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(OOC) Current Org Wizard: Armstrong
(OOC) Current Org Royals: Clarke, Nix, Rowling


The Independent Org is not a true faction, but a category of characters who are not part of one of the primary Organizations. Independents range through all races and all careers other than military. With the exception of Orions, characters who are 'Independent', have effectively renounced their citizenship to either the Galaxy Alliance, Romulan Star Empire, or Cardassian Union. Why? Nearly all characters are assigned to one of the three major suborgs upon completion of chargen; Cardassians to the CU, Rihannsu to the RSE, and all others to the GA. Unless your character originated outside of one of these three 'empires', going 'Independent' means just that. You leave behind the protection, rights and priveleges of citizenship, and regaining that citizenship is difficult at best. In light of this, it is a requirement of WNOHGB that players wishing to go Independent submit a complete character biography during chargen, and this biography must be approved before the character can go IC and role-play.

What kind of character might fit into the Independent category? Well, pirates and privateers, certainly, although leaving the GA and becoming Independent is not a necessity. Mercenaries often fall into this category as well, along with certain individuals like independent shipbuilders who don't want to align themselves with any particular government for various reasons. There are also the Chrysalians, an NPC faction/government, who employ many 'Independents'. Some business owners or traders might wish to remain independent of the Alliance for various reasons as well. Whatever the reason or type of character, the reasons why they left behind their citizenship need to be detailed in their biography.

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Independent Organizational Entities:

Independent Space Objects:

Independent space objects should not be assumed safe for landing/exploration. Consult 'news roe space alien' for rules of engagement.

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