Imzadi Reunion (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
05 Feb 2014

A shimmering swirl of color engulfs Eilonwy.
Transporter Energy Stream
Swirls of energy whip around your deconstructed body. Shimmering lumination dances about your form uncontrollably, dazzling every sense.

Station Infirmary [Deep Space 9]
Being the sole medical facility on the station, the Infirmary was designed to accomodate a great many patients. Spacious and at least three compartments wides, the infirmary has a laboratory, examination and recovery room, and a surgery room. The lab is what most people see when they enter, and where the medical officer on duty is most likely to be perched, ready for any medical emergency.

A swirl of shimmering light appears and dissolves, leaving Coiseos in its place.
A swirl of shimmering light appears and dissolves, leaving Taev in its place.

Senka raises an eyebrow at the transporter beams. "Indeed," he says dryly. He signals to a team of nurses. "General ward," he orders.

The door leading to General Ward slides open.

General Ward - Station Infirmary [Deep Space 9]
The entrance to this room is set with two different walkways around the top of this semi-hexigonal compartment. Several biobeds face inwardly, as rays of a sun, towards a central laboratory table. Monitors also are sprinkled about this room for access to lifesigns and patient information.

Station Infirmary [Deep Space 9]> Senka says, "This way, your highness."

Senka arrives from Station Infirmary.
Trasera arrives from Station Infirmary.
The door leading to Infirmary slides closed.

Senka gestures to the nearest biobed. "She is resting, Your Highness. However, I see no reason why you should not have unrestricted access to her as long as she wishes it. In truth, she has been seeking you. I believe you will be of comfort to her."

Trasera follows the group into the General Ward without a word. After Senka's gesture and comment he gives a slight nod of his head. "Very well, we shall let you get on with what you need to do. We are certain that there are many that you must see to." Turning his attention to Eilonwy he removes the sword from his hip, sheath and all, and carefully rests it on her chest.

Prince Trasera hands Crystalline Sword (69667) (sheathed) to Princess Eilonwy (asleep).

The door leading to Infirmary slides open.
Senka leaves for Station Infirmary.
The door leading to Infirmary slides closed.

Eilonwy sleeps on the bed, still twitching on occasion. As Tennan approaches, and he offers her the sword, she instinctively clutches at it, a safety measure. "Tennan..." she whispers, her mind reaching out chaotically despite her slumber.

The stern expression on Trasera's face slips for an instant as she whispers his name, a hand clenches into a fist as he forces the expression back in place. For a moment he stands there eyes closed, once he opens them he appears calm and detached once more. Reaching over he caresses her cheek, their first physical contact since her ordeal.

Telepathy (Trasera): A mental projection of his presence. "I am here"

You wake up.

Eilonwy immediately wakes up, hand swiftly moving to cling to his wrist, tears welling up. "Imzadi..." she squeaks. She fights off a soft smile. Her mind, however, is still chaotic. The fog that was nearly removed before is back, and she has the occasional flashback of events. She was so strong then... why is she breaking down now?

Trasera looks down at her, hand shifting from caressing her cheek to taking her hand and offering it a slight squeeze. His form is silent, still, his expression calm and collected. There is a muted nature to his eyes that suggests his attention is elsewhere.

Telepathy (Trasera): A strong, calm mental voice. "I am here my love, let it flow, let go, let me be your strength.

Eilonwy begins breaking down in tears again, sitting up swiftly to wrap her arms around him, one hand still clutching her sword tightly. "Oh, Tennan..." she whispers, sobbing uncontrollably.

Telepathy (Eilonwy): Her mind's chaos sends its tendrils out to try to envelop that voice, trying to seek out an even stronger bond than they had before it was silenced. "My Tennan. My love. My everything."

Telepathy (Trasera): His mental presence is calm, cool, like a refreshing breeze on a lovely summer day. He projects a great deal of stability, solidity. A stone that cannot be moved, a rock that cannot be worn down or broken. "My little princess."

Trasera seems unmoved by the tears, but his arms wrap around her as she embraces him. Holding her close, bringing her head to rest on his shoulder.

Telepathy (Eilonwy): Flashes of the pain and suffering she felt jolt through her mind. Each time causing a physical reaction. She grasps at Tennan's presence, like a young child to a guardian's legs. Her mind voice is small, "Am I safe?"

Eilonwy clings to Trasera, jolts of feelings causing her to grasp tighter every so often. The tears continue to fall, but there's a small smile on her face.

