Installing the Relay (Part 2) (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
3 February 2017
Ready Room [USS ShiKahr NCC-73402]
<< Yellow Alert >>
The same color scheme present on the public areas of the ship continues in the Captain's private office. Long rectangular panels of reddish brown divided by dark marble gray accent piping on the upper portions of the bulkheads give way to the sandy tan lower portions, which are in turn divided by an accent rail of brushed copper. Thin accent tubing, also in brushed copper, surrounds a two meter wide semi-hemispherical viewport in the external starboard bulkhead, which is opposite the door leading out to the corridor. This window offers a clear view out that side of the ship, the outer edge of the starboard dorsal nacelle's bussard collector just visible in the far right corner. The curved Captain's desk and the floor appear to be not only made of the same sandstone, but the former appears also to be an extension of the latter, almost as if it has grown or was naturally formed in place. There are no sharp corners on the desk anywhere, every edge rounded, and its tapered base melds seamlessly into the floor to give an impression of strength and solid immovability. A narrow office chair has been positioned behind the desk for the Captain to use, capable of swiveling either to directly access the computer terminal and replicator installed into the desk on one side, or to face the two wide visitor's chairs across the desk on the other. A large viewscreen is mounted on the bulkhead opposite the desk beside a glass display case, and a long fish tank on a heavy wooden cabinet is positioned to one side of the exit. The display case holds five model starships, each a different class, and is lit from above by a hidden internal light source. A less formal sitting area with a small sofa and a single armchair framing a low coffee table is arranged in one corner of the room, and a second door behind the desk leads into the Captain's private quarters.
The lights are dimmed, indicating that the ship is running cloaked.

> Public Address < Lieutenant Jev says, "Installation crew: Report to main airlock at earliest convenience for innoculation and EVA Suits. We will be continuing construction as soon as Captain gives the order."

> Public Address < Ensign Ito says, "Security teams Alpha and Delta report to the Airlock as per Lt Jev's instructions."

Main Bridge [USS ShiKahr NCC-73402]
<< Yellow Alert >>
In swirling layers of rich red easing into soft white then back the walls of the ships main bridge looks like it was carved directly into the rock of some distant sandstone canyon. Trim throughout the bridge varies between brushed copper and dark marble.
Entry sets you behind the main bridge in a small alcove of monitoring stations. The bridge proper is actually two steps up with stairs on either side of a brushed copper railing. The main portion of the bridge is broken into three levels.
First level features the bulk of the workstations with Science, Engineering, Operations, and Auxiliary consoles against the wall. Tactical and the XO station face center set against the railing that surround the sunken central portion of the bridge. A step down takes you to the second level or Captain's position, set dead center of the bridge. The third level, lowest and farthest forward hold the helm.
Oval instead of the typical square the main viewscreen takes up the majority of the forward bulkhead.
The lights are dimmed, indicating that the ship is running cloaked.

> Public Address < Commander La'Vash says, "Assembly teams, standby. We're moving into position."

[Captain's Chair: Lieutenant (jg) Black (ShiEVA): Comm check.]

[Captain's Chair: Lieutenant Jev (ShiEVA): I hear you.]

[Captain's Chair: Ensign Ito (ShiEVA): Ito comm check. ]

[Captain's Chair: Lieutenant (jg) Black (ShiEVA): We read you.]

> Public Address < Lieutenant Jev says, "***Eye of the Tiger begins to subtly play over the intercoms as the away team prepares.***"

> Public Address < Commander La'Vash says, "We are in position. Lieutenant Jev, you may beam your team down when ready. Contact the bridge and maintain an open communications link once you reach the surface."

> Public Address < Lieutenant Jev says, "Aye sir."

[Captain's Chair: Lieutenant Jev, Lieutenant (jg) Black, and Ensign Ito transported to Surface [Asteroid 21ZZA]]

Viewscreen: Incoming communique from Lieutenant Jev.

La'Vash says, "ShiKahr is receiving you, Lieutenant."

