Joseph Crow

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Joseph Crow
Vital Statistics
Title Wandering Engineer
Race El-Aurian
Gender Male
Affiliation Independents, (N/A)



A humanoid male, Crow looks like a standard human, measuring at around 6ft, with black hair and light brown eyes. he sports a rather slim but untoned body, showing the mans more nimble nature. He tends to keep an upright and confident posture at all times, the man has very few distinguishing marks bar a small scar and some marks on his face.

Clothing wise, Crow is a lot more wild. He tends to wear old fashioned clothes, which easily stand him out from the rest of the crowd. he currently wears a pair of faded, frayed jeans and a blue tank top, his arms concealed under a long faux jacket and black fingerless gloves. his glasses finish his strange, outdated look.


Crow is a simple, yet determined man. who is more than prepared to stand for his morals if the time is called for. usually however Crow takes a very open and calm approach to anyone he meets. and is usually quite friendly to everyone until they do something against him. However when business calls, Crow is quite to steel his personality and get the job done. however he is quite keenly distracted by ships and engineering work around him. and could easily spend all day watching,learning and understanding a new piece of equipment or technique. when his engineer blood fires up he is near impossible to stop. It's also near impossible to tie the man down, the El-Aurian usually hopping from place to place as often as he can, however he's not a man to break his word, and is usually back in a heartbeat if a friend calls upon him.


Past Biography

Joseph Crow has been a wandering man since birth, left abandoned at a station he was found and taken in by two warm hearted human travellers aboard the SS Articula, a small freighter they had bought with all the money the could put together to escape their home before the Borg arrived.

Joseph spent his life with his family, never going into full education, he was taught the skills of his father. a retired SDS engineer, on the principles to repair and maintain his home. while his mother taught him the skills he needed to live, reading, writing and the history of the human race. They never told him he wasn't their true child, and he never asked. They treated him like he was their own, and it was quite common to see them walking around on stations with smiles on their faces.

His father was a proud man, his lineage of engineering was a common boast from him (usually earning the worn out sighs of his family upon the mention of it) but a fair and kind one. at stations he would offer his talents to those that needed them (with Joseph when he was old enough.) but Joseph never saw him cheat or mislead a customer, even the ones he disliked. he would give them a fair price and made sure his work was to his highest quality. a trait Joseph admired and took on in his later life. Though he did have a habit of teasing his son by bartering his amount of pocket money. His mother however was a gentle creature, she was much more attuned to the social part of the world than the pair of "Social Luddites" she teasingly called her husband and child. While they would earn the money, she would spend it acquiring what they needed (and occasionally what they didn't, if a window was too enticing) while interacting with those aboard to find the next profitable stop. Some pilots and station workers became regular contacts, and good family friends. "A smiling face at every port is all we need" was her motto whenever times were tough.

The years went by, and it was a comfortable childhood, while his situation didn't mean he had many close friends,the ones he did he would contact whenever possible and talk for hours, he never felt alone. his skill as an engineer was boosted by his hidden origins, and he was nearly an equal to his father by the time he was 22. he was encouraged to grow further, money being spent on books and holovids of lectures. Joseph, unhappy at the cost he was putting his parents, decided to work his hardest to learn it. To make up for the cost to his parents.

However as his parents began to age, things started to change, the natural conclusion he wasn't their true son became apparently as his body slowed down in aging drastically, the man still looked in his late teens as he approached 30. He was never mad at his parents for not telling him earlier. but it was becoming obvious to him he wasn't the human he thought he was. and with the end of the borg threat and their age slowly catching up to them, his parents wanted to retire. With that they saved up their money in secret for nearly four years to buy a comfortable house before his father told him the news, as they arrived at their new home on Bajor.

It didn't take long for Joseph to be uncomfortable as his life had been in the stars, and it's where his heart wanted to be. it didn't take long for them to notice, and after a long serious talk his father waved him off, their last words before they parted were... "Find your past, then be straight home, okay?"

And with a tearful goodbye Joseph took off and headed to the stars, his mission, to find out about himself, and see even more of the universe, help where he could, and to again take life one step at a time...

Initial story

To be written

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