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Jack Jakthor
Rank: Captain
Title: Rikon Defense Forces Security Manager
Race: Betazoid
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Rikon Defense Force


Born on Betazed as the fourth (and last) child of Lerwenna and Evertt Jakthor, Jack was given the name of a human friend of his father, Evertt. His older siblings were the first to call him Double Jack, a nickname that he kept as he grew older. He had a relatively normal childhood to begin with although showing a mechanical aptitude early on when he not only took apart his older brother's science fair entry the night before the competition, but put it back together even better within an hour of when it had to be entered.

Unfortunately, it was when Jack reached adolescense that his life began to diverge from that of 'normal' Betazoid children. Unlike his siblings, he was a late bloomer telepathically, leading his parents and other adults to think that he might be telepathically 'blind'. Feeling ostracized by his peers, and unwanted by his family, he began to withdraw into himself especially as he couldn't take part in the telepathic conversations going on around him. He concentrated on learning skills that would get him away from those who didn't 'want' him, as he saw it.

At the age of 16, his telepathic abilities suddenly turned 'on' much to his surprise and those around him. Even though he was now 'normal' in everyone's eyes, he remain aloof and distant to his family, remembering the years of pain of being an outcast. He finished up his schooling and at the age of 18, shipped out on a freighter as an engineering apprentice. Over the following years, he became less distant to those he worked with, but retained an unhealthy distrust of fellow Betazoids.

After an incident in a malfunctioning holodeck in which he remained trapped due to a program error which caused the 'exit' to actually link to a shipboard training program so that while he thought he was out of the holodeck he really wasn't, he picked up a phobia of all holodecks. To this day he still has depressing thoughts about whether he is really still trapped on the holodeck in someone else's program, or if he is in reality.

Getting bored with travelling on freighters, Double Jack decided it was time to find a more exciting job. He started crewing for various organizations until he realized that he felt the most alive and wanted working for security firms and bounty hunters. For, due to the nature of the job, he felt wanted by his fellow crewmates and felt as if he was truly part of a family where he could depend on people and they would depend on him.

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