Viewscreen: The team beams down and shortly after the relay components and power supply section B arrives. Jev scans the area briefly with his tricorder, then nods and holsters it. "Let's get started. Black, lead the electrician team in connecting these conduits down this pathway here, into the cave and attached to Section A." He turns to Ito, "Grad the field dampener and get it rigged. We will be plugging that in first." He addresses his commplant, "Aye sir."

Viewscreen: Black nods to Jev, while he motions to the team he brought with him, "Come on, let's get started," he calls to the men. The components for the conduit are shifted, and prepared for connections, while the man moves further onward towards the cave, and seems to be keying in the data on how to go about this in his mind. "Alright, let's roll these conduits down in," he takes some of that, while the rest move to help roll that out and set up. The task has begun.

Viewscreen: Ito moves towards the dampener and carefully behins to get it all rigged up, a few of her sec folks come and help her. The ones with Electronical training. "Aye Chief." She tells Jev with a wink because she just knows how much he loves being called that. She then nods her head at the others to go help Black. "Spread out and go help where you can, take shifts watching though. I want 4 people on guard at all times."

Viewscreen: Jev smiles under his helmet, feeling down right fuzzy at being called 'Chief'. He moves to the rest of Charlie Shift tasked with arranging the sensor platform, "Remember, four tungston supports and this base will be encased with the Reardon metal."

Viewscreen: Black steps off to the side, and nods to two team members, "Alright, you two need to make sure the insulated protection doesn't hit any of the rocks that can ruin the conduit," he states to his comms, then he takes a moment to check a few switches, and makes sure that the connections have all been placed right, and onwards the conduit for power is laid out in the fashion it needs to be. "We have our work cut out for us, with this," he tells them, while he uses some of the loose space debris to help sediment the conduits into place a little more.

Viewscreen: Ito continues her work on the dampener, smiling and joking with the small group of people helping her. Their conversation ranges from what they had for supper last night and begging Ito to make them Sushi to Temple amazing curry. "Hey, don't forget to call Lieutenant Jev Chief." She says looking up and winking saucily at Jev, as she speaks to her team. "Hey Jenkins, go help Lt Black, he's going to need some muscles and you have plenty." She tells the big NCO, he grins at her and flexes making Ito pretend to swoon. The Ensign has a good relationship with those below her.

La'Vash, and the rest of the bridge crew, monitor the away team's progress while keeping an eye on the ship's sensor readings.

Viewscreen: Jev and the balance of Charlie shift not working on the dampening emitter arrange tungston support beams: digging into the asteroid's surface and securing them in place one by one.

Viewscreen: Black handles his own team like a well-oiled machine. Efficient, the men under him. He frowns at the semblances of flirting happening, and it seems to make him work all the harder, while he states, "Alright, conduit line established, now we can begin to work it down further, and start pushing the other side of it to the relay. Make sure that it all goes well," he then moves to help with the new support. He himself isn't a slouch, he has quite the strength in him.

[Captain's Chair: Lieutenant Jev (ShiEVA): Beta Shift, maintain audible comms in cavern. Do not stay silent for longer than 5 minutes at a stretch.]

Viewscreen: More laughs errupt from Ito's team and she quickly hushes them and calls them to task. "A little talking folks is okay, but lets not lose our focus." She tells them, smiling warmly though so her reprimand isn't taken too harshly. Ito's nimble and small fingers take their time to ensure each and every piece of the dampener is corrected constructed. "Lets see that Kelly." She tells one of the other people working with her. "It's that one over there." She points to the right place to secure the componate. "No problem." She tells him after he thanks her.

Viewscreen: Jev stands back as the support beams are housed in the Reardon metal sheets. He walks over to Cromwell, "Okay - let's get the sensor array hoisted onto the cart and raised into position."

Viewscreen: Black takes his time to continue with the conduit, and works downward, keeping in contact with Jev at intervals, making sure all is placed where it should be. It looks like the main portion needed to start connections though is ready for Jev and Ito to use as needed, while he starts to make installations.

Temple walks onto the bridge and heads over to his ops console and relieves the officer there

La'Vash and the rest of the crew are sitting on the bridge, monitoring the activity on the surface and the ship's sensors for enemy patrols.

