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So you want to fly a ship on WNO! But you have no clue how... Here is a step by step guide which will enable you to fly a ship from Station A to Planet B with ease!


Man Pilot Mans the pilot console.
Unlock Pilot Unlocks the pilot console.
Act Activates the ship/vessel.

Now is a good time to look in ?eng-commands for further help or Engineering Commands

Engload View set power levels - different need to choose one.
Engload <full> Sets level profile that you chose - in this case the profile "full" but these can vary from ship to ship.
Engstat Check power levels
!Green (set alert status) Also available (!yellow/!red/!battlestations/!esm/!land)
Lets everyone else on the ship know our status AND it automatically loads engineering profiles. (Note: Not all ships have engineering profiles to match the alert status.)
engload full In case it didn’t work or got reset by !green.
engstat Will show that we're now at 100% except for shields.
launch Take off.
scan To see what we can see now.

Example of what you see when you type 'scan'

-------------------------------[Sensor Report]--------------------------------
Name                 Bearing A|F Distance     Heading Speed   Class
-------------------- ------- -|- ------------ ------- ------- ----------------
USS Gibraltar NCC-18 185 -21 A|F <49022.79>    54 10  None    Heavy Cruiser   
USS Defiant NCC-9000 180 -19 A|F <86066.53>    53 9   None    Heavy Cruiser   
Bajor                  0 0   F|F <127957.91>  206 17  None    Planet          
USS Saber NX-81900   180 -18 A|F <178744.63>   53 9   None    Escort          
CCV Martha Stewart C  29 -5  F|F <286192.83>  283 0   None    Space Yacht     
Shuttle Brooks NCC-7 179 -18 A|A 2.04         233 -9  None    Shuttle         
CCV Megalord CIC-737 180 -18 A|F 56.06         53 9   None    Mobile Fortress 
CCV Tikopai CIC-4499 180 -18 A|A 60.16        233 -9  None    Heavy Cruiser   
B'hava'el             56 57  D|V 97.03          0 0   None    Star            
CCV Haruna CIC-39479 180 -19 A|A 152.52       234 -9  None    Battlecruiser   
USS James Cook NCC-8 180 -18 A|A 176.3        230 0   None    Explorer        
121 Starfleet Vessel 180 -18 A|V 176.84        48 90  None    Fleet           
Deep Space 9         180 -18 A|V 176.86       228 90  None    Space Station   
Gravimetric Anomaly  180 -19 A|S 177.1          0 0   None    Wormhole                

Anything with a distance in <> means it's REALLY CLOSE. AKA, not klicks away but feet or something.

Spose <pose> [Pilot's Console: CCV Lunar CIC-36519 takes off from Beerax IX and slowly raises its orbit as it approaches the vector toward Mirobia Station.]
Trex says "I did that. You can 'spose <pose>' to pose the ship. :)"
Navmem Shows you destinations that the ship knows about that are not close – ie not seen when you ‘scan’.
auto mem <place> ie ‘auto mem Mirobia’
This sets the autopilot. You can also do 'auto <target>' for something on sensors, and it will change course to the contact on our sensors.
Impulse 100 To start, we'll want to impulse away.
Eta See how far away you are at the current speed.
Example: [Pilot's Console: Estimated Time of Arrival: 1 months, 28 days, 14 hours, 31 minutes, 40 seconds]
Warpstat See how fast this ship can go.


Warp Propulsion System Status Warp Field Integrity: N/A

Warp Coil Heat: 0.0%

Current Speed: i100.0%

Max Warp: w9.89

Max Cruise: w6.75 (Start with this because this won’t overheat the engines)

Warp 6.75 Ship goes at max cruising warp speed- for this ship. May vary.
Warp 9.89 Ship going faster than it should – Engines will overheat after period of time.
Warpstat View how much time the ship can travel at max warp speed - if you reduce speed to below cruise BEFORE it hits critical, the engines will cool down. If it hits critical, we'll have to drop to ‘impulse’ to cool. Do Impulse 100 for this.
Fuelstat Shows how much fuel you have left at the current power levels.
Fueltime Shows how long you have till fuel runs out at the current power levels.
pscan <ship> Scientia just popped up on sensors. Do a 'pscan Scientia – this is passive scan. Just scanning them can be seen as an act of aggression.
Active scans are in ?scan-commands or under Navigation Commands
transmit mirobia <Your comment> Send a message on the Mirobia frequency to Scientia/other ship. Something like 'transmit mirobia See you soon!'
Remember any transmissions are public and strictly IC so don’t use emoticons.
See frequencies we know by typing comstat
transmit <frequency name> Lunar requesting permission to land upon arrival Use station frequencies to request docking and landing clearance.
Impulse 100 When you get nearer the destination. If you're flying by autopilot, it will slow down the ship automatically.

DON'T PANIC ABOUT CRASHING! The autopilot will automatically slow the ship and dock you at your destination.

land <destination name> Land at the station or planet of your destination.
dock <destination name> Dock at the station of your destination.
!landing Alert for landing. If you are docking, do !esm
deact Turns the ship off.
lock pilot Locks the pilots console.
unman pilot Unmans the console

If you need any more help, do ?space to read helpfiles.

This guide was put together by Catriani after Trex gave her a flying lesson. All credit goes to him.

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