Just What Did You Think You Were Doing? (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
18 Mar 2014
Commander's Office [Deep Space 9]
Positioned just off the station's operation center, this office provides the station's commanding officer a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the command center outside. The office is dominated by a Cardassian-styled desk. Two low-backed chairs are positioned just inside the room facing the desk, while a high-backed black leather executive chair is behind the desk for the office's occupant. Two control plexes with a traditional Cardassian configuration are built into the desk for use by the station's commander, and a Starfleet computer monitor is atop the desk. A large, oblong hexagonal viewport is built into the bulkhead immediately behind the desk, providing a captivating view of the wormhole.
Immediately to the right when entering the office, roughly parallel with the desk, is a small seating area with a black couch. A half-height book case across from the couch is empty.

Standing from her desk, Ava looks towards the door with a rather serious expression. In the time since the incident, she has fortunately relaxed a bit from what she'd read, but she still looks rather irritated.

Entering the office, Senka stops before your desk and actually comes to attention. Being rather logical about things as a rule, he has a pretty good idea about why he's here. "Reporting as ordered, Colonel," he murmurs.

"Doctor," Ava begins. "I read your report regarding the incident at the Ambrosia office. First off, I have to ask, under what circumstances do you have a phaser during peace time?" Her eyes stay dead-set on Senka.

"Just over a year ago, Shintu Onimusha, acting under external duress, attempted to kill Commodore Kainon Essa on the promenade. I attempted to stop him, unarmed," Senka begins. "Following the resolution of that series of events and of several other violent incidents aboard, I came to Captain Cross and requested an exemption to station policy. I argued, logically, that I wished to be able to better prevent such incidents in the future. For example, I could have stopped Onimusha long before he was able to attempt his act. Captain Cross understood the logic of my argument and accepted it. Following his consultation with then CMO Kame, I believe, he granted my request and issued me the phaser himself."

"I'd like to rescind that order. You're not Starfleet Security, and it's their jobs to step in. As a medical officer, you have your own set of responsibilities. Let them have their own. Turn in your weapon after this discussion." Ava places her hands behind her back. "Doctor Senka, you know I trust you, but you have created a headache for me. You may not be aware, but I issued classified orders to security and intel to not respond to the recent phaser fire. As a medical officer, while approaching on scene was anticipated, your carrying of a weapon, of which I had no record or knowledge of, complicated a highly politically charged issue."

Wordlessly, Senka removes his weapon and extends it, holstered, to you. "I would like, if you are amenable," he murmurs in his turn, "to fully explain my intentions and decisions to you. I am not certain that written reports can adequately clarify that part of things, though I regret," he concludes, "that my actions in any way exasserbated the situation especially for you."

Ava takes the offered weapon, locking it away in her desk for the moment. "You may explain," she replies.

You hand Type-2 Phaser (50103) (holstered) to Lieutenant Colonel Ava.

Senka is still standing at attention, since he hasn't been invited to do otherwise. "Then allow me to begin with my intentions and responsibilities. When the alerts of weapons fire came over the computer's alert system, my immediate concern was for injured. I believe there may have been two shots fired, and I witnessed the second. In any case, I proceeded to the AI offices and entered them, believing it possible that no one inside could be capable of summoning medical assistance. While I do not imagine scenarios for the sake of imagining, you may understand that I was preparing for whatever I might find as I proceeded there, an attack upon Beeraxi personnel, a suicide, any number of scenarios that would leave injured unable to summon assistance as there was no call for any assistance. I checked my medkit before I left the infirmary, not the power cell on my weapon," he adds a bit dryly. Clearly, it's not all he wants to say.

Ava nods for Senka to continue.