Viewscreen: Ito talks quietly with her team, guiding them and helping them where she can. "No." She says when someone tells her a funny story. "I don't believe you." She then steps back when the dampener is finished and calls for Jev. "Hey Chief, we're ready for your inspection." She calls, over comms then motions for four of her team to take over guard shift from the other four whom seem eager to help and not just stand around.

Temple hmms and says "Am I the only person on the ship who's think the Jem'Hadar are getting increasingly paranoid about this asteroid field, its like they know something is happening here"

La'Vash nods in agreement. "They do seem suspiciously... suspicious," she replies.

Viewscreen: Jev turns and heads to Ito. He grins and shouts, "HEYA COMMANDER TEMPLE!" Arriving at the dampening emitter, he retrieves his tricorder and scans.

Viewscreen: Black comes back up, once the conduits have been set, and hears all the talk and shouting, looking confused for a moment. "Commander Temple isn't here," he states, while he looks perplexed, then he shakes his head, and with irritation, begins setting up links on the conduit.

Viewscreen: Ito facepalms and sighs, rubbing a hand over her face she sighs. "So did we get it all together?" She asks, trying not to let those laughing behind her affect her demeaner. "And no he's not, but I suspect he just reported for shift on the bridge, the Chief was merely excited to hear him report in I'm sure."

Temple shakes his head at Jev's lack of decorum and says "Evening Mister Jev, perhaps you should refrain from shouting down the comms like that, you practically deafened me, I trust the construction goes well?"

Viewscreen: Jev snaps his tricorder back to his holster and simply nods. "Move it over to the platform."

Temple hmms and says "Mister Jev, how soon can we get teh relay working once construction has been completed?"

Viewscreen: Black has Julie do the thing. While he continues to raise his hammer and put some pieces together.

Viewscreen: Ito nods her head and gathers a few strong lads to help move the dampener into position.

Viewscreen: "Should be immediate sir. If not then we fucked it up." Jev replies to his commplant. He makes his way to the sensor array and motions to Black, "Get the optic cables connected to this and we'll hoist it up.

Temple nods and says "I am assuming you'll be using some sort of dampening field to enable it to operate undetected by teh Jem'Hadar?"

Viewscreen: Black nods a bit, and then motions to the team, "Come on, let's work on this," he states. The optic cables are connected with the conduit, and once all has been set up to the sensor array, he offers a thumbs up.

Viewscreen: Ito gives Jev a funny look as he says a bad word. "We need a swear jar." She mutters to Black, moving past him to go help else where.

Temple nods and says "I tend to agree with Ensign Ito, we definately need a swear jar for you Mister Jev, perhaps using the proceeds on a round of drinks at a bar on earth"

Viewscreen: "Yes sir, the dampening field is being connected to the power supply now...." Jev makes hastey motions with his hand to the group so they make it so, ostensibly forgetting that detail earier. To Cromwell, "Get this piece of trash up the pole and secured. Feed the sphegetti shit down the chute so it can be rigged to the section B conduits."

Viewscreen: Black checks all the cables as he moves along them. Once he has assured it is all set up, he watches while Cromwell works on behalf of Jev. T'rasi takes a moment to move over and re-situates a few pieces to make sure they are secure.

La'Vash simply settles herself in her chair, folding her arms over her narrow chest while she listens.

Viewscreen: Ito takes this time to go check on the guards and makes sure everyone is doing what they are assigned to do. She's doing that leadership stuff.

Viewscreen: Cromwell attaches the sensor array to the support structure and feeds the optic cabling down the chute, as ordered. Jev monitors the electricians who begin getting those cables affixed to the power supply conduits. "How are we coming on that dampening emitter getting attached?"

Viewscreen: Jev asks, "Is a swear jar standard Starfleet issue?"

"An alert begins to sound at the science station and the officer there speaks up suddenly. "Captain, we're detecting some seismic activity near the away team's location."

Viewscreen: Black looks over to Ito after a moment, once Jev asks his question. For now he continues all his work on the conduit. Once stepping back, he moves with his team to check the dampening emitter, while Ito checks on the guards. "Team, help finish up attaching this," he states. They move to help that team, and finish it up for Ito, while he does some checks.

