Investigating the Shuttles (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
02 Mar 2014
Dockmaster's Office [Deep Space 9]
In easy access from the bustling Promenade, the Dockmaster of the station does his business here, from arranging docking and departure schedules to working with individuals wishing for temporary residence aboard the station. Two chairs sit before a desk, facing away from the right bulkhead and partially surrounded by various displays.

Roian Los steps quietly in to the dockmasters office, padd in hand.

Maguire is sitting at the desk, his eyes narrowed as he peers at a screen full of docking assignments. When the doors to the office opens, Maguire turns to look towards Los, nodding his head, "Lieutenant."

"Hey CJ." Roian says casually as he enters, giving the man a simple smile. "How are you doing today?" He asks off handedly as he settles in the chair across the desk.

Maguire smiles, "I'm fine." He then gestures across the desk, "Have a seat." He then looks towards the screen with the list of incoming and outgoing craft, reaching out and shutting it off to give Los his full attention, "How are you?"

Leaning back, he gives a shrug "Doing good. It's taken me a little bit to adjust to the new department." Roian replies off handedly as he sets the padd down on the desk "So, I was hoping you could help me with an investigation that has gone sort of cold."

Maguire nods his head, "Seems like you're adjusting to your new duties well enough. At least they've told you which quarters are reserved from whom." He smirks ruefully then adds, "Sure. I can try."

Chuckling, Roian says "Well, it's mostly a guessing game. the stations quarters are not set up by position or seniority." He sighs, running a hand through his hair "So, R'ull and Jiral disappeared and reappear a few weeks back. Senka and I thought it had some thing to do with transporters, but further information by R'ull has ruled it out." He slides the padd across the table "They were taken to and from the Endeavour, Brooks and Atlantis. I've confirmed through logs that both ships were close by, however I was hoping for some further information that I think you may have." He gives him a light smile "I was wanting to confirm that indeed they were aboard each ship. Basically, check video logs and talk to the pilots, attendants and any passangers that might recall seeing them. Also I was thinking maybe onboard sensors?" A shrug "I'm sure you know what to look for." A grin crosses his face as he says that.

Maguire picks up the PADD, looking over the contents for a moment as he takes a deep breath, "Alright. I'm already working on two cases for security in addition to my duties as the dockmaster. Ultimately, I can't guarantee you anything more than securing the proper frequency to forward your request for information, but I'll see what I can do."

"Two cases?" Roian asks curiousily, before adding "Alright. Any help will do."

Maguire nods his head, "That's right." He taps a few buttons on the PADD, transferring the case notes to his desktop terminal. He slides the PADD back to Los, "Anything else I can do for you, Roian?"

"Nope and thank-you." Roian says as he stands "Next time I see you at Morns, I'll buy you a drink for helping me." A grin crosses his face before he takes his leave.

Maguire smirks, "Buy me two." He shakes his head quickly, "I don't think you realize what you just asked me to do."

"Probably not." Roian says with a chuckle "And two it is." With that, Roian steps out.

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