Telepathy (Trasera): He takes each flash, draws it away, seeming almost to absorb it into himself. He collects her presence, almost like a father taking a child up into his arms. "I am here, you are safe, they cannot hurt you."

Telepathy (Eilonwy): Then seems a stream of commentary about the situation, "They knew I was pregnant so they fed me a little more, but I was still so hungry." "They shocked us all." "One misbehaves, we all get punished." "The young Angelite man was so scared." "Some of them were so mocking..." "They didn't touch me, but I was afraid they would."

Telepathy (Trasera): He listens, lets her ramble, urges her to let it all flow out, he takes it in then draws it away from her makes its distant, indistinct, a vague shape in the horizon compared to his almost totally overpowering presence.

Telepathy (Eilonwy): The rambles continue, but it ends with her sadly stating, "I could no longer feel you. For weeks, I couldn't feel you."

Trasera's hand moves, his fingertips brush her neck, tracing over skin once covered before pulling away and making a fist. It appears to take some effort for that hand to relax, once it does he embraces her much more tightly.

Telepathy (Trasera): I was always there, you might not have been able to feel me, to hear me. But I was always there lending you my strength, I will always be there. Always.

"Tennan," Eilonwy cries out loud, coming far more choked than her mental voice. She grips him tightly, burying herself in his neck. "I love you," she says.

Telepathy (Eilonwy): Her mind echoes her verbal response. "I love you. Always. Forever." Her commentary continues again, "Kainon said he wanted eyes over there." "I thought the patrol would be routine." "I didn't know; I didn't go armed. Why didn't I go armed?"

Telepathy (Trasera): It's okay, don't worry about what was. It's what will be that is important. Your safe, your both safe.

Telepathy (Eilonwy): She remembers... //Viewscreen: Kainon looks over at the baby and grins before responding. "Just a lookout, is all. Maybe ask a couple questions that no one would answer for me. She was in USS Trinity, a Runabout attached to her ship. All I need is a lookout in that direction, for now." After another drink from the mug and another smile, "How's that little thing doing?"// ... She tries to shake it away... "Safe... be with me, physically, for a while?"

Telepathy (Trasera): In the deep deep recesses, in the darkness she can barely touch. Anger flames just out of reach as the memory plays. A potent and terrifying anger that she can only just barely sense. Then its con, hidden away behind a warm gentle mental smile, "Always my love, as if I would ever have anywhere else to be."

Eilonwy loosens the grip on the embrace, meeting her forehead to his. Tears still stream down, but she's much calmer now. "I'm hungry," she admits out loud softly. The sword is still gripped tightly in hand.

Telepathy (Eilonwy): However, the mental embrace stays just as tight as ever. "Thank you..."

Telepathy (Trasera): I expect quite a banquet will be available upon our return. Lets go my little princess. This place no longer deserves your presence.

Trasera nods his head once, a single curt motion and withdraws from her embrace to offer her a hand up.

Telepathy (Eilonwy): Banquet and nice hot cocoa... Warm...

Eilonwy takes the hand and stands from the biobed carefully, her other hand clutching the sword.

Eilonwy stands from Biobed1.
Eilonwy says, "Eilonwy to BCS Snail Kite; one to beam up."

[Commplant] BCS Snail Kite BR-346: Stand by for transport.
[Commplant] BCS Snail Kite BR-346: Destination set for Bridge [BCS Snail Kite BR-346].
[Commplant] BCS Snail Kite BR-346: Locked onto your location, sir.
[Commplant] BCS Snail Kite BR-346: Locking onto your signal, sir.
[Commplant] BCS Snail Kite BR-346: Energizing...

A shimmering swirl of color engulfs Eilonwy.
Transporter Energy Stream
Swirls of energy whip around your deconstructed body. Shimmering lumination dances about your form uncontrollably, dazzling every sense.

Bridge [BCS Snail Kite BR-346]
Modeled after a newer design than the original B'rel, the bridge of this vessel now has a less sinister quality and seems less cramped and dingy as the red lighting was replaced with white. The command seat still dominates the center of the compartment, placed before the curved viewscreen and flanked by helm and tactical consoles on port and starboard; all still maintain the original klingon control markings. The bulkheads, now freed of multiple consoles by the improved computers, hold displays and monitors for at-a-glance views of the ship's status.

A swirl of shimmering light appears and dissolves, leaving Trasera in its place.

Prince Trasera mans Captain's Chair.
Prince Trasera taps a control on Captain's Chair.
Captain's Chair beeps and comes to life.

Eilonwy weakly moves to the cabin, to be safe.

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