"Lieutenant Jev, are you experiencing any geologic instability?" La'Vash asks of Jev.

Viewscreen: Ito nods her head. "It's standard when you are around Chief." She jokes, then smiles warmly over at Black. "Thanks, Lt Black. Sorry I have to do the security stuff." She explains, then rejoins the team and helps out.

Viewscreen: Jev waves off the construction crew, a serious look in his eye, for once. "Everyone stop! Cromwell, stay up there on the anti-grav cart." He runs to one himself, "Everyone on anti-grav now!"

Viewscreen: Jev says, "Nothing yet, sir. But I heard that alert."

Viewscreen: Ito looks alermed but does as she's told and jumps on the Anti-grav. "What's happening?" She asks.

Viewscreen: Black moves to the anti-grav cart with no hesitation, while he checks his comm, "Copied, sir," he states, "Team come on, move it!" he exclaims. He reaches to his hip where the phaser is, and also checks the secure latch on his belt, while he looks off into the distance.

> Public Address < Lieutenant Commander Temple says, "Bridge to transporter room, We're reading seismic activity near teh away team, be prepared to beam the team out of there"

La'Vash gives temple a nod.

[Captain's Chair: Lieutenant Jev (ShiEVA): Beta Shift, to the surface and secure selves on a cart. Bridge has detected seismic activity.]

Viewscreen: Ito motions for her team to be on alert, then ohs softly as it's the cave not the Dominion.

Viewscreen: The asteroid's surface begins to shake. Dirt and rocks tumble from the level surface area into crater marks. The relay platform sways.

Viewscreen: Black takes a moment to secure a latch rope onto the anti-grav cart. He sees that the relay platform moves, and frowns a bit, "Lieutenant Jev, we need to secure that platform down, orders!?" he exclaims, while he shifts a bit, and seems about to move for the platform.

Viewscreen: "What doesn't bend, breaks, Lieutenant..." Jev replies as he waits out the motion.

"The activity seems to be subsiding, Sir," the science officer announces. "Geologic stability returning to normal."

La'Vash acknowledges the report, then asks Jev, "Can you confirm, Lieutenant?"

Viewscreen: Ito hangs on to whatever she can more concerned about the equipment then herself.

Viewscreen: Black takes a moment to secure the teth on his latch, while he looks to the relay, and then Ito with a frown, before he listens to Jev and nods. He pulls out a tricorder, and quick-scans the ground as well as the relay, as if to check the amount of seismic activity happening.

Viewscreen: The asteroidquake subsides. Surface goes still.

Viewscreen: Jev glances around and waits a few moments for possible after shocks. He steps off the anti-grab platform and walks back to the relay platform. "Okay, let's get back to it. Sitrep on that dampening emitter?" A beat, "All normal sir."

Viewscreen: Ito lets out the breath she was holding and glances around. "Should we check for damage?" She asks, moving to get off the anti-grav thing.

"Alright," La'Vash replies. "Check your equipment and supplies for damage. Make sure there are no injuries."

Viewscreen: "... Lieutenant Jev, hold a moment," Black states, not giving an order but something askance in his voice, while he looks to Ito. "Something's not right," he states, while he slides his tricorder back in, "I... Would be concerned about an aftershock, but something tells me, I dunno, a feeling?" He frowns a bit. He keeps his tether on while he shifts to the edge of the cart, and looks to the caves.

Viewscreen: "Nonsense Lieutenant, everything is just fine." Jev says glibly as he pats the relay platform.

Temple hmms and looks over to the science officer and asks "Give me a scan of the asteroid, did that seismic activity seem natural to you?" he looks back to the viewscreen and asks "Mister Jev, is there any possibility seismic activity may damage teh relay?"

"The seismic activity appears to have been natural, Sir," the science officer says. "The result of gravitational stresses at work between some of the larger asteroids in the field."

Temple hmms and ponders and says "Its no use of us install the relay here only for it to be damaged by seismic activity" he looks to the science office and asks "If we were to somehow push some of the larger asteroids away from our asteroid would that give our asteroid more stability?"

