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Jonar Isac
Jonar isac.jpg
Rank: Rear Admiral
Title: Chief of Starbase Operations
Race: Bajoran
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet (Starbase Operations)

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Born on Bajor, little is known about Isac Jonar's childhood, other than when and where he was born. All of this is well documented in Cardassian records.

Once old enough for physical labor, Jonar was put to work in the Cardassian mines on Bajor. A natural leader, Jonar's team was one of the most productive in the mines. This statistic did not go un-noticed by the Cardassians and Jonar was transferred from team to team within the mine until it became one of the most productive on the planet.

Jonar is not one to cause trouble. While working in the mines he was able to defuse several tense situations between the Bajorans and the Cardassians. This act prevented the deaths and severe punishments of many Cardassians.

With the assimilation of Sol, and the withdrawal of the Cardassians the new Bajoran government was searching for officers for their militia. Jonar Isac's actions and leadership in the mines was well known amongst the mine workers and this was recognized by installing him as a major in the militia.

While serving for the Bajoran Militia, Jonar was placed in charge of morale and readiness. His reputation once again got out and he was soon requested to join Starfleet in the same capacity. He held several positions moving around from station to ship, etc as a morale and readiness officer bringing those places his was assigned up to appropriate levels for Starfleet regulations.

It was at Terok Nor, serving as Second Officer, that he had his first major engagement with the Borg. In his third month of duty a Borg cube appeared out of nowhere right in front of the station. He still wonders if there is anything he could have done differently that day that could have prevented the destruction of the station and the assimilation of Bajor. However with the end of the war, he has seemed to let it pass and contends to move on with his career.

Spouse: Moira Davidson-Jonar (divorced)
Children: Hannah Jonar; Garrett Jonar

Military Service

Positions Held

Chief of Starbase Operations
Deputy Chief of Starbase Operations
Commandant of Starfleet Academy
Chief Morale and Readiness Officer
Commanding Officer Starbase 396
Second Officer Terok Nor


Starfleet CrossSpace Medal
Def. Dist. Service MedalUnit Commendation Ribbon
Nebula StarGood Conduct Medal (#)
Purple Heart 


Battle of Wolf 359 Memorial RibbonLetter of Commendation (**)
Borg War RibbonStarfleet Academy Faculty Member
Breen War RibbonUnrestricted Line Officer
Freedom War Ribbon 

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