Senka does so. "The doors opened as Onimusha, if that is who it was, died. I witnessed his dissolution in the blast of energy from the weapon." Because you are both a psychologist and someone who knows Senka, you would pick up on the subtlest tensing of facial muscles that would suggest that he's recalling something that would leave a human officer in shock and horror. Death is one thing, murder, another, and Senka believes he's talking about murder. He goes on after the shortest of pauses. "I saw the people I mentioned in my report including Admiral Seryl. I had approximately 0.18 seconds to decide what I should do as a doctor and as an officer. I decided that preserving Admiral Seryl's life, in the absence of data, should be my paramount priority, and I drew my phaser as I came in, positioning myself between her and the other weapon." A beat. "Because I am a doctor, I would have done precisely the same thing had I been unarmed. While my phaser is of paramount importance to yourself, it was of only secondary importance to me at the time. I had no time to seek information, and all chains of logic I was able to construct during those 0.18 seconds still led me to conclude that preserving her life, even should it cost me my own, was the only viable course of action at that moment. I would have done likewise, to be sure, had it been you whom I perceived to be in mortal danger." The last sentence isn't necessary, but because you two have such a good working relationship, he adds it as the closest thing to a personal touch that he can offer in such a statement.

"First off, it was Captain Lee that was killed," Ava corrects him, seemingly and oddly unbothered by this fact. "Did you tell anyone else that you saw Captain Onimusha in the Beeraxi office?"

Senka shakes his head. "I have spoken to no one of this incident except, now, yourself."

"Good, because if it should come up, Captain Lee was the one killed," Ava replies. She looks at him dead in the eyes. "Do you know what that means?"

Senka meets your gaze. "It suggests a number of possibilities. That Onimusha, at some point after the episode between the Tikopai and the Hermes I witnessed in Ops, was replaced by a captain Lee who was killed in the Beeraxi offices, that Duke Trex was completely in error about the identity of the man that he killed; ... or that no one was killed at all."

Ava smiles softly, a new expression from the Bajoran officer during this meeting, and perhaps a bit back to her old self. She reiterates, "You witnessed the death of Captain Lee, captain of the BCS Hermes. It was a sad loss, but necessary." She gives a nod, her smile fading as she takes in a breath. "Maybe we'll get the privateers off our backs now."

Senka's stance finally relaxes at your change of expression. "Why do you say so about privateers?"

Ava nods. "The Hermes has been docked here since the incident in which a bounty was put out for the captain of the Hermes. Privateers seeking the bounty would likely consider us harborers of a fugitive, albeit one sought of a bounty not recognized by the Bajoran government. We've already been in complicated talks with the Rikon Defense Force over the legality of the bounty. But now that the captain of the Hermes is dead, there should no longer be an issue."

Senka says, "In that case, Colonel, a logical question remains."

Ava gives a nod, "Go ahead."

Senka asks simply, "Where is Shintu Onimusha?"

"I'm sure he's busy doing work for his employer, and maybe now that the captain of the Hermes is dead, he might earn that spot for himself. Honestly, that's an internal matter of theirs and not our concern," Ava replies, giving another brief nod.

Senka nods slowly. "Are you satisfied with my explanation of my participation in these events? ... Will you be taking any disciplinary action against me?"

Ava frowns softly. "Frankly, I need to still determine the amount of fallout I'm going to get over this situation. Your participation took me back on my word to Duke Trasera and may have jeopardized Bajor's relationship with the Beeraxi Confederation. However... you'll be allowed to continue your duties while I further investigate this matter, and I advise you not bring this situation up to anyone relating to Beerax, including Ensign Trasera, as I know you two may work together often in science."

Senka nods. "I understand. Based on the conversation subsequent to my arrival, for whatever this observation may be worth, I do not believe that Duke Trex will choose to make an issue out of my arrival on scene. I gave my explanation to Admiral Seryl in his presence, and he seemed more distressed by what he had had to do than by my coming upon it. Admiral Seryl also did not seem to be aware of what was happening at the time, and she offered to leave when I was asked to, being non-Beeraxi herself. I believe she and the Duke are friends, and she stayed, while I withdrew. The duke invited me explicitly to report to you and relay all of my concerns along with his message. His demeanor did not suggest a person likely to escalate."

"Then you missed the last discussion I had with him," Ava replies with a wry chuckle. "Very well, dismissed, Doctor Senka."

Senka nods. At the door, he turns back to you. "When you are free," he says in a more personal tone of voice, "I will be ready to share with you the results of the work I have been doing for you and Kanadi."

Ava is caught off guard by his statement and she smiles softly. "I'll visit you in a couple hours. Thank you, Doctor..."

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