After a few moments of study on her console, the science officer nods excitedly. "Yes, it should. They're already almost far enough away as it is. I think the gravitational forces will decrease naturally over time anyway, but we could speed it up if we had to."

Viewscreen: Jev sighs and motions to Cromwell to come down, responding into his commplant, "No sir. The design plans for such surface instabilities. It is quite pliable."

Viewscreen: Black steps down, and moves to assist in checking and reinforcing the Relay to assure it is secure, and to also take into account seismic activities while he has the conduits calibrated to adjust for it, along the length as best they are able. He makes a small 'hrm' sound.

La'Vash leans to one side in her chair and considers the matter. "Altering the natural paths of these rocks it would require a great deal of energy output to our tractor systems, which could draw attention to us here. Besides, the Dominion she has been scanning this field extensively, and very likely has a detailed map of the area by now. Should we go rearranging things, that could peak their curiosity as well."

Viewscreen: Cromwell and Jev finalize the optical connections between the relay and the power lines. Jev stands and looks over to Black, then away to speak to his commplant, "We're ready to throw the switch, sir." A beat, "Ops, please beam away grav carts and all non-engineering personnel."

Temple nods as he sits back in his seat

Temple taps in a few buttons in his console and beams the requested grav carts and non engineering personnel

Viewscreen: Black steps back while the security team is prepared to be beamed out with the carts. He nods to Jev after a moment, while he looks back to his team, "Not much longer, and the moment of truth... Lieutenant," he offers up.

Viewscreen: "Moment of truth...." Jev whispers, "And if anything goes wrong I'm throwing you under the bus." He winks with a grin.

La'Vash says, "Everyone be ready. The right power serge could get the Dominion's attention right away."

La'Vash says, "Commander Temple, get a lock on the remaining away team and standby to energize."

Viewscreen: Black reaches to pat Jev's shoulder with the suit's glove, and sighs, "Fair enough, but I'll come back just to haunt your ass, and make the soliton wave generator codelines re-arrange themselves daily."

Viewscreen: Jev chuckles, "Asshole." He speaks into his comms system.

[Captain's Chair: Lieutenant Jev (ShiEVA): Beta Shift, power her up and return immediately to the surface.]

Temple looks to La'Vash and says "Transporters are locked on ma'am"

La'Vash nods to temple. "Thank you, Commander," she says simply, anticipation clear in her tone.

Viewscreen: Beta Shift arrives from the caverns. Lights turn on. Things hum - not that it can be heard in the vacuum of space - but if we could, we would hear the humming.

Viewscreen: Jev says, "Relay on line, sir. Are you receiving transmission?"

Temple taps in a few commands and says "Stand by I am checking now"

Viewscreen: Then the power shuts off again and the hum dies off.

"Do we have the programmed uplink codes?" La'Vash asks Temple.

Viewscreen: Black watches as the sensor relay has been brought online, connected through the caves to the platform and power supply. The man looks to Jev, then to the relay, then to Jev. Then to the relay. "... Ugh."

Temple nods and says "They should be in our database, looks like teh first attempt is a failure"

Viewscreen: Jev blinks "Well, that was unexpected." He looks over to his electrician, Black, "What's happening?"

Viewscreen: "I'm not sure, Lieutenant," Black states, "But our oxygen is running down to an hour left," he adds. The man looks to the cave, then checks the conduit readouts, "One of the relays on the conduit fried," he states, "Damn. We need to find where."

Viewscreen: Jev unholsters his tricorder and scans along the conduit line, from the relay components, making his way toward the cave, "Let's get to it then."

Temple sits back in his chair and says "If you haven't found the fried conduit in 40 minutes time, beam up Gentleman"

Viewscreen: Black unholsters his own tricorder, "Yes sir," he states. He motions to the engineering team, "Work it, double-time!" He moves along and scans with Jev, double-checking his work and also checking under a different set of ranges, to make sure that hopefully the two will find it.

Viewscreen: Jev follows behind Black some ways off, entering the cave a few moments after him.

