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INW Special Feature

During these difficult economic times when government employees are lucky to receive any compensation at all and most citizens barely make enough to make enough to live on, INW releases the first of a five-part series unconvering the richest people known to exist. We'll travel across known space, dig into the back stories, interview the celebrities you've come to know, and introduce you to billionaires you never knew existed.

The people on our Richest People list range from the working-class to the upper echelons of society; people who have dedicated their lives to the protection of others and people who live in unimaginable grand luxury, unaffected by the daily torment of these troubling times.

We'll begin at the bottom of the list and, with each episode, introduce you to several of the Richest People in the Universe. Here are the first four profiles:

20. Bambi

At the bottom of our list, at number 20, is a face many will recognize. Born Barbara Anne Billingsworth, Bambi, the bombshell model-turned-playmate got her start as a receptionist for Ick and Charg'wI's Used Starship Lot. After only one commercial appearance, Bambi put the ship lot on the charts with record-breaking sales. Customers came from all over for autographs and pictures with the buxom blonde. After several years, Bambi left Ick and Charg'wI's for other modeling and holo-acting opportunities. Today, Bambi lives a quiet life at her mountain chalet on Risa.

19. Irvine Robert Xanathos & Kayla Lathrop-Xanathos

Captain Irvine Xanathos served over 25 years in Starfleet's Merchant Supply Service, where he amassed the fortune that would land he and his wife the number 19 spot on our list of the Richest People. The MSS division of Starfleet focuses on logistics and trade and allows a small portion of all trade profit to be divided up among the crew of the vessel. Xanathos lives an unassuming lifestyle and is currently the commanding officer of the unnamed Akagi-class vessel NCC-90003. Vice Admiral Kayla Lathrop-Xanathos is the Chief of Starfleet Operations. They live separately.

18. Tor Landi

The GA Minister of Commerce and Transportation, billionaire Bajoran Tor Landi, comes in at number 18 on our list. Tor, a self-made entrepreneur, had his humble beginnings as a grease monkey at Eden Station. Tor purchased the super-freighter SS Olympus on credit and built his fortune with old-fashioned hard work. Currently in the process of moving his offices to Bajor, Tor has recently become target of speculation that he is trying to win more lucrative government contracts for his home world. Tor is also the youngest person on our list, at 35 years old.

17. Se'Agextorim tr'Kheriov

Former president of Vorta Vor Shipyards, Se'Agextorim tr'Kheriov makes the number 17 spot on our list. In just a few short decades, tr'Kheriov's shipyards combined military-grade efficiency and classical Rihannsu design to take the intergalactic ship market by storm. VV's vessels were seen as the ultimate in chique status symbols. A recent trade-block in the Romulan Empire means no more new ships are produced. With the shipyards all but shut down, its president rejoined the Rihannsu Galae and now serves as a exchange officer with Starfleet.

16. Trex Trasera

His Grace the Count of Ambrosia, Sir Trex Trasera of the Kingdom of Eden lands the number 16 spot on our list the Richest People. The head administrator of Ambrosia Incorporated manages a Beeraxi province and resort, over a thousand employees, a space station with the largest medical and research facility in the sector, and a fleet of over ten starships. Trasera began his career as a Starfleet astrophysicist before moving into the private sector. Trex is married to medical doctor Nherryh Trasera and has three young children. His offices tell INW that he donates heavily to the Galactic Red Cross and the Bajoran War Orphans Fund in addition to provide free medical care to thousands of Alliance citizens each year.

15. Eric Jensen

Number 15 on our list is Eric Jensen, former vice president of Cadence Trade and Export. Jensen built his fortune as an intergalactic trade pilot and turned to fleet management with a long, successful history. After the fall of CTE, Jensen disappeared from radar and maintains a quiet lifestyle.

14. Renkek Kashaan

A working Ferengi, Renkek Kashaan, also made his riches the old fashioned way. As a pilot and trader with companies such as November 17 Corporation and, most recently, Ambrosia, Inc. Today, Kashaan lives a grand lifestyle aboard the Kingdom of Eden station where he admits to doing little real work anymore despite a small fleet he maintains for his own amusement.

13. Erus

Eccentric billionaire recluse Erus makes INW's 13th richest person spot. Little is known of the man, other than stories of a keen fondness for women and men in short skirts. Former psychotherapists of Erus agree that the man behind this fortune is troubled with an unknown number of multiple personalities. He is rumored to own a private space station, though its exact location could not be confirmed.

12. Nazri Gebb

Entertainment superstar Nazri Gebb reached stardom early in life shortly after beginning a career at Nova Enterprises on Avalon Station. It wasn't long before she was performing nightly on the SS Royalty and putting on shows in every corner of the known space. Nazri faded from the spotlight slowly after the fall of Avalon Station as rumors of cosmetic surgeries, vocal enhancements, and rampant drug use began to stir. Today, Nazri lives a quiet life away from the glamor of the stage and interviews with the former starlet are almost as hard to come by as peeks at her enormous water balloon collection.

11. Ciprino Croda

Time Magazine's Person of the Year 2384 and self proclaimed Ruler of the Kingdom of Eden, Count Ciprino has been a major player in the Entertainment and Relaxation industries for the last 20 years. As he climbed up in rank within Ambrosia Inc., it didn't take long for him to turn the small Trade Post 'Eden Post' into the 'Kingdom of Eden', the single largest orbital entertainment area in the GA, having only the pleasure planets above them as a way to up-size their business. Rumors that Ciprino enjoys swimming in a pool filled with latinum places Count Ciprino of Eden at #11 on our list of the richest people in the universe.

TOP 10

As we break into the top 10 Richest People in the Universe, we're talking about sums of credit that could buy hundreds of starships or entire worlds, certainly not people who would ever need to work a day in their life.

10. Amorak

Coming in at number ten is Amorak, a Vulcan who made INW headlines when he defected to the RSE, taking his huge wealth with him. The former CEO of Intergalactic Bank shook up the markets across the two quadrants when he renounced his GA citizenship and several other prominent banking leaders soon followed. Today, Amorak lives on a private ch'Rihan estate with servants and a fleet of trade vessels.

9. Krant

Spot number nine on our list of the richest people is none other than Krant. The 2396 candidate for GA Chancellor lives a lavish lifestyle as owner of several prosperous Ferenginar-based businesses, a vice president of Intergalactic Bank, and as the former Director of the Ferengi Commerce Authority. Krant still finds time in his busy schedule to trade in high-end goods aboard his gaudily appointed starship, the SS Exchequer.

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