Illness Sepitri Island - Pacifica

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Date: Sun Jul 24 10:10:46 2011 PDT
IC Date: Sat Jan 17 05:04:36 2409
Stardate: 86045.32

SEPITRI ISLAND PACIFICA : Reports of a second round of illnesses on the islands of the beautiful water planet have grown at an alarming rate. Over the course of nine months there have been reports of over 70 men, women, and children becoming sick after a stay at the tourist mecca.

'The council has asked for assistance from Starfleet,' Councilman Bridgers of the Sepitri Council explained, 'they have begun to make inquiries into the illnesses, how they may have happened, and how to prevent them in the future.'

There have also been continuing reports of weather disturbances along the northern shore of the island, driving tourists southward to continue their vacationing plans. Thunderstorms, rain, and hail have caused the normally tranquil coast to become dour and unpleasant to stay at. Yet the owner of the Sepitri Hotel and Resort of North Shore states that they are still open for business. There has not been any reports of how much profit has been lost to the famous North Shore hotel, but with the cause of the mysterious illnesses still unknown and now uncontrolled storms raging, something needs to happen to keep the already failing hotel stable.

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