Viewscreen: "... The junction box near the power supply, it has to be there," Black states after a moment, while he checks the full readout which comes on his tricorder. He then adjusts his tether, "We're going to need to move down," he states, as he heads towards one of the deeper caves. Tethered, he anchors to the rocks, like they did before when setting up the power relay. "Radiation, here we come," he mutters, while he takes a moment to make sure his team secures themselves. "Lieutenant, ready for descent on your go."

[Captain's Chair: Lieutenant Jev (ShiEVA): Engineering to Ops, we need you to beam down a replacement relay. Model 67iota]

Viewscreen: Jev holds up a hand to Black, "I'll get it beamed down and bring it to you. Get to work removing the fried /module/." He smirks.

Temple taps in a few commands and says "Beaming the module down now Mister Jev" he carries out the transport

Viewscreen: "Understood," Black tells Jev. He takes a moment to nod to the team, and on to the descent. He also slows his breathing up to allow for more air from the suit, remembering his training. It is not a long trek, and he's made it once.

Viewscreen: Jev trots out of the cavern, "hup hup hup hup hup" he grabs the new relay and trots back in, "hup hup hup hup."

Viewscreen: Jev secures himself to the support line and clutching tightly to the module ropels down after Black. "hup hup hup..."

Viewscreen: "Hup hup hup hup," Jev ropels in after black, clutching the new device.

Viewscreen: Black rappels downward towards the power supply, moving slow and cautious. "Commander R'sta said be watchful of the ledge when we reach it, just so you know," he states, then he continues on his movements. He shimmies down that tether with the team, making time as he can. Once reaching where the power supply has been set up, he begins to unpack his gear along with the team.

After Temple sends down the replacement part, La'Vash checks the inventory. "Counting the one we just sent you," she says to Jev through the comm. "We have only one more of those in stock. Make sure whatever burned it out it doesn't cause a repeat performance."

Viewscreen: "Not so fast Lieutenant," Jev states as he nears. "We need to know what caused the surge before we possibly fry this one too."

Viewscreen: Black nods, while he waves his tricorder as part of his gear. He then settles down and moves towards the conduit, while he scans where the fried box is at, checking it on the readout.

Viewscreen: "... I can't catch a scan on it, can you give it a try, Lieutenant?" Black asks Jev.

Viewscreen: Arriving to the ledge, Jev steps delicately with the grace of a ballerina. He kneels beside Black and gently sets the new module beside the junction. He unholsters his tricorder and nods, "Sure."

Viewscreen: Black watches while Jev moves to check on it, then he looks towards the power supply itself, gazing at it with the light on his suit, then looking around the area in general.

Viewscreen: Jev squints at his tricorder, "Who designed this piece of shit?" He holsters it back it. "One of the relay feeds has an incorrect polarity setting. It needs to be reset."

Viewscreen: Black nods to Jev, and moves over to the relay feeds, "Team, make sure the power is inactive," he states. Once that has been assured, he moves down to check the relay feed, and attempts to reset it, if that is something he can do.

Viewscreen: Jev gets to work removing the burnt out module and replacing it with the new relay in the meanwhile.

Viewscreen: Black finds the feed's panel, and opens it up. He looks where the polarity couplings have been placed, and takes out a wrench, which he uses to adjust them, and begins to work slow and methodical. He has one of the team monitor it live as he does, checking readouts on a tricorder. He then moves to the switches, and clicks one, "Coupling one, reset... Two more couplings to reset and the feed polarity will be back in order," he updates the team and Jev, while he continues to work.

"How's your air supply, Lieutenant?" la'Vash asks.

Viewscreen: "Five minutes or so? Plenty of time." Jev responds, sliding in the new module and tossing the old fried one off the ledge into the abyss. "Just kidding - we have about half an hour."

Temple continues to monitor the teams progress as he ponders

Viewscreen: Black lets out a small snort, while he shakes his head, "Five minutes is enough time if we did have that much," beat, "Second coupling reset." He then flicks another switch, and moves to the next one. "Readout?" T'rasi takes a moment to look at her tricorder, "It looks like the polarity has been set correctly." The Section Chief nods a bit, and then continues his work.

Viewscreen: Jev begins hoisting himself up the support cable, "Fire her back up!"

