Inflation to Rapidly Rise Without Drastic War Spending Cuts

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EARTH (INW) - In his testimony before the Galaxy Alliance Select Committee on Currency earlier this morning, the Minister of the Treasury warned the High Council that continued spending will most likely cause inflation to rapidly accelerate. This comes two weeks after the Treasury released a report indicating that war-related debt had increased by over ten trillion in the last decade.

In his testimony, the Minister nearly begged the Council to drastically reduce spending, especially as it relates to nearly uncontrolled spending on Starfleet, the Alliance Intelligence Agency, and the Department of Civil Peace. In response, the Klingon and Selay Councillatory delegations angerly interrupted the speech until they left the chambers in protest.

News from the report buoyed other foreign currencies, with marked increases in the value of Rihannsu and Khardasi monies. The Ferenginar Stock Exchange fell nearly 2,000 points today after the broadcast of the testimony, one of the largest falls in the history of the Alliance.

(Stardate: 77753.76 - Sun Oct 3 03:00:54 2399 Alliance Standard Time)

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