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Ito Hiroshi
Rank: Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander
Title: Commanding Officer, Quartz Squadron, MSG-333, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-G)
Race: Terran
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet (Exploration Command)


Born in Saitama, Japan on Earth, nearly 9 years before the Borg appeared, Ito Hiroshi was the first child of a diplomat, Ito Janet nee Hendricks and her husband, Captain Ito Goro. Being the first (and ultimately only) child, he was spoiled rotten growing up by both the Ito family and Hendricks family. His parents made sure he was exposed to other races and other cultures at an early age when it would be a wonderous thing and not terrifying. As such, Hiroshi found himself just as comfortable in a room of Vulcans or Tellarites as he would be surrounded by fellow Terrans.

As the son of a Starfleet fighter pilot, Hiroshi found himself 'adopted' by his father's fellow pilots as well as his maternal grandfather's ground crew. Often, he'd play 'gopher' for his grandfather while work was being done on his father's fighter. Occasionally, he'd accompany his mother on her diplomatic trips, especially when his father's assignments would not permit family to accompany him.

When Janet had to travel to Vulcan for a conference at the end of 2365, Goro convinced her that it would be a good family trip for the Winter holidays, and a chance for 9 year old Hiroshi to learn more about the Vulcans. While on the family holiday after the conference, the unthinkable happened and Earth was assimilated. They remained on Vulcan, awaiting news of what happened to friends and family. When the Borg arrived at Vulcan, Hiroshi was evacuated, though his mother remained behind on Vulcan so that other children like Hiroshi might be rescued and his father flew against the Borg to provide cover for the evacuation.

With his family dead at Vulcan and his extended Starfleet 'family', at least those who survived, all dedicated to stopping the Borg, Hiroshi found his whole world turned upside down. No longer was things all fun and games, in an enlightened time, but now a time of war. Sent to an orphanage, hopefully far from the Borg lines, Hiroshi was left with only his memories and a tsuba from what his father had claimed was a katana that was part of his Japanese heritage. For years, Hiroshi felt that the reason why his father did not come back from that last battle at Vulcan was because of not having the tsuba with him, though as Hiroshi got older, he realized that his father had passed on the 'good luck charm' so that he might live and pass it on to his own children in the future.

Once finished with the mandatory schooling, Hiroshi ran into one of his 'uncles' from his grandfather's ground crew, Sam White. Thanks to a good word from Sam, Hiroshi landed an apprenticeship as part of a ground crew for a security group that had their own fighters and shuttlecraft. At last, he felt like he had a home again, being surrounded by fighters, mechanics, and pilots.

Over the years, Hiroshi learned how to pilot the fighters and shuttles that he was maintaining, and eventually became a pilot with the security group. He also encountered a few more of his 'aunts' and 'uncles' who had managed to survive the war with the Borg and the subsequent skirmishes.

Finally though, life as a civilian pilot began to pale. Especially after a visit from 'Aunt' Nooni and her deriding of his favorite fighter as being a slow tub. Even though she was no longer a Starfleet pilot, she convinced him to go one on one with her in a simulated dogfight in a holosuite, his fighter against hers. She flew circles around him, even with an outdated Starfleet fighter and beat him 9-0-1 (the tie coming from when he got frustrated and rammed her). When he convinced her to let him fly a similar fighter, he ended up beating her 3-7, which proved the point that fighters he was piloting weren't as good as he thought they were.

So once again, Hiroshi decided it was time to change his life and he applied to Starfleet with the goal of becoming a Marine pilot so that he could push his skills further. Even though it was no longer the Starfleet of his youth, he knows that the challenge is still out there. Unable to get one of the limited pilot spots, he still enlisted with Starfleet, working his way up the enlisted ranks to Sergeant.

Service Record

Stardate 77790.24: As a Sergeant assigned to Quartz Squadron SMF-1119 as MCAS Technician, Quartz Squadron then being assigned to USS_Shangri-La_(NCC-81962).
Stardate 78199.99: Promoted to Staff Sergeant.
Stardate 79500-ish: Promoted to Gunnery Sergeant.
Stardate 80872.1: Honorable Discharge from Starfleet.
Stardate 80872.33: Ordered to active duty from reserves as Captain, assigned to Commanding Officer Quartz Squadron SMF-1119, Deep Space 9.
Stardate 81700.3: Quartz Squadron SMF-1119 detached from Third Marine Division, Bajor and attached to MSG-333, USS Defiant (NCC-90002).
Stardate 81710: Made Executive Officer, MSG-333.
Stardate 85883.51: Promoted to Major.
Stardate 93000: Laterally transferred into Starfleet as Lieutenant Commander with the dissolving of the Starfleet Marine Corps.

Mission History

Combat Missions: 14
Search and Rescue Missions: 3
Recon Missions: Classified
Kills: 0
Assists: 8
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