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Esa Jazgan
Esa Jazgan.png
Character Overview
Rank: 2410 SF O-3.png
Title:        CENG: Spacedock
Status: Alive
Race: El Aurian
Biographical Information
Date of Birth: April 22 2260 (Age 180)
Place of Birth: El Aurian
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet
Starfleet Border Patrol
Parents: Garth and Maria †
Jim and Iona Jazgan †
OOC Information
Played By: Dylan O'Brien
Theme Song: Wayward Son - Kansas

Lieutenant (JG) Jazgan is a serving Starfleet officer in Starfleet Border Patrol. He is a Engineering Officer aboard Spacedock and Chief Operations Officer and Second Officer aboard support craft USS Mor'Vok (NCC-90604).


Esa Jazgan was born in the year 2260 on El-Aurian. Five years later, El-Aurian was assimilated by the Borg Collective. Esa was raised by Jim and Iona Jazgan, Terran Starfleet Officers who lived in France on Earth. As Esa was growing up under there care, he has met many races and lived at various outposts and Starfleet facilities. He has also witnessed new races joining the Federation, including Betazed. At the age of 22, he graduated with dual Bachelors in electrical engineering and exobiology. Tragedy would strike in 2287 when the SS Clark was attacked by an unknown alien race; forcing them to take refuge in orbit of a rogue planet with a asteroid belt encircling it. Using the cryogenic pods, Esa twenty-four other officers were frozen for hundred and forty-five years. After being awoken, Esa and ten other survivors were shocked to find a drastic, different galaxy then what they fell asleep to. After spending three years in a Ward, Esa joined Starfleet. In 2438, he began his FTA aboard the Agamemnon..

A complete biography and service details can be found here

Service Record



  • 2410 SF M-4 SVC.png Stardate: 115661.99 [ Aug 30 ]: Senior Year of Starfleet Academy
  • 2410 SF M-4 SVC.png Stardate: 115915.14 [ Nov 30 ]: Assigned FTA to USS Agamemnon (NCC-92101)
  • 2410 SF M-4 SVC.png Stardate: 115916.67 [ Dec 01 ]: Assigned Engineering Team
  • 2410 SF M-4 SVC.png Stardate: 115931.22 [ Dec 06 ]: Honor Guard escort to Trillius system





  • 2410 SF O-2.png Stardate: 119017.82 [ Jan 07 ]: Classified Mission in Klaestron system
  • 2410 SF O-2.png Stardate: 119169.06 [ Mar 03 ]: Scouting Mission near 621; Ship malfunction leads crew to take refugee on Theta Draconis V
  • 2410 SF O-2.png Stardate: 119214.55 [ Mar 20 ]: Awarded the Defense Meritorious Service Medal
  • 2410 SF O-2.png Stardate: 119460.86 [ Jun 17 ]: Combat mission; ship is heavily damaged
  • 2410 SF O-2.png Stardate: 119558.09 [ Jul 23 ]: Rescinded as Chief Engineer
  • 2410 SF O-2.png Stardate: 119558.09 [ Jul 23 ]: Letter of Reprimand




Certifications and Citations

  • Engineering Repair Certification
  • Engineering System Certification
  • Unrestricted Line Officer
  • Letter of Commendation
  • Letter of Reprimand

Awards and Decorations

Bronze Star Legion of Honor Nebula Star
Citation for conspicuous Gallantry Defense Meritorious Service Medal Meritorious Service Medal Joint-service-medal-of-achievement.png
Logistic Distinguished Service Medal Combat Action Ribbon Logistic Combat Action Ribbon link=Chancellor%27s_Unit_Citation
Starfleet-unit-excellence-ribbon.png Good-conduct-medal.png Border_Patrol_Service_Ribbon Distinguished-midshipman-medal.png
Row 1 Bronze Star | Legion of Honor | Nebula Star
Row 2 Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry (3x) | Defense Meritorious Service Medal | Meritorious Service Medal |Joint Service Medal of Achievement
Row 3 Logistic Distinguished Service Medal | Combat Action Ribbon (12x) | Logistic Combat Action Ribbon (2x) | Chancellor's Unit Citation
Row 4 Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon | Good Conduct Medal | Border Patrol Service Ribbon | Distinguished Midshipman Medal


Expand for Medical Records, Journal and Diagnosis's

Medical Records

  • Stardate 109498.06: Suffered Post-cryogenic syndrome
  • Stardate 109507.17: Begins treatment for PCS, counselling and reintegration into society
  • Stardate 111505.82: Finishes treatment for PCS and reintegration into society
  • Stardate 112086.64: Finishes counselling, cleared by Counselor to join Starfleet Academy
  • Stardate 112497.60: Initial Psychical evaluation: Cleared to join Starfleet Academy\
  • Stardate 116346.09: Passed physical conducted by Lieutenant Sarisa
  • Stardate 119134.74: Passed physical conducted by Lieutenant Commander Adrinon
  • Stardate 119827.88: Injured in an explosion in the Impulse and Fusion Power Assembly

