavin decided to start a "garage band" of sorts. He played guitar and sang lead. He was a very talented musician with a knack for people skills. When the time came around, he attended the University of Betazed to study medicine. His primary interest and focus was towards neurology (influenced heavily by his Betazoid nature). In the University he was quite the ladies man, spending a great deal of time philandering rather than studying. He did well enough at the university and ended up completing his medical schooling. When deciding where he wanted to do his three year medical internship, Starfleet Medical was the first thing to pop into his mind. So he petitioned to join Starfleet Medical and notified his family of his decision.

And now here he is, awaiting his first station and looking to finalize his internship rotations.


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