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The Independent Life: no taxes, no government, no man breathing down your neck. You go where you want, you deal with people on your terms. There are a few benefits to becoming an Independent and many reasons not to. Make sure you know and understand your options because rarely is there opportunity to go back once you commit.

General Independent Info

  • Exactly what is an Independent?

An Independent is a man (or woman) without a government. They were either born outside of one of a PC government territory, were exiled, or have renounced their citizenship. For the purposes of this game, we consider all persons without citizenship to the GA, RSE, CU, Bajor, or Beerax.

  • I'm Orion. Why am I set as Independent?

All Orions are Independent by default. While it is possible that you can write your biography to have citizenship in one of the other orgs, that option would not apply to most who choose this race.

  • Where do I live? What do I do?

That's up to you. Being Independent means that you can live and work anywhere. You can live inside another government's territory with the proper permissions (or not, that's up to how you choose to play.) You can work for someone else or for yourself-- your path is entirely your choosing which is why being an Independent is a good and bad thing.

  • Why is being Independent a bad thing?

You're on your own. The life of a Independent can be tough. If your ship is attacked by pirates, no government military is required to come to your rescue. You are responsible for all of your actions-- seems like a given, right? Well, consider if you get yourself into a legal jam like accidently piloting into enemy territory. No government will come looking for you nor advocate for your release when you are arrested.

  • What about ships and money?

We don't hand free ships or cash out based on anything you put in your biography, so we recommend that you don't do it. If you want to RP that you are rich, then go into the IC world and make some money! We will reward players who create RP opportunities for others, like building companies or organizations and hiring other players but the best way to make money in the beginning is to get a job!

  • Can I be a pirate?

You are free, of course, to pursue any occupation once you enter the IC world. WNOHGB has a rich history and vibrant underworld culture already established. If you need help making the appropriate contacts, talk to an administrator.

  • Can I change my mind later and get out of being Independent?

Sure, but the processes for applying for citizenship can be long and gruelling and can vary widely between the orgs.

Biography Checklist

That's about all you need to know to make a IND character, before you submit that biography take a look at this checklist to see you've got all your bases covered:

  • Why is your character IND? Was he born that way or did he renounce a citizenship?
  • What is your character's political outlook?
  • Did you give us a bit of history on your family/childhood/birthplace?
  • Miscellaneous: Giving your character some extra flavour always makes for a better biography and richer RP in the future. What have you told us in your bio about your character? Are they religious? Do they have a flaw or a special skill?

Okay that is that! If you've got the checklist covered, then you're ready to submit your biography to the IND admins for approval. Good luck!

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