Medical Journal

Chief Medical Officer LT Valish

Rescued on Stardate 109498.06, Esa Jazgan was treated for Post-cryogenic syndrome suffered from prolonged usage of the system and injuries sustained prior to the freeze; this included a fractured shoulder, three broken ribs and facial lacerations. He has since been cleared to leave the infirmary and per the request of Starfleet Medical, is being transferred to Earth for further evaluation and treatment of the syndrome.

Counselor John Watson

Reintegration into society has taken nearly two years for Esa. Some of the psychological trauma from the deep freeze still affects the young man to this day. This includes shortened sleep cycles, extreme timid shyness around others and trust issues with Klingon's and Romulan's. I believe that being released into society will allow the El Aurian to fully integrate and live a normal, productive life. He has requested to join Starfleet and I am giving my stamp of approval.

Doctor Sarisa, Lieutenant

NOTE: While Cadet Jazgan suffers from PCS (Post-Cryogenic Syndrome) his treatment on Earth has made the condition manageable. The cadet's sleep cycle has been interupted as a result of PCS and he is no longer capable of sleeping the full 8 hours recommended for his species. He continues to sleep typically 4 to 5 hours but after examnation and interview Cadet Jazgan seems to function at peak performance even with this loss of sleep. I surmise he no longer requires a full 8 hours to function at his full capacity. His acute insomnia should continued to be monitored and if any performance loss begins to occur due to fatigue I'll begin a regiment with him to try and stablize his sleep cycle. I do not know if I would be successful as his insomnia was extensively worked on during his recovery on Earth to little or no success.
SUPPLEMENTAL: Cadet Jazgan was diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder and suffers from symptoms of PTSD, however after interview with him he seems to be acclimating to duty aboard the Agamemnon with no trouble. He admits to having trouble conversating with his fellow crew members but this lack of crew interaction does not seem to be affecting his duties. I am going to work with him on this condition and see if we cannot work out some more of the problems he is having in this area.

Doctor Adrinon, Lieutenant Commander

NOTE: On Stardate 119827.88, the USS T'Paal sufferred an explosion within the Impulse and fusion Power assembly compartment. Lieutenant Junior Grade Jazgan suffered deuterium burns across his upper chest, neck and shoulders, and respiratory injuries; most notably having inhaled ignited deuterium and a lot of smoke.

Medical Diagnosis

  • Acute Insomnia: Normal sleep cycle has changed from 8 hours to 4-5 hours due to prolonged cryogenic freeze.
  • Post-cryogenic syndrome: Medical condition that can be suffered by individuals who are removed from cryogenic stasis after having been submerged in bio med gel for prolonged periods of time. PCS causes system shutdown of major organs, extreme fluctuations in blood flow and pressure, redness.



  • History and culture: He loves history and still has much to learn and understand regarding the future.
  • Science and Engineering: He is a fan of exobiology and the study of culture, but also equally enjoys the engineering field.
  • Combat: He is a fan of wrestling and martial arts and is willing to spar with people.
  • Holo-programming: Although not fond of Holo-programs, Jaz has found a interest in creating programs.



Log File Date Participants
Risan Weather Control Part I 24 July 2016 Connor D'Ahr Jazgan La'Vash
Risan Weather Control Part II 25 July 2016 Connor D'Ahr Jazgan La'Vash
Risan Weather Control Part III 26 July 2016 Jazgan La'Vash
Risan Weather Control Part IV 27 July 2016 Jazgan La'Vash
Captain Discovery! 27 July 2016 Jazgan Muireann
Another Day, Another Physical 10 Aug 2016 Jazgan Sarisa
Long Life and Friends 21 Aug 2016 Jazgan Sarisa
Repairing Tenazra 08 Sept 2016 Adrinon [Danek]] D'Ahr Jazgan Jev La'Vash Li QivaH Senka Temple Vallar


Log File Date Participants
Three Engineers and a Security Guy 20 Sept 2016 Dors Jazgan Jev Valar
What I Am 20 Sept 2016 Jazgan La'Vash
It's Alive 20 Sept 2016 Adrinon Jazgan Jev La'Vash
Extend Help and Decisions 20 Sept 2016 Jazgan La'Vash
Sidelines 21 Sept 2016 Jazgan Torin
Break In time 14 Nov 2016 Jazgan Reid
Mess Hall Conversations 14 Nov 2016 Jazgan Senka Soleymaini Temple

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