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Roleplay Log
30 July 2017
Chief Engineer's Office [USS ShiKahr NCC-73402]
Positioned close to the lower engineering space is the office of the Chief Engineer. Not an overly spacious compartment, it does provide a desk and a few chairs. One of the chairs is a low-back rolling chair designed for ease of movement versus comfort. A row of monitors line one of the interior bulkheads, granting the chief a birdseye view of the major components of the starship. While the connecting bulkhead includes a workbench and computer console.

Laid out on the workbench is a foreign rifle. It has been broken down to pieces which are arranged in the shape of the weapon. Little cards indicate the various sections of the device, and each piece has been numbered sequentially for easy reassembly.

Connor steps into the Chief's office, with Jaz next to him. He moves off to one side, and allows Jaz to do as he sees fit. He offers a polite nod of acknowledgement to Jev and La'Vash.

Oh yeah, Ensign Lennox, master at arms, is standing guard near the table.

La'Vash is standing off to one side of the room, long arms crossed over her narrow chest, eyeing the weapon on the table.

"Thanks for coming Captain." Jev just looks at Jaz, which is acknowledgement enough. "I'm analyzing this weapon here..." he fumbles and drops his PADD. "Oops..." bends over and picks it up, then stands again and clears his throat. "I'm analyzing this weapon here. I've labeled the parts that I think have to do with emitting....firing....aiming..." Jev points as he names off the areas.

Stepping in with Connor, Jaz nods to Jev and gives a small smile to La'Vash. "Lieutenant, Commander." Glancing to Jev briefly, he adds "Apologies, Lieutenant Black wasn't able to make it." His eyes then fall upon the workbench and the rifle; recognizing the parts instantly. "Well now." He says, walking over to the pieces. "The T'Paal did some rudimentary work on a rifle a year or so back to see if we couldn't adapt it to Starfleet tech." He notes, eyes slowly going over each component carefully.

Connor casts a glance to Ensign Lennox, and then nods, and makes his way to the door. Underlings to harass, reports to write, and all that good stuff. La'Vash acknowledges the new arrivals and silently observes while Jev explains. As connor heads for the door, she gives him a slight nod.

"The purpose of this study, Jaz, isn't to learn about the weapon's offensive capabilities." Jev says evenly. "It's to learn about jem'hadar defenses." Jaz looks over to Jev slightly. "I see." He replies, hands clasping behind his back. "What kind of defensive capabilities are we trying to find?"

Having been present with Jev when he had his realization about this project, La'Vash ventures a guess. "Anyone who develops a weapon is bound to develop one that overcomes the defenses of which they are the most familiar. In other words, their own defenses. Studying the offensive details of a Jem'Hadar weapon may point us in the direction of a defensive weakness of which we are as of yet unaware."

Jev nods in agreement and shoves a PADD at Jaz, and then politely offers one to La'Vash. He expands somewhat to give an idea on what specifically he'a looking at. "Weapons are always designed with a few to over power one's own defensives; not the enemie's. So knowing as much about what this thing can do at its highest capacity; how it's triggered; how it's fired; the way it gathers energy and emits beams; what angular patterns are used within those beams. It will tell as what we need to know about their approach to piercing armor and taking down shields. And since the big guns usually follow similar design, we should be able to extrapolate with some positivity how their polaron weapons are devised."

Jaz gives a small nod as he listens, casting a look to the PADD briefly before looking back to the technology laid before him. "Right. So in other words, you're looking for a way to take down their polaron weapons or devise a way to dampen the damage down to our shields and armor by understanding the wavelength, energy and emission." He nods "Have you spoken with Lieutenant Comamnder R'sta?" He asks, looking over to Jev. "If there is one science officer that I know whose had the most hands on experience with the Dominion, it'd be here."

"I think," La'Vash puts in. "The idea it is not so much to find a way to diminish the effect the Dominion weapons they have on our systems, but a way that we may be able to modify our own weapons to give us an edge against the Dominion defenses." She looks to Jev for confirmation or rebuttal. Jev nods to the Captain. "Yes."

“Right. Which brings the conversation back to Dominion rifle we had aboard the T’Paal.” Jaz replies calmly, arms folding against his chest. “Lieutenant M’ku and a few others were able to modify a Dominion rifle to accept a Starfleet power source; of course, with some issues in power leaking.” He pauses and glances to the two. “So, in theory we should be able to modify our own weapons to accept Dominion technology; or in this case, the polaron technology, which in turn should help give us a slight edge.”

La'Vash only studies the information given to her by Lieutenant Jev and waits for Jev to continue.

"What gain medium do you think, Lieutenant, will resonate an output of plasma sufficient to disrupt a port-side shield on one of their battlecruisers? And at what angle of refraction should the beam be emitted?" Jev asks, dropping his own PADD to his side.