Viewscreen: Black then finishes the final recoupling, and then flicks a switch, then he hits the master switch which makes sure the settings are changed in full. He closes the panel, and then stands up, "All set, re-activate the power supply and feed that bad bit--- Relay," he coughs, then he moves to tether up with Jev. "We shouldn't need to come back down, so make sure anything that we left the last trip is cleaned up, we need as little signature as we can." The team works on that, and soon all tethered up and ready, begin their ascent.

[Captain's Chair: Lieutenant Jev (ShiEVA): Engineering to Shikahr, relay coming on-line. Please confirm this junk is working so we can get the fuuuuuug outta here.]

[Captain's Chair: Lieutenant (jg) Black (ShiEVA): What are the chances we get another 'Dominion inbound' report?]

Temple begins tapping in teh uplink codes and says "Stand by Mister Jev, attempting to access the array now"

[Captain's Chair: Lieutenant Jev (ShiEVA): Bring it on - those dastardly pucks!]

Temple nods in satisfaction and says "The relay seems to be working, return to the ship gentleman, your work here is done"

Viewscreen: Jev watches all the beautiful lights flare up.

Viewscreen: Black beams beneath his suit helmet, and looks aside to Jev, clasping him on the shoulder, then T'rasi, and then the whole team, "YAAA!"

"Collect whatever gear you have left, make sure the surface equipment it is as hidden as possible, and notify us when you're ready to energize," says the Captain calmly.

Viewscreen: Jev grins widely at Black, "Let's get out of here. We shall be rewarded with blow jobs on Risa." He moves to begin gathering loose equipment for transport.

La'Vash turns to look at temple. "Blow jobs?" she asks. "I've been to risa. I don't recall it being particularly breezy there."

Viewscreen: "... Hope your comms weren't on," Black tells Jev with a snort, and assists with the equipment, and all needed for transport. He then states, "Team K9 prepared for transport," he states, listing off the coordinates. Then he does a dramatic handwave with both hands to Jev, "Take us away, Lieutenant," having him make the call for the final beam-up.

Viewscreen: Jev writes 'Jev waz here' in the dust near the relay, then stands. "Energize."

Viewscreen: Black makes a marking much like a cat's face on the dust.

Temple looks to La'Vash "Its best not to ask ma'am, suffice it to see its a term for a sexual activity partaken by terrans" he sighs at Jev's us of teh term Blow Job in front of teh captain

[Captain's Chair: Lieutenant Jev and Lieutenant (jg) Black transported to Transporter Room [USS ShiKahr NCC-73402]]

Viewscreen: Jev scrambles out of his suit, "Get this fucking thing off me."

Temple shakes his head and says "One of these days he's going to swear and say the wrong thing to somebody and its going to backfire on him"

La'Vash tilts her head to the side a little at Temple's explanation, then shrugs her narrow shoulders and gets back to work. "Helm, bring us about," she orders Waters. "Set course for Uldron Supply Depot and engage impulse drive. Engineering, give us cruise power with cloak."

Black moves over to settle at the console, and lets out a small sound, while he takes his time to adjust the power settings, leaning back. "Captain," he offers politely, with a nod.

La'Vash returns Black's nod. "Excellent work, Lieutenant," she says to him. "Excellent work indeed." Just then, Waters reports that they've reached the warp barrier, and La'Vash orders full cruise.

The vessel hums as it jumps into warp.

Jev steps on the bridge full of hubris and slaps his hands together, "Ah! Where to now?"

"We're heading to Uldron, I think," Black mentions, while he taps his hand on the console and checks the warp core data for the time being. To La'Vash a simple nod of acknowledgement to her words.

"As I understand it," La'Vash replies to Jev. "You have an appointment of some kind on Risa?"

"Black and I both," Jev grind as he slides into the chair at the aux console. He's not one to be territorial about bridge consoles.

Viewscreen blinks and Asteroid 21ZZA disappears from the view.

La'Vash shrugs, then says to Waters, "Ensign, adjust course to Spacedock."

"I will probably just have drinks, wherever we go," Black states after a bit. "Fresh air means more than anything to me right now. I feel like we've been... Alone," he admits, "This is relieving."

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