“That, Lieutenant I would not know.” Jaz replies calmly, a hand gesturing to the weapon “But this would help us devise a way to do so.” He adds, following Jev’s point. “With the statistical and tactical data we’ve already gained on the battlecruisers, we could run simulations in understanding how this tech here could be used to crack their shields.”

"Perhaps so," La'Vash agrees. "If that it is even a remote possibility, we would be negligent should we choose not to pursue it." She pauses then and answers her commplant. After a moment she closes the connection and says to Jev, "I'm afraid you will have to continue without me for a time, Lieutenant. I will rejoin you as soon as I am able." She makes her goodbyes and steps briskly out of the office.

"Glad we see eye to eye." Jev raises his PADD again. "Let's get to work?" He walks around to the opposite side of his workbench. "Jaz, if you would please inspect and take detailed measurements of section 1 - beam emission...and Captain, if you be so kind as to do likewise with....aye sir." He moves over to section 3 and gets to work.

Jaz nods and begins to take the detailed measurements silently; width, length and various components built within the beam emission system. He glances briefly to watch the Commander step out before going back to work.

Jev kneels down and studies the settings mechanism on the device, manipulating its pieces with a little probe and taking notes. "We'll need the angles of those mirror riggings too...And whatever mineral that bit is made out of..." he taps at the piece he's talking about.

Jaz nods, taking out a scanner and begins a slow steady scan over the beam emission as well as the component he was talking about.

Jev moves over to the triggering mechanism, studying it's wiring. He uses a small probe to slide out a computer chip and detach the connections. He attaches the wires to a basic galvanometer. He wrinkles his nose. He then detaches the wires and rigs them to a modified tricorder which acts as an oscilloscope. Near one of the wires he places a small battery generator and watches the tricorder to see the wave patterns produced.

Having scanned and measured the first item, Jaz continues on to the next component. He continues to take measurements and scans; all slow and methodical. "You're not boinkin' Temple's wife are ya?" Jev says disinterestedly, like one might comment on the weather, as he inspects the power cell container.

Jaz looks over to Jev, brow raising. “Is this why your attitude has been sour toward myself?” He inquires, continuing to scan quietly.

"I think you're imagining things, Jaz." Jev snickers, tracing the inside of the barell with his probe attached to a device to measure magnetic properties. "But are you?"

“The Lieutenant and I haven’t spoken to one another in a year, Darian.” Jaz replies, pausing in his scan to look up to him. “And now to be serving with each other… is, well hard. That is what happens when you share a connection and hurt one another.” He notes calmly moving to the next in silence.

Jev listens thoughtfully, nodding as Jaz speaks. A look of empathy comes over his face. "For sure." A beat of silence as Jev moves to scan the trigger mechanism. "But are ya boinkin' her?"

Jaz sighs, head shaking. “By the Gods Darian.” He murmurs, setting the scanner down. “Hoshi and I are friends. After the Etlh incident, we came to our senses and decided our friendship was important. So, we have dinner we chat about work; about her life; about my life.”

Jev's shoulder rise and fall with silent giggles, as he tries to stifle a look of joy on his face. "No..No I get it. I do understand. You're just not really answering the question though." He puts his devices and instruments in nearby storage.

Looking up to Jev. “No, I am answering your question Darian. We are friends, that’s it; were not sleeping with one another; were not having an affair.” He tells him calmly, looking back to the items and picks up the scanner again.

"Well you could've just said so." murmurs Jev, ending off the questioning.

“I would think the first few responses would have been sufficient enough.” Jaz retorts, head shaking.

"I should've been in security. I only accept direct answers." Jev wipes off his hands with a rag, grinning. "You almost wrapped up?"

“Yeah, done.” Jaz replies closing the scanner and looks to Jev as he sets the system on the table, turning and begins to head for door before pausing. Turning around, he looks to the man. “Is that you don’t trust me to make the right choices Darian; or that you don’t trust Hoshi with someone like myself?” He asks flatly.

Jev lifts the tray with the rifle on it and slowly manuevers it into the equipment locker. He shuts the door and enters the access code, then turns to walk Jaz out. "None of the above. You could lighten up a touch though..." he makes a frowny face, "Mr. Serious all the time." Then he smirks.

“A person doesn’t jump to the conclusion that two people are boinking one another because they see them going down a corridor.” Jaz retorts, eyes on Jev. “That kind of thinking comes from lack of trust, or simply looking to cause issues.” He adds, following ahead of Jev.

"A person, perhaps not. But I am no person...I am Jev." he chuckles.

Main Airlock [USS ShiKahr NCC-73402]

"Thanks for your help Jaz!" Jev waves cheerily.

"Right." Jaz replies, stepping off the ship

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